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Ron Paul: CNN Youtube Debate - North American Union




"CNN... The Most Trusted Name in News..."

- CNN, the Most Trusted Name in News


"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

- Ancient Chinese Proverb


"America was founded by men who understood that the threat of domestic tyranny is as great as any threat from abroad. If we want to be worthy of their legacy, we must resist the rush toward ever-increasing state control of our society. Otherwise, our own government will become a greater threat to our freedoms than any foreign terrorist."

- President Ron Paul, "Freedom vs. Security: A False Choice", May 31, 2004


"How can I run for office and say I want to be a weak president? We need a strong president, strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power the President shouldn’t have."

- President Ron Paul, New Hampshire Liberty Forum, February 25, 2007


"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy."

- President Ron Paul, "Neo-CONNED!", July 10, 2003


"You are the campaign. I have joined the revolution. Thank you for having me."

- President Ron Paul, New Hampshire, Murphy's Taproom, December 1, 2007


Subjects of the Queen:

1. Dr. Ron Paulitics
2. Codex Alimentarius
3. NAUseless Eaters Zoo
4. Blackwater Rises Faster
5. Global Whoring Taxes Begin
6. The GAP Murder(Red) Campaign
7. Bilderberg Bankrupting Billionaires?
8. Television Ho-Gramming & Kideogames
9. Hollywood, Tavistock, Education, Retardation
10. Dollars & Sense: Mortgage Means Death Gauge
11. Flu Shots vs. Gun Shots: Guess Which Are Worse?


"De-centralized power and honest money are all we need to work on to save the world."

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"The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George. I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power. The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility, and out of self interest -- for himself, his family, and the future of his country -- to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state."

- President Ron Paul, "In the Name of Patriotism (Who are the Patriots?)", May 22, 2007


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"The time has come for a modern approach to achieving those values that all civilized societies seek. Only in a free society do individuals have the best chance to seek virtue, strive for excellence, improve their economic well-being, and achieve personal happiness."

- President Ron Paul, 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee Announcement, February 21, 2007


:::: (((( OPERATION LIVE FREE OR DIE )))) ::::

Former Google Employee Engineers NH Ground Campaign For Ron Paul

Matt Simon | Huffington Post | December 5, 2007

..."You are the campaign; I have joined your revolution; thank you for having me," he concluded before giving way to a chorus of cheers and chants.

How is Paul getting so many activists to New Hampshire? It's simple -- he isn't.

The innovator behind the activist relocation program known as "Operation Live Free or Die" is not an employee of the campaign; Vijay Boyapati is just a bright, motivated guy who decided to get involved.

Until two weeks ago, Boyapati was an engineer at Google. Now he's organizing activists all over the country and bringing them to the "Live Free or Die" state to assist with the Paul campaign. For Boyapati, the saga began in July when he flew from Seattle to California to hear Paul speak at Google Headquarters.

Now the Australian-born Boyapati is braving the cold New Hampshire winter and urging others to do the same. According the the website, 405 activists are in New Hampshire or on their way. The goal is to recruit 1000, and progress has been steady.

"They're all converging on New Hampshire now," Boyapati observed with a smile.


:::: (((( IMPORTANT NEWS )))) ::::

The date for the New Hampshire Primary has been set!

* January 8th, 2008 *


Ron Paul : House of Cards

10 mins


Secret DoJ Legal Memos: Bush Determines What Is Constitutional

Think Progress | December 7, 2007

This morning, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) delivered an impassioned floor speech to help frame the debate over FISA reform. Using his privilege as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Whitehouse said he has “spent hours poring over” secret opinions issued by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) -- and he took notes.

Whitehouse is a lawyer, a former U.S. Attorney, a former legal counsel to Rhode Island’s Governor, and a former State Attorney General. He said he sought and received permission to have his notes declassified because he wanted to show the public “what the Bush administration does behind our backs when they think no one is looking.”

“To give you an example of what I read,” Whitehouse said on the Senate floor, “I have gotten three legal propositions from these secret OLC opinions declassified. Here they are, as accurately as my note-taking could reproduce them from the classified documents”:

1. An executive order cannot limit a President. There is no constitutional requirement for a President to issue a new executive order whenever he wishes to depart from the terms of a previous executive order. Rather than violate an executive order, the President has instead modified or waived it.

2. The President, exercising his constitutional authority under Article II, can determine whether an action is a lawful exercise of the President’s authority under Article II.

3. The Department of Justice is bound by the President’s legal determinations.

* Watch Video *


Candidates @ Google: Ron Paul

65 mins


The good news is we have a chance to win.

The good news is we have people who've paid attention.

The good news is we have people on the inside who want out.


President Ron Paul is an honest man we can focus on and trust.


The bad news is we are running out of time.

The bad news is we are running out of options.

The bad news is we are running out of their way.


President Ron Paul is a 72 year old man who needs our help to push the truth.


"Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons."

- President Ron Paul, "Security and Liberty", April 23, 2007



FREEDOM Watch is a service of the office of US Representative Ron Paul for regular visitors to Project FREEDOM. By signing up, you are asking to receive, via e-mail, a notice when new items are added/posted to Rep. Paul's web site. The notice will include a brief portion of the newly posted item, as well as a link to both the entire website, as well as the specific address of the new information. The FREEDOM Watch is sent out only as information is added to the website, or as events merit.

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* In a nutshell: this information can help us stop all the attacks on our minds, bodies, souls and bank accounts happening at once. It should take a half-hour to scan and a couple of hours to read. Even if you haven't paid attention, someone's paid attention to you. They're using soft-kill weapons like lead-painted toys and lipstick, cellphone radiation, GMO foods and much more to dumb us down. Many of us don't trust governments or corporations but don't know why yet. This has to change fast.

* The people pushing for global government feel they can't stop after what they've done. Poisoning our air, water, food, vaccines and everything else to make us too weak to resist. Giving us Big Pharmacide drugs to make us sicker. They're afraid we'll find out and want revenge. They'll continue until the fascist boa-constrictor strangles everybody. Including them. No one knows what will happen when it's over. No one wants to think about it enough. This has to change fast.

* We need to find ways to communicate with people trapped in our big institutions. Everybody has a boss who lies to keep more knowledge. All of this rubbish is based on mind control. No one has the entire picture. Those who look for it and find more than those who don't. We know the mass media lies. We know the default reality we want to defend to feel smart is full of lies. We know we can learn more. We know we have to. This has to change fast.


