Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NOTE: We're on the verge of WW3, and if you don't "know" or "believe" this then that's my point.

hey beb,

no worries, i know that "subjective" truth is seen by many as the "smarter" thing to assume even though it's not, and we can all keep saying "how can you know?" about everything and never figure anything out, never trust each other enough to act, and never respect the people who can help us win.

so: we'll lose.

i'm not just saying it's "me" or preaching any loyalty to one source, i'm saying that we can know the truth if we want from certain people and react to it, and they are NOT the ones promoted by the corporations poisoning our food, minds, bodies and planet.

that includes this "2 year presidential campaign" and barack obama, a pretty-boy distraction ignoring iraq and acting "tough" on iran, who has us dreaming of january 2009 when a democratic president takes over instead of forcing the democrats in congress to do something to stop the Bushtapo now:

we're babies, and he's a rattle.

certain people have built up credibility with me, i've seen them be "right" or tell the "truth" in open defiance of the crap on TV over the years, and i haven't caught them lying and propagandizing. when they are "wrong" about some small detail, they apologize for it and humbly correct themselves, going for truth to "win" in knowing the true horror of what awaits us:

exhibit a: see what the same people in charge of us have done to the third world.

their analysis is completely different from people we know have lied to us - which makes sense since "honest" people say different things than "liars". most watch tv and say they "know" the media lies, but that's stupid since they don't "know" how much they lie, and are just guessing as to what they're missing.

we're on the verge of WW3, and if you don't "know" or "believe" this then that's my point. the most credible and incredible "experts" and "whistleblowers" challenging the official B.S. have been banished from the mass media, meaning they can only speak out on radio and the internet - and are doing so like crazy to stop us from self-destructing.

most people are saying what you say: we "can't" know the "truth", which means we can't "save" ourselves, because we "won't" listen to the people who've researched it harder than others - unlike the natural respect and open mind given to similar efforts in other disciplines.

this is "learned" behaviour from TV, not one's own opinion - which would be to assume someone who's studied something more would have more insight. it's part of the plan to keep us from trusting each other, and the "right" knows they don't have to win every argument, they just have to lie and muddy the debate enough to avoid "losing" it, leaving most people assuming there are "two sides" when in fact one is a lie.

see: "torture" vs. "don't torture", and recognize with the "War on Terror" and "War in Iraq" just getting worse and worse, the thousands of people being tortured are obviously "innocent" in providing no good intelligence. there's a lot more evidence of this, but if you stick to the mass media's version of the debate then you'll end up in a "tie", and the torture will continue, just like the war, spying and everything else - the results of your "you can't know the truth" theory.

we either figure out what the "lies" are or we ignore the police state soon sticking us in "FEMA camps", and the reason you say what you say is because it's what you are supposed to say to ensure we lose.

welcome to 21st century propaganda, we hope you enjoyed you stay, and will be leaving shortly...



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