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GLOBAL WARMING: The only fantasy of "saving the world" you've seen on tv for a long, long, long time...


BBC Documentary: The Great Global Warming Swindle

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NOTE: Despite the views getting erased (I saw 157 comments and just 1 "play" after I watched it) it's now Number 14 on Google Video's Top 100!


hey [redacted],

you win, and you can stop reading at this part if you want to keep the only fantasy of "saving the world" you've seen on tv for a long, long, long time, it's been an absolutely hopeless box recently.

you virtually ignored my last email, so i assume you don't want to hear anything different than what you believe based on what you might remember about how the weather might have changed in certain cities over your [redacted] years on a 4 billion year-old planet; or isolated examples of "weather" incidents that may not be related at all.

sit back, relax, buy better lightbulbs to "make a difference" or "do your part" or "do something" and watch the propaganda narrative unfold, just like americans waving flags at "getting saddam!" it will be fun for a while, and the amount of damage you alone will do by spreading the fraud isn't enough for me to be concerned about.

i don't mind, and if it makes her happy i'd rather not tell [redacted] there is no "santa claus" either. unfortunately this time "santa" is "satan", and frankly i'd have to re-think what i'd tell [redacted] if [redacted] was in danger too.

while i believe in "freedom" more than anything, i'm afraid today it's in a constant battle with "truth" as people stubbornly defend what they've learned against charges made by people who've learned 100x as much. we'd rather defend our flourishing "opinions" than our vanishing "rights", so i'll do what i can - including sending long horrible emails to wake people up fast. you can hate it or love it - but - it's what we've been missing, so at least you have the option of reading it at some point.

by letting [redacted] and others justify bush's actions we've lost ourselves morally, and there are no "two-sides" to "torture" or a number of horrible things they've done. we've been scared to confront him or anyone else defending that nonsense, and keep retreating further into individual realities to compensate. the worse it all gets the more scared we are to confront it, so this "global warming" thing is a nice and safe "release" of pent-up frustrations that can help alleviate some guilt.

i don't have a "right" to take your fun away, i just know who's involved and the long-term consequences of allowing this, and am reacting intelligently and accordingly. i'm giving the critics of the governments and corporations i've seen lie over and over again a chance, and they are better than the average person at identifying the next wave of lies and why they're being sold.

those who "study" it know more, and this is so empirically obvious it's unbelievable. the levels of "corruption" by "money" in every other social grouping (doctors, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, etc.) are far-higher than among "conspiracy theorists" and grassroots "activists", or the people who ask the questions that governments and corporations don't want asked because they need to be asked on behalf of humanity.

without people pushing stories like "the north american union" to the surface, we'd never know we're marrying the U.S. and Mexico, and because we don't believe anything unless the controlled-corporate media says it's happening, it's secretly going ahead on schedule.

even lou dobbs on cnn, the only mass-media guy talking about it, suddenly went from "credible" to "conspiracy theorist" for bringing up something verifiable the elite didn't want us to learn about, which is a label the corporate-controlled media applies to anyone the elite don't want us to listen to.

(don't say "but lou dobbs works for cnn!" when the rest of the network ignores what he's doing, and he'll likely be forced out like dan rather and any half-way serious critics of power left in the media who don't shut up.)

now that the NAU story has been widely confirmed they're saying it's "no big deal". that's how it works - "lie then dismiss" - to buy themselves time, and to prevent anyone from looking further into what they're really up to while getting us to care about "lightbulbs" instead.

the lack of trust in the worth of their interpretations is something i'm trying to logically elevate, it makes no sense to avoid the critics of all-powerful institutions that have already and repeatedly proven evil in any place but a totalitarian state, and since we already do i'm afraid we may be on our way there.

no worries, it's a problem but we have solutions, and as my favorite scholar says, there's only one way to seriously tackle the real issues we face:

"With the pessimism of the intellect, but above all with the optimism of the will."