"A paper monetary standard means there are no restraints on the printing press or on federal deficits. In 1971, M3 was $776 billion; today it stands at $8.9 trillion, an 1100% increase. Our national debt in 1971 was $408 billion; today it stands at $6.8 trillion, a 1600% increase. Since that time, our dollar has lost almost 80% of its purchasing power. Common sense tells us that this process is not sustainable and something has to give. So far, no one in Washington seems interested."

- President Ron Paul, "Paper Money and Tyranny", September 5, 2003


* In a nutshell: this information is competing against a million distractions. These distractions are put there on purpose to distract us. The idea that our governments and corporations have been committing crimes around the world is not a new one. The idea that we wouldn't believe it is. The idea that they've been treating us like crap is not a new one. The idea that we wouldn't believe it is. The idea that we need to fight back is not a new one. The idea that we wouldn't believe it is.

* We need to promote the truth now while we still can. We need to know our window of opportunity is being closed by liars in power. We need to remember what we forgot over the last few years. We need to recall who's lied before. We need to ask why they would tell the truth now. We need to see what they promote as proven liars. We need to see how the lies affect us. We need to stop listening to liars. We need to stop listening to liars to stop becoming liars.

* We need to find ways to do what we want to do and what we have to do. We need to find ways to think differently about the world than what hasn't been working. We need to avoid being separated and socialized into selfishness. We need to see what we complain about and how it relates to what we see, say and do. We need to find something really worth doing. We need to rally around a revolutionary. We need to rally around Ron Paul.


Q&A: Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

'Freedom brings diversity. It brings people together. Big government divides us.'

Liz Halloran | U.S. News and World Report | November 9, 2007

Q. What is your appeal?

A. I think people are tired of what they're getting from their government. They don't believe it's working. They're angry. They believe they're being lied to when it comes to the economy. They believe they've been lied into going to war. And they're tired of it all, and they want change. Even though people poke fun at me - say that I don't look like the one to bring about change - I think I offer a different program than they've heard about for a long time.


:::: (((( DR. RON PAULITICS )))) ::::

Ron Paul was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, before proudly serving as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force during the 1960s. He and his wife Carol moved to Texas in 1968, where he began his medical practice in Brazoria County. As a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He and Carol, who reside in Lake Jackson, Texas, are the proud parents of five children and have 17 grandchildren.


Lowering the Cost of Health Care

Ron Paul | | August 23, 2006

As a medical doctor, I’ve seen first-hand how bureaucratic red tape interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and drives costs higher. The current system of third-party payers takes decision-making away from doctors, leaving patients feeling rushed and worsening the quality of care. Yet health insurance premiums and drug costs keep rising. Clearly a new approach is needed. Congress needs to craft innovative legislation that makes health care more affordable without raising taxes or increasing the deficit. It also needs to repeal bad laws that keep health care costs higher than necessary...

...The lesson is clear: when government and other third parties get involved, health care costs spiral. The answer is not a system of outright socialized medicine, but rather a system that encourages everyone - doctors, hospitals, patients, and drug companies - to keep costs down. As long as “somebody else” is paying the bill, the bill will be too high.

The following are bills Congress should pass to reduce health care costs and leave more money in the pockets of families:

HR3075, HR3076, HR3077, HR3078


"Why are we so afraid to follow the Constitution and let state legislatures decide social policy? Surely people on both sides of the abortion debate realize that it's far easier to influence government at the state and local level. The federalization of social issues, originally championed by the left but now embraced by conservatives, simply has prevented the 50 states from enacting laws that more closely reflect the views of their citizens. Once we accepted the federalization of abortion law under Roe, we lost the ability to apply local community standards to ethical issues.

Those who seek a pro-life culture must accept that we will never persuade all 300 million Americans to agree with us. A pro-life culture can be built only from the ground up, person by person. For too long we have viewed the battle as purely political, but no political victory can change a degraded society. No Supreme Court ruling by itself can instill greater respect for life. And no Supreme Court justice can save our freedoms if we don't fight for them ourselves."

- President Ron Paul, "Federalizing Social Policy", January 30, 2006


:::: (((( NAUSELESS EATERS ZOO )))) ::::

"Globalists and one-world promoters never seem to tire of coming up with ways to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. The most recent attempt comes inthe form of the misnamed "Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America (SPP)." In reality, this new "partnership" will likely make us far less secure and certainly less prosperous.

According to the US government website dedicated to the project, the SPP is neither a treaty nor a formal agreement. Rather, it is a "dialogue" launched by the heads of state of Canada, Mexico, and the United States at a summit in Waco, Texas in March, 2005.

What is a "dialogue"? We don't know. What we do know, however, is that Congressional oversight of what might be one of the most significant developments in recent history is non-existent. Congress has had no role at all in a "dialogue" that many see as a plan for a North American union.

According to the SPP website, this "dialogue" will create new supra-national organizations to "coordinate" border security, health policy, economic and trade policy, and energy policy between the governments of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. As such, it is but an extension of NAFTA- and CAFTA-like agreements that have far less to do with the free movement of goods and services than they do with government coordination and management of international trade.

Critics of NAFTA and CAFTA warned at the time that the agreements were actually a move toward more government control over international trade and an eventual merging of North America into a border-free area. Proponents of these agreements dismissed this as preposterous and conspiratorial. Now we see that the criticisms appear to be justified."

- President Ron Paul, "A North American United Nations?", August 28, 2006


NOTE: The Democrats won the Congress and Senate in 2006 and did nothing angry voters asked. This proves the Left and Right wing of politics are both controlled by the same bird-brains staging a political puppet-show. The corporate-funded mass media and foundation-funded independent media are also both controlled by the same central banking and central intelligence money to hide their roles. They give us our opinions and just two-sides to choose from missing the others and key facts.

NOTE: The mainstream political debate keeps us focused on safe topics that don't identify the real power-structure. They keep us asking about selfish possibilities instead of selfless practicalities, or "what's in it for me" instead of "how do we get rid of the Patriot Act" for all of us. This is by-design. This debate allows more of our rights to be taken away until we're legally easier to control. This will happen if we let our leaders to pass laws we rarely hear about or discuss.

