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"...your body is important but your mind is even more important..."

American Drug War - Film Trailer


hey [redacted],

no worries, it's just like tips on health and you can't help anyone lose weight if they keep eating fatty foods, especially if they keep forgetting ignoring how those foods are bad for them.

some will keep eating and getting sick and depressed, others will change their habits and be happier for it. your body is important but your mind is even more important, which is why people in perfect health drop-dead from stress they should stopped at the source.

many people know the mind can heal the body, but often react to misery by escaping from it through meditation or entertainment, which means it's there when they get back to attack.

they often never evolve their daily defenses, which means they hate reality and crave escapism while feeling powerless to improve their lives. this makes them more depressed and crave more escapism, which leads to an endless downward spiral of fearful running from reality.

there's plenty of evidence of how bad the media is for us with the way we're acting, whether it's selfish or apathetic or worse. if it's natural then people are naturally bad; if it's learned then we should figure out how it's taught.

the former makes us depressed and hopeless, the latter makes us wiser and hopeful since we can understand and do something about it as individuals for other individuals, or friends giving friends advice which is a normal source of happiness.

in most situations people are happy for knowing and sharing something useful with trusted associates. in the most important ones they're programmed to get angry instead. this shouldn't happen.

i know they must be damaged to react to what i'm saying like i'm a bad person so it never bothers me for long, i just feel bad for them continuing to be self-destructive by trusting people worse than me.

everyone who takes my advice benefits from the thought and effort i put into it, which is also why i keep giving it. as for those who don't, i just consider it practice for the next time.

many people also want to feel smart for defending what they know instead of evolving it, but we're always wrong every time we learn something new about something we knew - and - miraculously we're always right after we learn it.

perhaps you thought "wine" was bad for you since it's "alchohol", so when you learned a glass or two a day is good for the heart, did you change your mind? did you feel less intelligent for learning something? does that reaction to "learning" itself make any sense?

lies have been bad for us for thousands of years, so accepting them is just like a battered-wife accepting that she gets beaten on a regular basis and is powerless to change it.

we lose personal power and empathy by becoming isolated and failing to trust each other. this can be reversed for the opposite effect as countless examples in many areas we know will show.

the bigger picture is the bigger problem since the already-powerful liars become even more powerful by getting away with it, weakening their victims (people who accept being abused by lies) further and hiding what they're really up to while we settle on guessing about what it is.

this can't be good since they're liars with lots of power to affect things, which means we get scared of them and we learn to stop caring about the truth.

this means everything we think is based on what might be happening while we never figure out what is, which might be important since we have to live in the real world.

when we repeat the lies we also become liars, which makes us worse people. we also lose our critical thinking skills and convince each other to trust liars even more than those who question them, which makes no sense since we instinctively know we should be open to figuring out the truth with the help of people who don't lie, or who lie less and have less reason to.

we then get so confused we care even less about the truth and accept even simpler lies that convince us to accept even worse conditions, which is why the liars were lying in the first place.

then the "war on terror rapture" takes away our rights, freedoms and privacy while the "global warming rapture" takes away our money and ability to judge what really benefits either us or the earth, allowing both to be destroyed.

this is what's happening as people say they "have a right to believe what they want" instead of saying they "have an opportunity to improve on what they believe", or when they repeat what liars tell them to repeat.

if they just believe what they want instead of collectively agreeing on what's happening it will be impossible for them to work together to affect anything, or what's happening as weaker people are increasingly victimized by stronger corporations and governments.

as long as we know people lie we should look for the truth in all relationships and force liars to stop lying. otherwise we'll live in schizophrenic fantasies until we're unable to communicate with each other about anything substantial, or turn into children, which means our "big brother" will beat us up.

that's it in a nutshell, so it's not a case of whether speaking up works or not, it has to. the more people who do the more approaches we have to appeal to everyone else, so even if my way doesn't work it can't matter since that's never been my point and the goal is always to get you to think of yours... :-)



CIA Torture Jet crashed with 4 Tons of COCAINE


Documents link CIA Torture Jet with 4 Tons of COCAINE


Ron Paul Calls for End to Drug War




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Crashed Gitmo Torture Jet Did Double Duty as a Coke Mule

Kurt Nimmo
December 14, 2007

As the corporate media discusses ad nauseam the waterboarding of one of the CIA’s own, the mentally ill patsy Abu Zubaydah, another story has surfaced, but not one you will likely see anytime soon on the front page of the New York Times.

