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MONEY: Demo Mofo's Been Cheatin' vs. Alex P. Keaton (C.R.E.A.M.)


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Re: Rappin' Economix


don't worry about it, you're just buying time to make sense of stuff that you've realized doesn't. it's all true but it'll take a minute to sink in, and once you get it you'll have plenty of your own evidence of their secrecy and corruption to use from your big knowledge-base of the monopoly game, and you can surprise me with your own examples.

you'll see, but maybe not yet.

either way, they've failed at what they're supposed to do (stabilize markets, curb inflation, improve economic conditions for more than a few, etc.) or justified it by pointing at success stories in a sea of misery and calling it "progress" when they could've done better.

there's no way you can say it's all "market" and not "choices" by powerful people who often collude, and they own the magazines and media that make them rock-stars instead of investigating them. they ignore stories about "bilderberg" until they're exposed by "conspiracy theorists" wondering why the hell the richest and most powerful people are meeting, and it's been kept secret for 50 years and denied because they're up to no good - e.g. "collusion" or "insider trading".

there's a bunch more too, but your response is... modern.

welcome to 21st Century Propaganda, we hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

it's just the propaganda's imprint on you: if you haven't heard of it you'll deny it, and if you have you'll say it's not a big deal.

(find out what to say about the "North American Union", i'm curious to see how they're spinning it now that we've broken the story - which you denied and will soon say is no big deal.)

that's just the corporate media white-washing the story and teaching you how to respond to not-care about it when you should. in each case you're a step behind those who've investigated the issues further, empirically a completely normal situation.

they also seed ignorance and distrust (e.g. red/blue households hating each other) by getting one side to call the other a liar without listening to them, nasty stuff.

you can't honestly tell me i'm "wrong" because there's no other reason i'd take my controversial stand on issues except for being right, and i respect the 2 dentists more than the 8 out of 10 for their courage to crap on fluoride - which is really bad for us (on purpose) too as an aluminum manufacturing byproduct and former rat-poison and roach-killer.

you can already see with the Death of M3 that your hallowed Federal Reserve is lying and justifying it, so the crack is there. no worries, it's good for me to see how strong the pull i've gotta fight is on a broader-scale. you'll give them more credit for being "god's" than they deserve because that's how they're sold, and the bushites have the same problem, including a formerly fave uncle, a smart dood in the wrong state at the wrong time who's still having issues waking up.

the global warming crowd is gonna be a bitch...

Re: Websites sent explaining it in plain english

sorry man, but...

you're reaching for a win, but if it was "plain english" then you could explain it to me. people do that with 500 page books too, and claim a victory because the other person hasn't read it. i tell you to watch the movies i recommend, but even if you don't i can explain them because they make sense.

all great thinkers have made the complex-simple, and if you can't explain it (remember inflation? ;) then it's because they don't want you to know what it is. i understand you'll "repeat" what they say because it came from some "authority" published by the corporate media, but if it leaves questions unanswered it's because you were taught they weren't important.

they are.

they "explain" it.

it's just like ya gangsta-grilled me in defending alan greenspan mumbling nonsense to the public, and even suggested that's how it "should" work, as opposed to the stupid way it "does" for now. you can defend anything, but this is ridiculous when you have no proof they're trustworthy or trying to use their influence to make a better world because the "market" won't allow it - or - they don't want to.

all that globalization business-logic has been proven flawed in terms of the basic goal of human development: just look at the world, and if you want to be an "economist" about it, look at the choices they made instead of how they were justified, or later exposed as lies with respect to their potential hidden impact.

all that thinking could change positively enough to affect the markets while building many stable and prosperous economies and people, but the evil monopolists in charge don't want to, and make up nonsense to justify it that doesn't stand up under cross-examination.

you probably don't know this, but it's the media's job isn't to help you understand things, it's to help you accept them.

you're being a "conspiracy theorist" yourself in assuming people with that much power and control can just "say" what they're doing and have it be true without providing any proof. they've made themselves so "respectable" over the years that people forget we used to make fun of the "bankers" all the time as the greedy and evil bastards they've always been, and they haven't changed but their marketing's gotten better.

that's why you'll trust this "official" text is true without an "audit" to make sure, and thanks to that being repeated as "smart" they get to remain respectable while robbing us all blind...

Re: I don't understand what you wrote.

that's too bad, but i don't blame myself, just read it again, i'm like a doctor diagnosing a fussy patient at this point.

anyway, your answer:

"not well, not honestly, and not fully."

or, according to critics who study it more than you or i and deserve to have their questions respected, especially if the federal reserve refuses to answer them or reveal who their owners are, their audit is:

"not enough by a longshot."

you try filing your taxes anonymously, or are they so rich and powerfully infallible we should treat them like gods?