NOTE: The mainstream political debate has us discussing what's possible instead of what's happening, or "what would you do if" instead of "what are you doing about" to ignore real issues. The staged dialectic helps big money interests while we stop trusting and listening to each other. It sets up and maintains constant and useless fights. This is not necessary when objective truth exists. If we find it we can stop being fooled. Millions have so we're in good shape.

NOTE: This is why so many people relate to President Ron Paul: he's transcended this crap for 30 years. We're just catching up.

NOTE: For example: if your most trusted name in news ignores the North American Union that 19 U.S. states are working on legislation to stop, or dismisses it, or calls it a "conspiracy theory" with and other official websites available, they are liars. Sorry but it's true. Change the channel. Turn the page. Surf elsewhere.

NOTE: Billions are fooled by the global criminals in a globalized economy who own the media and pass international agreements we know almost nothing about that control entire countries. Regional agreements are part of centralizing power in their hands and must be resisted. Whether you like him or not, there's no way Lou Dobbs got the North American Union story "wrong" for a year and a half while the rest of CNN refused to discuss it. At least until someone inside allowed a viewers question to Ron Paul in the CNN/YouTube Republican Debates. The result is below.


CNN Debates: North American Union Question For Ron Paul

4 mins



GOP Presidential Debate
Aired November 28, 2007 - 20:00 ET

YOUTUBE QUESTION: Good evening, candidates. This is (inaudible) from Arlington, Texas, and this question is for Ron Paul.

I've met a lot of your supporters online, but I've noticed that a good number of them seem to buy into this conspiracy theory regarding the Council of Foreign Relations, and some plan to make a North American union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.

These supporters of yours seem to think that you also believe in this theory. So my question to you is: Do you really believe in all this, or are people just putting words in your mouth?

COOPER: Congressman Paul, 90 seconds.

PAUL: Well, it all depends on what you mean by "all of this." The CFR exists, the Trilateral Commission exists. And it's a, quote, "conspiracy of ideas." This is an ideological battle. Some people believe in globalism. Others of us believe in national sovereignty. And there is a move on toward a North American union, just like early on there was a move on for a European Union, and it eventually ended up.

PAUL: So we had NAFTA and are moving toward a NAFTA highway. These are real things. It's not like somebody made these up. It's not a conspiracy. They don't talk about it, and they might not admit it, but there's been money spent on it. There was legislation passed in the Texas legislature unanimously to put a halt on it. They're planning on millions of acres taken by eminent domain for an international highway from Mexico to Canada, which is going to make the immigration problem that much worse. So it's not so much a secretive conspiracy, it's a contest between ideologies, whether we believe in our institutions here, our national sovereignty, our Constitution, or are we going to further move into the direction of international government, more U.N.

PAUL: You know, this country goes to war under U.N. resolutions. I don't like big government in Washington, so I don't like this trend toward international government. We have a WTO that wants to control our drug industry, our nutritional products. So, I'm against all that.

But it's not so much as a sinister conspiracy. It's just knowledge is out there. If we look for it, you'll realize that our national sovereignty is under threat.

COOPER: Congressman Paul, thank you.



* STOP THE NAU: 19 States CAN'T be WRONG! *

16 states have pending Anti-NAU legislation and 3 states have passed Anti-NAU or Anti-SPP legislation in both their House and Senate!!!

The fact that over 1/3 of the state legislatures introduced resolutions opposing the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP), the NAFTA Superhighway, and the developing North American Union (NAU), is a GREAT success!

States: Alabama | Arizona | Colorado Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Missouri | Montana | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | North Carolina | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Washington

States with legislation indirectly related to the fight against the SPP/NAU: Nevada | New Hampshire


Alberta Government Admits NAFTA Superhighway

Lee Rogers | Rogue Government | December 5, 2007

Alberta’s government web site admits to the existence of a NAFTA superhighway. While establishment media hacks continue to deny plans for a continental highway, it is curious that a government web site would openly admit to the existence of it. It is also curious how these liars can get away with calling presidential candidate Ron Paul a conspiracy theorist for citing readily available information. One of the driving forces behind the formation of a NAFTA superhighway is NASCO a non profit organization dedicated to expanding our current highway infrastructure so goods can be more easily traded within the coming North American Union.

What’s funny about NASCO’s web site is that they deny the existence of a continental superhighway but openly admit to it at the same time. Take for example the following taken from their myth vs fact section.


NAFTA Trade Corridors & State Truck Standards

* Alberta's high-standard highway system routinely handles trucks of up to 63,500 kg (140,000 lb.) and provides links with all major Western North American markets.

* Currently, except for those states with grandfather rights, the U.S. restricts the allowable gross weight and length of trucks. Federal Bridge Formula B defines the relationship between a truck's weight, length, number of axles and spacing between axles, thereby determining the truck's configuration.

* Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs) are limited to western states. State laws and policies determine use and vary considerably across the west.


The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada (Hardcover)
by Jerome R. Corsi

List Price: $25.95
Price: $17.13 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $8.82 (34%)

In the New York Times bestseller The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada, Jerome Corsi proves that the benignly-named "Security and Prosperity Partnership," created at a meeting between George W. Bush, Stephen Harper and Vincente Fox, is in fact the same kind of regional integration plan that led Europe to form the EU. According to Corsi, the elites in Europe who wanted to create a European nation knew that "it would be necessary to conceal from the peoples of Europe just what was being done in their name until the process was so far advanced that it had become irreversible." Could the same thing be happening here? Is American sovereignty doomed?


:::: (((( PRO-GUN AND ANTI-WAR )))) ::::

NOTE: The issue of gun-control doesn't have two-sides when all the facts are presented - which the mass media - as usual - doesn't do. There is no reason to get upset since the answer works for everyone on the planet. We all have a right to fight "tooth and nail" to defend ourselves, or if we're not animals, to use the same weapons that people will use against us.

NOTE: If there were no guns there would be no problem. If guns exist then people must be allowed to defend themselves in both rich and poor areas. If you disarm them they'll be victimized by the criminals in their own neighborhoods. This is happening now.

NOTE: The school and mall shootings can easily be avoided or minimized as long as the shooter isn't the only person who has a gun. The number of crazy people will also decrease if all of them weren't on anti-depressants and other Big Pharmacide pusher-products, another fact the mass media ignores in their rush to ban legal guns instead of criminal actions.