- Webster Tarpley



(NOTE: Read below only if you want to know what's happening.)


even if everything you say is true, their solution won't work.

you can't explain what it is despite being for it.

that's the biggest problem.

i know you want a dialogue, but i want to tell the truth because someone has to, and it's the most dangerous waste of time in history.

the argument "we have to do something!" makes no sense unless the "what?" has a clear answer, and after 5 years of abusing us with nonsense they can sell us anything - including getting us to dismiss the need for a clear explanation of the "what" it is we're going to do.

that's because they don't want to tell us.

there are plenty of "real problems" in the world the mass media could get excited over, they don't, and this "global warming" nonsense isn't their religious awakening - it's a fraud.

the same people who didn't care before don't suddenly care now, and your email isn't even based on any "science" at all. you are just taking things you remember that "fit" and making a "mainstream conspiracy theory" out of it, which you can do with anything.

wasn't it "colder" last winter than the one before?

wouldn't a "global cooling" scare have just as many anecdotes?

the propaganda will get you to ignore listening to anyone else as part of the language (e.g. "Denial!" or "Bush Supporter!") you've been taught, and you completely ignored my last email - or - perhaps were unable to understand it. that's how the elite get away with murder, including getting us to marginalize ALL groups who question power or authority by dismissing them.

homeless? - "get a job you bum!"

katrina? = "rapists and looters!"

9/11 cover-up? = "how could you even say it!"

the government and mass media are "evil", and since the news tell us much we just take their enemies and craft "mainstream conspiracy theories" that reflect our prejudices without doing any further research into those questioning the official story.

it's like... we trust ourselves guessing at what the lies based on half-baked intuition instead of turning to the people who have a history of researching it, or who've made a career out of speaking truth to power, and would prefer to feel "smart" by making something up that sounds plausible to ourselves.

a buddy today even told me with "certainty" that castro-friendly cubans hired commie lee harvey oswald to kill kennedy, part of his "conservative conspiracy theory" based on seeing "cuba" and "russia" and "venezuela" as obvious enemies to blame stuff on - and he was serious.

you've been given an "enemy of mother earth" in "global warming skeptics" by the mass media, and you'll smite them down if they don't support the solutions created by the corporations destroying her in the first place. that's what corporations do - divide and conquer us by demonizing us to each other, and that's what this is.

the boston globe even ran an op-ed equivocating "global warming deniers" to "holocaust deniers", and when they're selling it like that you know it's evil.

i saw an awesome BBC documentary called "the great global warming swindle" here in the nick of time, and the co-founder of greenpeace even disowns the group as being taken over by nutcases. i found proof of that in a ad that shows polar bears drowning on a shrinking chunk of ice - but - in 30 seconds of googling i found a bunch of articles, including "seaworld" saying they can swim for hours over 100 kms at a time.

so: the "polar bears dying" stuff is nonsense, they can swim so that image you'll again and again is misleading, and their population is growing with the warm weather spurring nature's growth in the arctic.

but... you've found something that makes you happy and are determined to stick with it, and you see it every day so it will keep making you happy as long as you're addicted to it. it's just like watching Fox News about Iraq, and people can cheer when "fallujah" is burned or "zarqawi" is killed like it's a good thing, or like it's watching football, while calling anyone trying to tell the truth a liar.

most people work with the half-knowledge scraps of crap we're given in the mass media, and if it feels good then fine, but i'm afraid it's already starting to kill people in the third world by - again - retarding their development.

you can "choose" to just "disbelieve" me and "dismiss" it, but that's just "fear" and "selfishness", and people do the same thing with the "war" and "torture" and the rest of it. we need to make sense of the fascist takeover of the world by assuming we're doing something "good" in "iraq", or that the "detainees" are automatically "guilty" and deserve it, and the more we retreat into fantasies the worse-off we'll be.

if what's happening to the third world is not "bad" enough, we should pay attention anyway to learn that we're next. the genocidal and malthusian austerity being imposed will soon be enforced by law, and that's what "kyoto" and other agreements are for - to retard "our" development.

you can even see here and now that the agreements you support are only aimed at people, but we're so ignorant and powerless that we don't even think to ask "questions" about what we're sold anymore - that's just "what's happening" instead of "what should be happening".

in the articles you read - and i've read some too, all they talk about are "more efficient homes, cars and lightbulbs" for "us" when we're not the problem - the corporations and governments selling us this confusing nightmare of guilt and blame are.

there is almost no talk about their "sacrifice", and you'll create another "mainstream conspiracy theory" to say after destroying the earth for years you're "sure" that corporations and governments will do the right thing this time - obviously - even though they never tell us what it is.

