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EMAIL: I have a friend that has just been diagnosed with HIV

An email I just responded to, I hope it helps one of you help one of you...


On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 3:46 PM, [redacted] wrote:

> BK,
> I have a friend that has just been diagnosed with HIV +
> Got any vids, links ?


Hey [redacted],

I've sent a bunch including the last debate between Graves and Crowe, but for your needs I recommend you download and listen to the two interviews here and make up your mind on what to send, you'll hear David, Robin and Christine recommend websites too.

The latter two are in a film called "The Other Side of AIDS" and (.com) is their website, she was diagnosed and thought her life was over until she learned the truth.

If you want you can re-upload them on before you send them to your friend and ask: "Hey, I just heard this... what do you think?" to avoid scaring them off, the same basic approach works for all the hard truths we're trying to promote.


AIDS CAN'T BE FOUND OR CURED: David Crowe Turns Thousands Of Hours Into A Simple Explanation


AIDS: Robin Scovill and Christine Maggiore on The Other Side of AIDS


Incidentally, watching "The AIDS Myth" by Gary Null on Google Video first woke me up, it's great too, but you'll have to decide what will work based on your friend's personality.

I've added some arguments I made a while ago below so you can pick and use the ones you like, there's lots more info on the internet where groups specialize in "helping people make up their own minds" about whether or not to take the drugs - you can't just "tell" them.

Most HIV/AIDS patients are scared into taking them, but when they stop they feel better.

Then they take them again, but when they stop they feel better... and so on.

This pattern happens for a few weeks because the propaganda is so strong, but it's consistent worldwide in an underground community similar to other "truth" movements.

Good luck saving your friend... :-)



:::: (((( BIG PHARMACIDE )))) ::::

Western medical practices are a fraud, and while many Eastern ones are as well, the ones we're sold most often are the most dangerous because so many people make so much money off our misery.

We all know cases where this is true, so all we have to do is believe others who've found the ones we don't know yet to figure this mess out and get real healthcare that actually makes us healthier.

We can still trust scientists, doctors and nurses, but not more than we trust ourselves, each other and their critics, or people who don't make millions off making people sick and then curing them.


AIDS is one of the biggest Foundation Funded frauds in history complete with it's own tortured slander in "AIDS denialists" despite the fact that billions of dollars in research and 25 years later it still just scares the hell out of us and few know why.

AIDS has destroyed millions of lives, but supporting the lies and killing more people instead of understanding the scam would be worse.


AIDS tests are being ordered for everyone and any of us could test positive for "AIDS!!!" soon, so learning the truth is ultimately self-defense.

AIDS tests are now conducted on many pregnant women, whose naturally weaker immune systems can be easily diagnosed as AIDS, leading to them taking toxic drugs that stop human DNA from developing which deforms the fetus.

AIDS kills, but it's better to learn why then to close your eyes and let more people die and perhaps even yourself.


Incidentally, if you don't believe in listening to "people" who question this, what government or corporate or foundation info are you blindly defending instead?


What have they done to earn your faith over people who don't make billions off this?


I've seen Dr. Gary Null's documentary "The AIDS Myth" on Google Video, interviewed Robin Scovill and Christine Maggiore from and David Crowe from "The Alberta Re-Appraising AIDS Society" at twice.

They all make more sense of the world than we're supposed to, which isn't a bad idea.

They all talk about the same world we live in, but take the evidence we see and provide better explanations than we get, including why people only die from "AIDS-related" illnesses and never from AIDS.


We need to stop wasting time and money, stop making Big Pharmacide rich, and stop forcing brainwashed researchers to go in endless circles like an "M.C. Escher spiral-staircase painting" in this "Kafkaesque" nightmare (not "Machiavellian" which is where Mr. Crowe quoted here and I agree to disagree) perpetrated on the world.

Copies of the interviews are above, but in a big nutshell:

1. Nobody can "find" the HIV virus and it's never been purified, isolated or photographed on it's own. There are cartoon illustrations but no pictures. There is no "proof" that HIV exists let alone that it's transmitted by blood or semen or anything else. If you can find the AIDS or HIV virus then Robin Scovill and Christine Maggiore will give you $50,000 and perhaps $1 million if they can raise it, so grab that young research student and get it! (It's not possible so good luck! ;-)

2. Because nobody can "find" the AIDS or HIV virus that means no "government" or "scientist" created it. They do lots of horrible stuff, but if anyone created a virus then we could obviously find it. Stop repeating fake conspiracy theories and news stories that maintain the myth with fake documents, reports and movies. Realize that couples have un-protected sex for years without one "HIV-postive" partner giving it to their AIDS-free spouse, that prostitutes are a low-risk group in South Africa and elsewhere, that HIV-positive people feel "better" or "normal" without taking AIDS drugs and feel "worse" or "die" taking them, etc.

3. AIDS and HIV tests look for everything but "AIDS" or "HIV" as they admit right on the bottle. They check for "AIDS-related" illnesses or signs including tuberculosis and other diseases, un-related cell particles and anything else they say could be a sign someone has AIDS. They test for weak-immune systems that can be caused by stress, sun tanning, pregnancy and lots of other stuff. More AIDS tests just mean more AIDS cases are be found even though the disease doesn't exist. This money-making scam is designed to corrupt people taking part in it and weaken, control and eliminate populations just like the poisoning of our food, air, water, minds, bodies and children we never talk about, so we need to understand, discuss and resist it.

4. AIDS clinics use completely different tests even in the same cities, meaning you can test "positive" in one and "negative" in another. Countries with the most AIDS cases are told anything could be AIDS-related to give people expensive AIDS drugs that just sicken, weaken and eventually kill people. Thabo Mbeki, the President of South Africa kicked them out and was ripped by the lying New York Times and others for it. Don't take an AIDS test because you could walk out with AIDS, which you can't have because it doesn't exist.

5. Groups like gays and blacks were first-targeted for the fraud by the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) and others who knew the public, government and media wouldn't stand-up for them, making them an easy scapegoat who's "lifestyles" could be blamed. As the "epidemic" spread everyone else was scared by propaganda making it mysteriously deadly and got used to the idea that you could catch AIDS by having sex just "once" making any "sex" scary too. This is part of the Hegelian Dialectic, or "Problem + Reaction = Solution" elites use to fool us by controlling the whole process, with their media creating a "free love" society and then scaring us for acting on it. Using "protection" may help you avoid other diseases, but you don't have to worry about getting AIDS from any kind of sex or anything else because it doesn't exist.

6. The psychological impact of being diagnosed with AIDS weakens, stigmatizes and isolates people, which alone can be fatal. Losing your frightened family and friends and thinking you're responsible for you're your illness and going to die is depressing, which also depresses your immune system. Dying of "AIDS-related" illnesses always means something else killed you, which is why the scam works, so we need to stop it from working.

7. AIDS drugs only make Big Pharmacide rich. Drugs like "AZT" are toxic and were banned in the 1960's from being used on animals because it killed them too. The people who avoid using AIDS drugs do better than people who do. Many clinics confirm the remarkable changes in their appearance and appetite, from being skinny, weak and covered in sores on AIDS drugs, to being healthy, strong and "normal" off them. AIDS doesn't exist, but taking toxic drugs always makes you sick and weak before they eventually kill you. The best thing we can do is stop people from taking them, which includes us if the people behind this nightmare have their way, so spread the word.


The best solution to all this CIActivism nonsense is proudly promoting the truth to everyone you can, helping them ignore and laugh at the lies and stopping people from being corrupted into committing acts of evil against the rest of us.




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