NOTE: While nobody wants more gun crime, the fact is criminals don't obey the law, so cities like Washington and Chicago with gun-bans see violent crime-rates go up as innocent people are terrorized by emboldened criminals. The fact is cities with higher legal gun-ownership have lower crime-rates since criminals are scared to rob and rape people. Kennesaw, Georgia has mandatory-firearms ownership and has been murder-free for 25 years despite six-times as many people moving there since 1982. Worldwide people are the same, with countries like Switzerland arming everybody having almost no violent crime since criminals are afraid they'll get shot.

NOTE: The corporate-controlled mass media won't say this because their criminal bosses want us disarmed. Historically when people were disarmed they were terrorized by criminals inside and outside of government. The U.S. Supreme Court is deciding on the Second Amendment now, or the right to bear arms that every citizen is guaranteed. If it's lost the next step will be a rise in crime and a rise on criminals working for government attacking the people. It must be saved. The National Rifle Association (NRA) leadership has been bought by big money interests and is now selling-out it's members, while Gun Owners of America (GOA) is an honest organization dedicated to preserving the rights of all Americans. These are the facts.


Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Pl Suite 102
Springfield VA 22151
PH: 703-321-8585
FX: 703-321-8408

"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."

- President Ron Paul


Another Shooter With A History Of Anti-depressant Use

Killer is latest in long line of young men with history of psychiatric drugs treatment for depression and ADHD.

Steve Watson | | Dec 6, 2007

Robert Hawkins, the 19 year old who killed himself and eight other people with an assault rifle last night in Omaha, Nebraska had a history of treatment with psychiatric drugs for depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and was on prozac according to press reports.

Of course the headlines will once again focus on how evil and dangerous guns are, how the second amendment should be reevaluated and will once again ignore the fact that this young man was subject to dangerous brain altering chemicals for a number of years prior to this tragic incident.

Hawkins is the latest in a long line of shooters all of which were on prescribed antidepressants before they suddenly snapped and decided to kill as many people as they could before taking their own lives.

Investigators believe that Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech murderer, had been taking anti-depressant medication at some point before the shootings last April, according to The Chicago Tribune.


"The senseless and horrific killings last week on the campus of Virginia Tech University reinforced an uneasy feeling many Americans experienced after September 11th: namely, that government cannot protect us. No matter how many laws we pass, no matter how many police or federal agents we put on the streets, a determined individual or group still can cause great harm. Perhaps the only good that can come from these terrible killings is a reinforced understanding that we as individuals are responsible for our safety and the safety of our families.

Although Virginia does allow individuals to carry concealed weapons if they first obtain a permit, college campuses within the state are specifically exempted. Virginia Tech, like all Virginia colleges, is therefore a gun-free zone, at least for private individuals. And as we witnessed, it didn't matter how many guns the police had. Only private individuals on the scene could have prevented or lessened this tragedy. Prohibiting guns on campus made the Virginia Tech students less safe, not more."

President Ron Paul, "Security and Liberty", April 23, 2007


Supremes to Decide if Second Amendment Means What It Says

Kurt Nimmo | TruthNews | November 21, 2007

“In a decision that could affect gun control laws across the nation, the Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to carry a gun,” reports ABC News.

Carry? Or possess?

“It has been 70 years since the high court has focused on the meaning of the words ‘right to keep and bear arms’ in the Second Amendment and the case is sure to ignite cultural battles across the country.”

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

Seems pretty straight forward to me.


NOTE: Big Pharmacide makes Big Money off repeat business. Warning labels on anti-depressants say they can cause depression. The cure is more drugs. Stay away from them. Richard Smith is former editor of the British Medical Journal for 25 years and author of "The Trouble with Medical Journals" who says get more informed than your doctor before seeking treatment. They often repeat what they're sold by journals bought by pharma-pushers. There are no consequences for failure. They can only be saved by us. We can only be saved by us. (Our pets too. See below.)



NOTE: When you get shot with a bullet they can take the metal out, when you get shot with a vaccine they can't take the mercury and other brain-damaging heavy metals out of your bloodstream. This is the same crap causing autism rates to rise from 1 in 2500 to 1 in 166 according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Rolling Stone Magazine (Deadly Immunity, 2005).

NOTE: This is part of the soft-kill approach to poisoning us to death, or until we're too weak or stupid to fight back against the massive changes being implemented. Avoid all vaccines since they've never proven to work. Avoid paying more for clean food, air and water without trying to stop who's making it dirty, otherwise you can get fooled by fake products anyway.

NOTE: Governments worldwide are also signing international agreements to restrict our access to vitamins and supplements as part of the same soft-kill plans too. (See Codex Alimentarius below.)


You Can Now Get Your Mercury and Formaldehyde Flu Shot at the Airport

Kurt Nimmo | TruthNews | December 6, 2007

“After taking off their shoes, emptying their pockets and passing through the security checkpoint, travelers at some major U.S. airports can now roll up a sleeve and get a flu shot,” reports the Associated Press. “For years, some airports have been offering flu shots to airline passengers before they cleared security. But many travelers were too afraid of missing their flights to stop.”

Apparently, they are not afraid of that 90 percent of flu shots contain mercury, the second most toxic element after plutonium and estimated to be 500 to 1,000 times more toxic than lead. It poisons the central nervous system, liver, gastrointestinal tract and other systems in the body.

“About 80 percent of all flu shots distributed in the United States contain a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal. Thimerosal consists of 49.6 percent ethyl mercury, an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal that allows manufacturers to sell the vaccine in large, multi-dose containers without fear of contamination,” reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “A typical 0.5 milliliter flu shot contains 25 micrograms - or 50,000 parts per billion - of mercury. The EPA classifies a liquid with 200 parts per billion of mercury as hazardous waste. The limit for drinking water is 2 parts per billion.”

In other words, when you get that oh-so convenient flu shot at the airport, you’re getting a shot of hazardous waste.


Big Pharma takes over veterinary medicine; dogs and cats drugged with chemicals for profit

NewsTarget | July 17, 2007 | Mike Adams

...It was an easy sell: Most consumers already demonstrate a cult-like belief in pharmaceutical medicine thanks to a barrage of direct-to-consumer advertising funded by deep-pocketed drug companies, and it was only a minor shift to get them to believe animals need synthetic chemicals in their bodies, too.