(don't answer that, i don't want the answer.)

there's only "questions" because there's "questions", including many asked by smarter people than you or i. you can put skirts on ya lil' whip homie, that don't make it a lamborghini, and their b.s. anonymous-audit doesn't make it an "audit" no matter how expensive their hookers are.

the smugly evil financial elites will train you to vigorously defend their paper-infallibility, and you have to admit you're fighting awfully hard to ignorantly justify your "status quo" reality instead of being curious about how there could be any questions about such supposedly prestigious institutions in the first place.

what could they be?

is it not possible to question them?

"All Hail Pope Benedict Bernanke!" ;P

Re: Website link and small block of text.

sure man, and you can dismiss the critics of corporations with 5 minutes of googling.

i guess that's it then. done and done.

you're gonna say "kpmg" is squeaky-clean after what happened to "arthur anderson"? no thanks, and i have no doubt that the audits are never questioned by your "14 years of financial-religious studies" since you never knew you should question them - or - anything else they do.

the "so-called" critics i studied have studied the same markets you did and more for longer, they kept studying because they kept an open mind to questions, and they make sense. they can play monopoly with you and many still do, but they know it's a game, and once you get older you'll realize your youthful indoctrination hid a few lies just like everybody else does.

your refusal to see how corporations could dare be criticized by anyone but the corporate-media they own with "so-called facts" is a problem, especially since you keep forgetting that the corporate-media routinely hides "facts", and your belief in them over the people who challenge them is so strong you'll dismiss them before you listen.

Corporations: 1, People: 0

that's the angry corporate-fascist "religion" of belief in something unprovable: you can't accept it being challenged, and it's what corporations are doing to the 30% of bush supporters too - get 'em mad instead of get 'em listening. they have to get you mad because they can't let you listen to anyone else, and... checkmate. you win again.

your peers will get angry at any external criticism of the "perfect" system you worship, which is what's been happening so far, and billions of starving people will shake their heads until they drop dead.

if you open your mind you'll see they've lied and cheated before - it's amazing how the memory-hole works - and you can decide to take critics seriously enough to believe they are worth listening to.

i'm smart about everything i say i'm smart about, and understanding how illogical it is for the most cynical and paranoid people to trust the government and corporations over their friends is part of it - and part of why we're in this mess.

you're just "red-stating" me, and instead of just finally watching fahrenheit 9/11 after i've recommended it 100x in 2004, you're still saying "see! look! it's right here on the president's website! he says he's giving the iraqi people freedom and democracy!" while at the same time i'm saying i've known you for 10 years and his words can't be trusted.

but... you close your eyes and win again.

(it's ridiculous, but i confess i find it fascinating. it's weird when all your friends go fascist, but no worries, we're either gonna set this right or we're not, and i'm an optimist.)

you have reasons to listen to "critics" with "so-called facts" that dwarf your "14 years" of experience, like nobel prize winning economist and former world bank head-turned whistleblower joseph stiglitz, or are you now magically more qualified than him too?

i'm not selling religion: i'm selling people, and he's one of them.

his stock is priceless: but since your markets lie they won't list it.

then group-think justifies evil: and nobody's happy about it.

you haven't seen the "books" either, and you just keep providing evidence from people i'm telling you are lying that only says they say they're doing something without it being something you were ever concerned about, a clue to it's being dismissed as unimportant when it's the most important thing in the world:

who controls our money and what are they doing with it?

you're just like the bushites repeating the talking points from fox news, and if you only trust fox news as your source of information then you'll be trapped in ignorance. you win again.

you can get angry at anyone who disagrees, or you can give people the benefit of the doubt who can explain why they looked closer at a bad situation and what they've found that explains why it persists - e.g. criminals making money off it.

it's easy, and if you don't believe that's how the world works in an era of unprecedented corporate corruption and monopolization hidden by their puppet-media... what can i say.

it's right in front of you, i guess i can't help you.

i'm easy man, you're guessing what the truth is and i've been right for years, and it's always been worse than you think it is. you never defend the fed's decision to dump the m3 because all your peers are upset too, but if they defended that nonsense you'd do the same thing without realizing it's nonsense - just like now.

i'm glad that's the case, but if you look at a the "hidden ownership" you'll see it's just as "bad" as dumping the m3. in fact, if you look at it like you should, you'll see it's a hell of a lot worse...

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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