On September 24, 2007, a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft, number N987SA, crashed in the Yucatan. As it turns out, not only was the plane used on at least three CIA rendition flights from Europe and the United States to the Guantánamo torture chamber, but it was loaded with tons of cocaine when it went down.

El Nuevo Herald reported (Avión usado por la CIA y la DEA traficaba drogas) that the CIA plane was loaded up with 3.3 tons of coke in Medellín, Colombia, and was used to ferry “hundreds of delinquents,” including alleged members of the Taliban, to Cuba for waterboarding and other specialties.

A sharp-eyed Daily Kos blogger found the news article on El Nuevo Herald’s website. He was smart enough to screen capture the page because, as should be expected, the original news story has since found its way to the memory hole. It was, however, picked up by the Mexican blog, La Poca Madre News.

“I was recently listening to one of my favorite radio programs that is broadcasted on 99.5 FM in New York City and hosted by the tough as nails Michael Levine, one of the most highly decorated DEA agents in that agency’s history… the subject matter was about this plane being linked to the CIA and Torture Flights,” writes the blogger (see YouTube videos included here). “The guy Mr. Levine had on this program is Bill Conroy a young Gary Webb inspired investigative journalist who writes for Narco News Publisher Al Giordano as well as Alex Cockburn’s CounterPunch.”

“This particular Gulfstream II (tail number N987SA), was used between 2003 and 2005 by the CIA for at least three trips between the U.S. east coast and Guantanamo Bay — home to the infamous ‘terrorist’ prison camp — according to a number of press reports. The suggestion that a ‘CIA plane’ was flying a huge quantity of drugs toward the U.S. ensured that this incident would attract far more attention than the typical drug smuggling story,” writes Conroy for Narco News.

The Gulfstream, originating out of Fort Lauderdale, was returning to the United States from Colombia’s Rio Negro José María Córdova International Airport and had a scheduled refueling stop recorded on it’s flight log for Cancún Mexico. For some reason the Mexican military began tracking the plane when it crossed over into Mexican airspace. “The crew clearly had to change that refueling stop and flew west attempting to land at other smaller airports it eventually ran out of jet fuel and crash landed near the tiny Yucatan village of Tixkokob,” writes the Daily Kos blogger, going by the handle “redstatehatemonitor.”

Of course, CIA complicity in the cocaine business is nothing new — they don’t call it the “Cocaine Importing Agency” for nothing — a sordid fact well documented by Gary Webb, the award-winning journalist who managed to commit suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. “Sometimes, when a news story is too hot for national media but too significant to die, it gets buried alive. That’s what happened a decade ago with investigative journalism that linked the CIA and cocaine trafficking,” writes Norman Solomon of the Creators Syndicate.

[The] Iran-Contra hearings avoided CIA and Contra links to large-scale cocaine smuggling. Yet, congressional panels had access to handwritten notes by Reagan administration official Oliver North, whose notebooks contained 543 pages with references to the drug trade. In one notation about Contra arms supplies, North wrote: “$14 million came from drugs.”

Even after such excerpts from North’s notes were made public, most news media bypassed the Contra-CIA-cocaine connection. The detour around the story became more extreme in 1988: The Senate’s subcommittee on terrorism and narcotics, chaired by John Kerry, released an in-depth report that nailed the CIA for cocaine trafficking with the Contras. But media coverage was muddled and fleeting.

As should be painfully obvious by now, the role of the corporate media is to bury the truth and serve us a heaping dose of meaningless pabulum, for instance the latest gossip on the Olsen twins or the divorce of Hulk Hogan.


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