PrisonPlanet Research Archive

Awareness to the dangerous side-effects and deadly consequences of vaccines is growing exponentially. This research archive is a compilation of information concerning mercury in vaccines, their link to autism, other vaccine controversies, and the nationwide hoax that vaccines are mandatory.


Do you think Vaccinations are mandatory?

Think again! Exemptions are easy to obtain in most states.


:::: (((( CODEX ALIMENTARIUS )))) ::::

"My regular listeners already know about another looming threat to dietary supplement freedom. The Codex Alimentarius Commission, an offshoot of the United Nations, is working to “harmonize” food and supplement rules between all nations of the world. Under Codex rules, even basic vitamins and minerals will require a doctor’s prescription. As Europe moves ever closer to adopting Codex standards, it becomes more likely that the World Trade Organization will attempt to force those standards on the United States. This is yet another example of how the WTO threatens American sovereignty. By cooperating with Codex, the FDA is blatantly ignoring the will of Congress and the American people."

- President Ron Paul, "Dietary Supplements and Health Freedom", April 25, 2005


Official Website

The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. The main purposes of this Programme are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.



Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel behind it, it threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.

Codex began simply enough when the U.N. authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code. Their purpose was to 'harmonize' regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purposes of increased trade. Pharmaceutical interests stepped in and began exerting their influence. Instead of focusing on food safety, Codex is using its power to promote worldwide restrictions on vitamins and food supplements, severely limiting their availability and dosages.


Operation Grapes Of Wrath

Michael Vail | Thought Criminal | December 6, 2007

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

- Henry Kissinger

Would you trust your government with the lives of your family? During a national emergency would you wait for help or make efforts to safeguard your family? The government devours roughly 40% from the average American family’s budget through taxes and what services do they get in return? The proper role of government according to the constitution is to guard life, liberty and property. It is sad to say but if America was the name of a ship sailing upon choppy waters and our government officials knew we were headed for the ‘perfect storm’[1] they would be guarding the life rafts and jumping ship.

I could cite[2] so many different examples[3] showing that the government does not concern itself with the safety of Americans but if you are honest with yourself you know it as well as I do. The stark reality is that the politicians and monopoly men view the common man and woman like cattle. We are branded with names like ‘useful idiots’ and ‘useless eaters’ and of course they must thin the herd to ensure their own survival. This idea has been passed down from gangrenous minded individuals like Giammaria Ortes[4] and Thomas Malthus and many in this generation who want 80 percent of the world to be culled.


“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic

F. William Engdahl | Global Research | December 4, 2007

...On this God-forsaken island Bill Gates is investing tens of his millions along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and the Government of Norway, among others, in what is called the ‘doomsday seed bank.’ Officially the project is named the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard island group.

The seed bank is being built inside a mountain on Spitsbergen Island near the small village of Longyearbyen. It’s almost ready for ‘business’ according to their releases. The bank will have dual blast-proof doors with motion sensors, two airlocks, and walls of steel-reinforced concrete one meter thick. It will contain up to three million different varieties of seeds from the entire world, ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future,’ according to the Norwegian government. Seeds will be specially wrapped to exclude moisture. There will be no full-time staff, but the vault’s relative inaccessibility will facilitate monitoring any possible human activity.



This 1 adult 1-year supply replaces $2,500 in food from the grocery store. Contains enough storable food to feed one person for 365 days. Combined with a one-month “grab and go” supply. Add a Berkey Light Water Filter to this order for only $100 plus shipping, a savings of $102.


:::: (((( GLOBAL WHORING TAXES BEGIN )))) ::::

"Fear is generated to garner popular support for the proposed government action, even when some liberty has to be sacrificed. This leads to a society that is systemically driven toward fear-- fear that gives the monstrous government more and more authority and control over our lives and property. Fear is constantly generated by politicians to rally the support of the people. Environmentalists go back and forth, from warning about a coming ice age to arguing the grave dangers of global warming."

- President Ron Paul, "Why Are Americans So Angry?", June 29, 2006


S 2191: The Carbon Credit Enslavement System

Lee Rogers | Intel Strike | November 27, 2007

The push towards a global carbon credit mechanism continues to be one of the top agendas of the world elite. Despite the fact that numerous scientific studies have concluded that the entire solar system is getting warmer as part of a natural cycle, non-stop propaganda from the major corporate news networks continue to blame man made carbon emissions for planetary warming. In addition, the establishment media pushes unfounded claims that global warming will result in a myriad of environmental disasters.

Despite the fact that man made global warming is a complete fraud, the world elite are selling fear as a way for them to bring in a world carbon credit enslavement system. This carbon credit system will be used as a funding mechanism to consolidate wealth into the hands of the big global corporations and to potentially fund regional and global governmental institutions.

In 2005, the European Union began the foundational steps to setup a credit system based off of carbon emissions through the European Union Emission Trading Scheme. Now, they are seeking to expand that system to include airliners. Peter Liese a German member of the European Parliament even stated that they want this carbon credit scheme to be global in scale. Below is a blurb from the International Herald Tribune, in which he advocates the need for this carbon credit enslavement system.


Ron Paul Slams Global Warming "Fearmongering"

Congressman dismisses doomsday predictions during interview

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | December 6, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul, who many would argue has remained somewhat neutral on the issue of global warming thus far, slammed alarmist predictions of the earth's decline as "fearmongering" and encouraged contrarian thinking on the issue during an interview with popular Internet TV broadcast G4.

"People think that Greenland's going to be gone in 20 years - I don't buy into that," Paul told host Layla Kayleigh.

Asked if he bought into "the ice glaciers melting," Paul responded, "They can find just as many places where the ice is building up - in Greenland, in certain parts of Greenland, in Antarctica."

* Watch the video *

Indeed, research conducted using the European Space Agency's satellites in November 2005 concluded that Greenland's interior ice sheets are thickening at a rate of six centimetres each year.

The Congressman said that his advice was to "listen to scientists on both sides" and that people who uniformly make up their minds that something is a certain way are often proven wrong.

"Right now there needs to be a little contrarian thinking about the fearmongering that is going on with global warming like it's the end of the earth," said Paul, responding strongly when challenged by Kayleigh, who used to work for Al Gore's TV network.

