Wednesday, January 09, 2008

...we'll see what the balls to beef bring in the new year, it's 2008, in squad we trust... :-)

Obama Girl Paid By Barack???


peace be with you and yours [redacted], happy new year too, sorry for my delay as i was [redacted]. no worries man, [redacted] the state of hip hop, which i see as a fairly healthy yet immature and schizophrenic punk waiting for big brother beatings.

("free p!" = plus-plus, i swear the blood money album cover ticked someone off...)

the save the world game is tricky-biz, i'll give you a call and we can rap for a minit if you want my take on things, it'd be good to catch up. if you're down i wouldn't mind [redacted], i'm easy and it's just good to have a smarter conversation than most that might help someone else. (don't mind the e-slang, some days i brane-tru and put the english language on blast in our txt msg wrld...)

it's a hard-jock life, but suffice it to say cliches don't pay, or rather they do, often well, so that's a problem. no snitchin' (or whatever) but i spoke with a young g the other day, a nice dude (f'real) makin' moves who - a while back - flipped at the rabbit-hole he peeked into, so he backed-out to move forward, which means he speaks in generics vs. specific threats, or stayin' up vs. getting bucked-down. (ugh.)

to wit: he might accidentally hustle others into getting a positivity makeover instead of treatment for the bullet-holes bleeding souls to death, especially in our quick-fix, self-help and psycho-psychotherapy society. this is classic stuff by-design, like a lot of churchin' where people go for "hope" instead of "information", or "please stop my ass-whuppins!" instead of "hey... who's whuppin' my ass?" real-talk.

(what's up with the "we need education!" answer unless it's a good one?)

i'm not innocent, just observant, so can't nobody front on a crook reporting from the prisonplanet as long as he don't keep bringing up his sorry-ass case. a lot of us talkin' hard are baby-soft, especially since it's supposedly safer to aims our gunz sideways rather than up... even if it means wreckin' the block that's supposed to protect us... or perhaps because.

shorty (female) told me the other day she saw michie mee in concert bitchin' at the young old-school cats for not knowing the words to her joints like "self-destruction", but i figure it's better they learn then burn for it.

i don't wanna air michie out, but frankly i don't give a damn if you want me to know your 'ish, i might be new and interested in learning more: is that a problem? the next old-school mc came on the taught the crowd his lyrics, it worked better, as patience and humility always do.

word is the youth want the truth... i caught 10 seconds of lupe making a fiasco out of his career... or not... it depends on whether the youth want the truth or not... i guess we'll see... i love it... you can see for yourself...

Superstar Lupe Fiasco Says "No New World Order" on Letterman

i mean, if you wanna ask ice cube he'll say "gangsta rap made me do it", which ain't a bad start. tupac had similar plans, i can see his vision of pride and economic empowerment playing out today with the final stage being knowledge of power, so we'll see what the balls to beef bring in the new year, it's 2008, in squad we trust... :-)




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Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Official Video)


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