Thursday, April 03, 2008

NY TIMES: Aaron Russo Was Target Of Assassination Plot

Hey [redacted],

Incidentally, articles like this and hundreds of others make me think twice about the media and lean more towards your position on the media coming around:

Aaron Russo Was Target Of Assassination Plot

DAVID M. HALBFINGER, New York Times, April 2, 2008

The big problem is they whitewash stuff (the writer mentions "Trading Places" but not "America: Freedom to Fascism" - he's probably doing this to keep his job just like a lawyer can't wear track-pants in court ;-) and what they make a big deal out of and what they don't collectively thanks to damnable spookery - or the only crap we collectively remember - which is the propaganda effect pushed mainly by editorial, management and key writers.

There's always been good stuff in the media while bad stuff was happening, but as things are getting worse and the media consolidates further I don't see them reaching more people - especially when their other media arms are trying to distract us with crap.

I've sent excerpts of and links to hundreds of rare anti-NWO articles to little effect, as Zbiggy Brzezinski (that last name isn't flagged by the Gmail spell-checker btw - but "Gmail" is!) said - we won't have opinions anymore and won't be able to say something is important unless the media says so.

I mean... we don't think "torture" is important.

But... we could.

Anyway, just a shiny-nickel's worth, I don't expect something to change if it never has and I'm not starting now.

Finally, if you're not up on Alan Watt's work yet listen to it, I think he's right over 90% of the time and he gives you one hell of a big picture. This interview I did with him is arguably the best one I've ever done and lots of people have told me they loved it, he was on fire and we had a great rapport that day so shekkit if ya finna...

Alan Watt on "Rude Awakening" with Black Krishna, CKLN 88.1 FM - Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

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