Though the Congressman has previously said he advocates efforts to reduce carbon emissions, he is keen to point out the fact that the Kyoto treaty is meaningless because it does not apply to the world's biggest generator of carbon emissions, China, and the knock-on effects have only been to cause U.s. corporations to outsource more jobs overseas.


:::: (((( BLACKWATER RISES FASTER )))) ::::

NOTE: Blackwater is one of the smaller private military firms we're supposed to focus on in the media. Triton and Sovereign Deed are larger and have operated worldwide for years, most notably in Africa where they've helped corporations rape the continent. Mercenaries are trained and dehumanized overseas in urban warfare for an eventual battle with a mostly disarmed people of America. Donald Rumsfeld pushed for privatizing the military just before and after 9/11 enriching friends in the military industrial complex. Regular U.S. Army troops are poisoned with depleted uranium in overseas missions and disarmed at home by bills diagnosing all of them with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many are leaving their meager salaried jobs for $1000 a day working for PMC's. Corporations who have no problems enslaving and killing people for profit getting their own armies is the most dangerous trend in history. Good people in the military and many others are worried just like the rest of us should be.


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Innovation Begins with Experience

Blackwater Worldwide efficiently and effectively integrates a wide range of resources and core competencies to provide unique and timely solutions that exceed our customers’ stated needs and expectations.

We are guided by integrity, innovation, and a desire for a safer world. Blackwater Worldwide professionals leverage state-of-the-art training facilities, professional program management teams, and innovative manufacturing and production capabilities to deliver world-class, customer-driven solutions.

Our corporate leadership and dedicated family of exceptional employees adhere to essential core values- chief among these are integrity, innovation, excellence, respect, accountability, and teamwork.


Ron Paul leads ALL ‘08 candidates with over one-fourth of military contributions for Q2

Earlier, we reported military contributions among Republican presidential candidates place Ron Paul on top at 49.5%, with nearly as much as all Republicans combined.

A more complete compilation of statistics by Phreadom shows that presidential candidate Ron Paul leads all 2008 presidential candidates in military contributions from the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and war veterans. Presidential candidate Ron Paul leads with an impressive one-fourth* of all contributions this second quarter according to newly released data from the FEC.

Ron Paul currently has more cash-on-hand than John McCain this quarter, and this new information is indicative of Ron Paul’s success. It appears that our soldiers and war veterans have an affinity to, or inclination for Ron Paul’s non-intervention principle - defending our homeland and pursuing terrorists, but no nation-building.



Larry Pratt | | September 22, 2007

Hundreds of thousands of veterans -- from Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom -- are at risk of being banned from buying firearms if legislation that is pending in Congress gets enacted.

How? The Veterans Disarmament Act -- which has already passed the House -- would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the federal gun ban list.

This is exactly what President Bill Clinton did over seven years ago when his administration illegitimately added some 83,000 veterans into the National Criminal Information System (NICS system) -- prohibiting them from purchasing firearms, simply because of afflictions like PTSD.

The proposed ban is actually broader. Anyone who is diagnosed as being a tiny danger to himself or others would have his gun rights taken away ... forever. It is section 102(b)(1)(C)(iv) in HR 2640 that provides for dumping raw medical records into the system. Those names -- like the 83,000 records mentioned above -- will then, by law, serve as the basis for gun banning.

No wonder the Military Order of the Purple Heart is opposed to this legislation.


:::: (((( THE GAP MURDE(RED) CAMPAIGN )))) ::::

NOTE: The biggest of the billion-dollar Big Pharmacide scams is AIDS. There is no HIV virus. It's never been found. It doesn't exist. It's fake. That's why it doesn't act like a virus. That's why some people diagnosed can live perfectly healthy lives. That's why AIDS cases nosedived in North America after the late 1980's. It wasn't because everyone started using condoms. It was because people stopped getting tested. People are fine if they don't because there's no HIV virus to find.

NOTE: The reason it kills millions in Africa is because they are targeted for de-population by the UN and world's elite. Anything can be called an "AIDS-related illness" and billions of dollars can be stolen by Big Pharmacide. The reason we think it's normal is because of propaganda and how little we know. South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki kicked drug companies out because patients seemed to do better on herbs and lemon-water. The media attacked him for being right.

NOTE: People are diagnosed with AIDS based on factors that are completely different worldwide, even in clinics in the same countries. No AIDS test looks for the HIV virus since it can't be found. People with weak immune systems or other illnesses are told they have AIDS, including millions of malnourished Africans. People die from the toxic drugs. People live perfectly healthy if they don't take them. People need to stop killing Africans by buying Red T-Shirts.


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Gap (PRODUCT) REDTM is about great products that can help make a difference for Africa. As a global partner of (PRODUCT) RED, we’re contributing half the profits from Gap (PRODUCT) RED sales to the Global Fund to help women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. Learn more about our involvement.




The 2,539 doubters:

Additions from the last three months are shown in red, those who signed a petition questioning the hypothesis that Hiv causes Aids in blue and recent additions who are also petition signers in purple. Some of the people below question only key parts of the Hiv theory, not all of it. Limitations on their beliefs are shown in brackets.

Some names on this webpage have been removed because AIDS Inc. apparently feels very threatened by public exposure of the tremendous dissent to their very profitable HIV theory, so they are contacting people and pressuring them to remove their names from this page. These names are blacked out.

If you think you belong on this web page (or wish to be removed) please email us at



President MbekiThe following organizations have joined forces to create The International Coalition to End AIDS Censorship in order to support President Mbeki's call for an open scientific debate on the definition, causation, treatment and prevention of "AIDS".

Academy of Nutrition Improvement (Nagpur, India), ACT UP San Francisco, ACT UP Hollywood, ACT UP Toronto, Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, Alive and Well (Eugene, Oregon), AMG France, Continuum Magazine (London), El Peque o Periodico, The Forum for Debating AIDS South Africa (FDASA), Fundacion Arte y Ciencia (Columbia), Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Network (New York City, Denver, Hartford, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, Hawaii, Toronto, Uganda), International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS Switzerland), Joint Action Council Kannur (JACK), Journalists for a Free Media, New York Rethinking AIDS Society (NYRAS), Students Against the HIV Causes AIDS Hypothesis (SATHIVCAH), The Mythbusters, The Coalition for Informed Choice, The Self Healing Temple, The Sheppard Foundation, Dissident and Saint, TAPS


In science, no theory should be immune from challenge, and debate over an issue affecting millions of lives should never be declared over. I support South African President Thabo Mbeki's intention to investigate the definition, causation, treatment and prevention of "AIDS".