this fraud is really meant to destroy the middle-class by getting us to agree to paying more taxes for our "decadent" lifestyles when our "standard of living" has been declining for decades, so that's a lie.

this fraud will get us yelling at each other if we don't "do something!" even if it's unclear how it will help, and the long-impotent "left" who feel guilty for doing nothing are now being stampeded into supporting something they don't even understand.

this fraud is "right" because the hotter it gets the righter they are, and since the earth is naturally getting hotter anyway it's a perfect scam.

this fraud is not magic, it's based on bad science, and even the much-publicized UN IPCC study says humans are only responsible for 6% of "global warming" at most, something they don't repeat much in all the "hype" and "fear" since most people are surprised when i tell them.

it's not good propaganda, so they leave it out.

it's not true anyway, and it's a weird number at "6%" because that's as far as they could stretch the science - and you can see they were trying.

many scientists want their names taken off that fake list of "2500" too since they weren't allowed to present their findings at the meeting, and while a few have gone public most won't because they're scared of losing their livelihoods.

i'm selling a "tale of the apocalypse too", but it has facts in it like the earth actually "cooling" after 1940's industrialization and my knowledge of previous "warming/cooling/peak-oil/bird-flu" hoaxes in the 20th Century the mass media never reminds you of which were sold to a gullible public.

we have NO proven effect on the earth's temperature that can be measured with any certainty over any length of time, and re-organizing the people of earth to combat a non-existent problem is only achieving the goals of a handful of elites who want to increase their control and kill a bunch of us by choking off our access to resources.

the sun decides how hot it is on all the planets in the solar system - including heating ALL of them up right now. that's not our "SUV's", and the melting ice on the moons of jupiter won't stop melting because of more efficient lightbulbs - it'll stop when the sun is ready to stop.

of course we can keep the place (earth) clean - and i have no problem with that, but the biggest source of "carbon dioxide" is the ocean from all the creatures in it exhaling - not SUV's, and carbon dioxide actually stimulates plant growth and creates more oxygen.

(there are so many lies i can't describe them all here, but over the next few weeks i'll get them out.)

i understand when the corporate media is getting us excited it's for no good reason, i understand the people who support it can't explain it, and when i listen to the critics they make a hell of a lot more sense.

if you'd like i'll send you an article or two, the advantage they have is they reference exactly what you are being told and explain exactly why it's a lie and how it's actually being used to harm us.



Webster G. Tarpley - How To Stop World War Three - Feb 24, 2007

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Former World Bank Chief Economist Predicts Global Crash

Nobel Prize winner Stiglitz highlights agenda of predatory globalism now arriving in America under auspices of NAFTA Superhighway, North American Union

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | October 30 2006

Former World Bank Vice President, Chief Economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz has predicted a global economic crash within 24 months - unless the current downturn is successfully managed. Asked if the situation was being properly handled Stiglitz emphatically responded "no," and also drew ominous parallels to the development of the NAFTA Superhighway and the North American Union.

Stiglitz caused controversy in October 2001 when he exposed rampant corruption within the IMF and blew the whistle on their nefarious methods of inducing countries to fall under their debt before stripping them of sovereignty and hollowing out their economies.

Speaking on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones radio show, Stiglitz defined the process of globalization as a system that was "rigged against the poor countries, rigged for the advanced industrial countries - the result of that is there were an awful lot of losers."

The Columbia University Professor described how rampant privatization has crippled Mexico, in particular citing the sell-off of major infrastructure such as roads.

"They sold the roads to the private enterprise and the hope was that they would be more efficient but of course what happens is that they didn't maintain the roads, they couldn't generate enough revenue and they eventually had to default and give the roads back to the government."

Stiglitz agreed that the process of hijacking and looting key infrastructure on the part of the IMF and World Bank, as an offshoot of predatory globalization, had now moved from the third world to Europe, the United States and Canada.

These sentiments are especially disturbing when we consider the current fast-moving quasi-secret agenda to sell-off major American highways to foreign corporations who plan to turn them into toll roads for tracking and taxation purposes - collectively known as the NAFTA Superhighway. The program forms the framework for the advancement of the North American Union - a collective governmental, border and trading bloc that President Bush has signed the U.S. over to under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of March 2005.


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