Monday, February 12, 2007

I don't think "God" was supposed to replace "Knowledge", and blind faith shouldn't beat an open mind.

Hey Y'all,

You're making everything that might happen up, while I'm going on the research I've done. This is how silly we've become, where we can fantasize about happiness around the corner instead of listen to the hard evidence of how to achieve it.

And yes, "global tyrants" have come and gone, but they've also ruled the World for hundreds of years, and this whole "freedom" thing is a relatively new and dying concept.

You "think", I "know", and that certainty has to be respected, if not from me than from someone else. We can't just "think" anymore, and the last few times we "thought" things weren't "that bad" we were wrong every single time.

The Dems don't "control" anything, as their impotence over the first month has proven, and rather than DO anything now they'd prefer to get us over-excited about what they might do in 2009, when one of them might take over the Presidency in January. They are pro-war and acting like it no matter what people voted them in to do, and they are distracting us from the bumper-to-bumper destroyers circling in the Persian Gulf ready to strike.

I know WW3 is scary, and if I didn't "know" we are on the verge of it I wouldn't say it. Your "best-case scenario" makes no sense when we've only seen the worst-case scenario so far, and closing our eyes when we have opportunities to learn won't endear us to anyone, neither the God we pray to nor the People we'll kill, at least not in my Book.

I don't think "God" was supposed to replace "Knowledge", and blind faith shouldn't beat an open mind. I have no respect for anyone of any faith who'd prefer to pray to God than use the tools God gave them, and just like the classic "flood" story, we have a car, a boat and a helicopter available if we want them to save ourselves.

Love, BK


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