"If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document."

- Dr. Kary Mullis, Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

"Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology."

- Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sänger, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max-Planck-Institutes for Biochemy, München.

It's time to re-evaluate the HIV-AIDS hypothesis:

Is HIV really the cause of AIDS ?

A growing group of bio-medical scientists claim the cause of AIDS is still unknown. These heretics do not believe in the lethal AIDS virus called HIV. They claim that the virus is indeed harmless. Most of them think AIDS is also not sexually transmitted; it probably has toxic causes. People die because they are poisoned to death by toxic antiviral drugs. Part of the AIDS dissidents even question the existence of a virus entity. These HIV skeptics say that the AIDS virus has never really been isolated, and the AIDS tests are worthless...

This website tells you their story.

This website contains more than 1200 web pages with over 850 articles. If you are new make a short TOUR first, then you can best go to the INTRODUCTION page for a small selection of articles to start with. Listen to some AUDIO files, or watch some VIDEO documentaries first. See the NEWS page for the latest developments and articles.



Joseph FERRAYE - The Billionaire with a big heart

Beneficiary of several hundred billion Dollars, he was defrauded by swindlers, amongst whom, Presidents, Government members, banks, American companies, notaries, lawyers etc...

As has been shown by the "FERRAYE DOSSIER", the extinction and capping of burning oil wells in Kuwait was radically improved, due to the two systems for which patent applications were made in 1991 to the INPI in France, by Joseph FERRAYE.

» For reasons of illegal personal enrichment and with the help of both the French and Kuwaiti Governments, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Bankers, Lawyers, Notaries etc. have embezzled hundreds of billions of Dollars.

» American companies HALLIBURTON (Dick Cheney, Bush & Co.) and Red ADAIR used the patented systems for their own benefit, without the authorisation or the knowledge of Joseph FERRAYE, holder of the patents. Moreover, these defrauders misappropriated the royalties, which should have been paid to Joseph FERRAYE.

» In an attempt to justify the use of these systems, the defrauders tried to predate the patents, to make believe that they were the holders. The operation failed and the evaluation of 23 March 1997 was unequivocal...

...Is the British Government and its economy controlled by the World Government ?

» A short analysis of the chances of success of this proposition results in doubts about the true will of Her Majesty's Government, to save this company.

» As can be seen on the table "Bilderberg-UK", the NWO (New World Order) controls part of the British Press and has infiltrated Government departments to a large extent

» Moreover, although Tony Blair did not participate officially in a Bilderberg meeting until 1993, he is very much wooed by them and is deeply involved with the ILLUMINATI...


The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (Paperback)
by Daniel Estulin

List Price: $24.95
Price: $16.47 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $8.48 (34%)

Delving into a world once shrouded in complete mystery and impenetrable security, this investigative report provides a fascinating account of the annual meetings of the world’s most powerful people—the Bilderberg Group. Since its inception in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek, the Bilderberg Group has been comprised of European prime ministers, American presidents, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all coming together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. The press has never been allowed to attend, nor have statements ever been released on the attendees' conclusions or discussions, which have ramifications on the citizens of the world. Using methods that resemble the spy tactics of the Cold War—and in several instances putting his own life on the line—the author did what no one else has managed to achieve: he learned what was being said behind the closed doors of the opulent hotels and has made it available to the public for the first time.



'Kate Moss effect' makes teen girls binge drink

By Gary Cleland | Daily Telegraph | 19/09/2007

Teenage girls are worse binge drinkers than boys because of the influence of role models such as Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss, according to a report.

The soap opera-style lives of glamorous women, even if they are pictured stumbling out of nightclubs with their mascara gone awry, act as an "encouragement" to teenage girls.

In a study of 16-year-olds, published in a new report on teenage girls, 29 per cent of girls admitted binge drinking, compared with 26 per cent of boys.

The report, written by Fiona Bawdon for the campaign organisation Women in Journalism (WIJ), points to research by the government's Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Young People.

It said: "The positive media coverage of "celebrity" behaviour involving sex, drugs and alcohol acts as an encouragement to young people."


Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (Paperback)
by Jerry Mander

List Price: $13.95
Price: $11.16 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $2.79 (20%)

A total departure from previous writing about television, this book is the first ever to advocate that the medium is not reformable. Its problems are inherent in the technology itself and are so dangerous -- to personal health and sanity, to the environment, and to democratic processes -- that TV ought to be eliminated forever.

Weaving personal experiences through meticulous research, the author ranges widely over aspects of television that have rarely been examined and never before joined together, allowing an entirely new, frightening image to emerge. The idea that all technologies are "neutral," benign instruments that can be used well or badly, is thrown open to profound doubt. Speaking of TV reform is, in the words of the author, "as absurd as speaking of the reform of a technology such as guns."

About the Author

Jerry Mander holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Economics, spent 15 years in the advertising business, including five as president and partner of Freeman, Mander & Gossage, San Francisco, one of the most celebrated agencies in the country. After quitting commercial advertising, he achieved national fame for his public service campaigns, leading the Wall Street Journal to call him "the Ralph Nader of adevertising." In 1972 he founded the country's first non-profit ad agency, taking leave of that in 1974. Mander is co-author of The Great International Paper Airplane Book.


CBS News

Army Recruits Video Gamers
Latest Recruiting Tool Winning Over Hearts, Minds Of Teens

WEST POINT, N.Y., March 30, 2004

Jim Acosta reports on a new Pentagon computer game that offers potential recruits a taste of virtual warfare.

(CBS) The soldiers are real. But they're also actors, staging scenes for the Army's latest war game.

It's a video game created by the U.S. Army to win over the hearts and minds of American teenagers.

And, as CBS News Correspondent Jim Acosta reports, judging by these faces, mission accomplished.

Game player Rob Calcagni believes the game is going to work on a lot of guys his age.

"Definitely, because it's a fun game," says Calcagni.

The game, "America's Army" has become such an overnight hit, the Army staged a tournament in New York. Recruiters were waiting at the door.

"This is a fantastic recruiting opportunity," says Lt. Col. John Gillette. "We would like to sign up as many as possible. We are looking for five to ten."

One of these teens enlisted after playing the game, the other two are thinking about it, which is exactly what the creator of "America's Army" had in mind.

"We look at all the things that the Army is doing that is under the control of the Army that captures people's attention and the game is number one," says the game's creator Col. Casey Wardynksi.

America's Army has surpassed even the Pentagon's expectations. It's now the number one online action game in the country. The Army hasn't seen a recruiting tool this effective since "Be all that you can be."

But psychology professor Brad Bushman of the University of Michigan, a critic of violent video games, complains "America's Army" isn't real enough.

"War is not a game," he says.

"The video game does provide a sanitized view of violence," says Bushman. "For example, when you shoot someone or when you are shot you see a puff of blood; you don't see anyone suffering or writhing in pain."

"Kids aren't stupid," says Wardynski. "They know if they come into the army there is a reason that we have rifles and tanks and all that stuff."

The players insist they understand the meaning of "game over."

"If you are going to join the Army, you know the risk," says one gamer, Bart Koscinski. "In this game you might die like eight times in like 15 minutes. In real life people know what they are getting themselves into."

New editions of "America's Army" are now being developed for home video game systems -- a move that will deploy even more young cyber-soldiers to the military's virtual battlefield.



Mass Mind Control Through Network Television

Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Alex Ansary | Outside The Box | 12-29-5

Why do countless American people go along with the War on Iraq? Why do so many people call for a police state control grid? A major component to a full understanding of why this kind of governmental and corporate corruption is to discover the modern science of mind control and social engineering. It's baffling to merely glance at the stacks of documentation that this world government isn't being constructed for the greater good of humanity. Although there are a growing number of people waking up the reality of our growing transparent soft cage, there seems to be just enough citizens who are choosing to remain asleep. Worse yet, there are even those who were at least partially awake at one time but found it necessary to return to the slumber of dreamland.


Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America

Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD | Educate Yourself | July 31, 2001

...Tavistock Institute developed the mass brain-washing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea. Its experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but nevertheless outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through topical psychology. A German refugee, Kurt Lewin, became director of Tavistock in 1932. He came to the U.S. in 1933 as a "refugee", the first of many infiltrators, and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic, which originated the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany and involve us in World War II.

In 1938, Roosevelt executed a secret agreement with Churchill which in effect ceded U.S. sovereignty to England, because it agreed to let Special Operations Executive control U.S. policies. To implement this agreement, Roosevelt sent General Donovan to London for indoctrination before setting up OSS (now the CIA) under the aegis of SOE-SIS. The entire OSS program, as well as the CIA has always worked on guidelines set up by the Tavistock Institute.


The Underground History of American Education: A Schoolteacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling

John Taylor Gatto
The Oxford Village Press
Oxford, NY 2000/2001

Reviewed by David Harrison

“BIANCA, YOU ANIMAL, SHUT UP!” screamed an assistant principal at a six-year-old girl in front of a school assembly.

This quote from The Underground History of American Education is the visceral linchpin around which Mr. Gatto’s impressive narrative revolves, as he unfolds for us the complex development of what we now call “school.”

While History may appear to be the author’s focus, it is the fate of Bianca - and millions of compulsorily schooled children like her - that most concerns the author. He despises what he calls the “psychopathic” violence inflicted upon children by schools in this country. “Process kids like sardines,” he warns, “and don’t be surprised if they come out oily and dead.”

Don’t be fooled or discouraged by such bluntness. There is beauty, subtlety, complexity, and wisdom here, too. As you read through the introduction and start to absorb the gist of the author’s ideas, you quickly discover you are in the hands of a compassionate and skilled teacher. Mr. Gatto asks you to care. He warns you that it will not be easy. He freely states his biases and intentions. He asks you to trust him, to listen carefully, and then to draw your own conclusions...

...Along the way, Mr. Gatto makes it increasingly clear that school’s primary goal is not the education of our children. The author builds his argument for this seemingly counter-intuitive claim with an incredible array of research that documents the interlocking development of big business and forced schooling. He painstakingly points out how the captains of industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries - when the basic structures of the education system were being set down - influenced, guided, funded, and at times forced compulsory schooling into the mainstream of American society. Perhaps you’ll recognize their names: Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, to mention just a few.

Mr. Gatto argues that these emerging corporate titans knew they needed three things in order for their interests to thrive: 1) compliant employees; 2) a guaranteed and dependent population; and 3) a predictable business environment encompassed by a rigid, caste-like social hierarchy of haves and have-nots. It is toward these ends - and not education - that modern compulsory schooling was unleashed.



Mortgage foreclosures set record as Bush plan unveiled

Lynn Adler | Reuters | Dec 6, 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. home foreclosures as well as the rate of homes entering the foreclosure process rose to a record in the third quarter, as homeowners battled slumping house prices and spiking loan payments, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Thursday.

President George W. Bush unveiled a plan on Thursday to stem foreclosures, which many analysts said was a good start but would be a minimal cure for the sickly housing market.

The program would freeze low teaser mortgage rates for five years for some of the 2 million home owners with adjustable-rate loans facing sharply higher payments, helping them avert default, according to the administration.

About 994,000 U.S. households are in the process of foreclosure, said MBA's chief economist Doug Duncan, adding that "not all of them will lose their house, but that's how many are currently at serious risk of losing their house."


"Mortgage” is formed from two words:

The French word “mort” meaning “dead” and the word “gage” from Old English meaning “pledge”. Sir Edward Coke (who lived from 1552 to 1634) explained the term: the land as considered “dead” to the mortgagor, as if the person never had it.


Mortgage Basics

What the heck does "mortgage" mean anyway?

Strangely enough, the word "mortgage" comes from the French word "mort," which means "dead," and "gage," from Old English which means "pledge".

According to Sir Edward Coke (who lived from 1552 to 1634), the term came from the doubtfulness of whether or not the mortgagor would pay the debt! In those days, if the mortgagor did not, then the land pledged as security for the debt was taken away. The land was considered 'dead' to the mortgagor. (In other words, as if the person never had it.)

Nowadays, the term mortgage is commonly used to refer to a loan for the purpose of purchasing a property. We don't associate anyone's death with it! (Although, it might seem as if you might be dead before your mortgage is paid off.)


Peace, (NOW!!!)



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