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SPACE BEAMS II: Until then it's just jerking off trying to stay ahead of the "Guess what I know!" curve...

Yo JB,

I don't care if David Icke believes in Lizards running the World, and he seems like a nice and sincere guy so I'll even admit it's possible.

I would have a problem with him saying they were responsible for 9/11 in a Godzilla-like or other attack knocking down the towers, and if you'll notice he responsibly never ties the two ideas directly together.

There's enough solid evidence that's so beyond refutation the mass media won't touch it, while the rest of the nonsense is seized upon to say: "See? They have no proof!"

The speculation delivered as "fact" like you did interferes with scientifically proveable and peer-accepted evidence in the 9/11 Truth Movement, and sounds exactly like what a government operative would say to discredit us as a gift to our detractors.

And really, that's my only problem with your "space beams" crap: it's not supported by anything at all - including that photograph of a chemtrail you posted.

Now, I'm sure we'll learn about space beams and flying saucers and whatever the hell else they've been up to at Area 51 one of these days - and it will blow our minds. But, before fantasizing messes up our chance for clear indictments of the real criminals behind 9/11 using clear evidence, I'd like people from the "space beam" camp to provide anything at all worth considering, from scientific instruments to cameraphones to planning documents.

Until then it's just jerking off trying to stay ahead of the "Guess what I know!" curve, and unlike really jerking off, a complete waste of time... ;)


P.S. And no, the "Zionists" don't run everything, and you don't need to use that word 50 times to provoke a reaction.

Israel may even be destroyed by the elite in the "Clash of Civilizations" playing out now in the book written by Samuel Huntington, so really, I feel sorry for them and their "fake permanent enemy to set up a police state propaganda" situation.

They've been played as well, and the anti-Arab propaganda assault warping America for the last 5 years has been happening in Israel for the last 50, rendering their total destruction a "normal" result of their situation in the same way America is being trained to accept (false flag) "dirty bombs" blowing up cities for the next few years like on "24".

The same group of London and Wall Street financiers controls the World - AND - America's support of Israel, as well as destabilization efforts everywhere. America's domestic and foreign policy are being run by the Federal Reserve and World Bank respectively, according to Robert Reich, President Clinton's former Secretary of Labor. The elite set up this stupid "War on Terror" fight to eventually attack and destroy Russia, China and the Arab World. This attack accomplishes the elite's goals of eliminating uncooperative competition and population reduction of "undesirables", as well as creating a World Government under the UN.

The "Zionists" you speak of are only empowered because they help the divide and conquor strategies work, just like other extremist groups. This is not all Israel's doing, but since they've been given so much power the "Zionist" elite certainly act in thier own interests as well, sometimes to the detriment of Americas.

But: both sides are using each other, and we can never forget who can tell them what to do and take their power away, including cutting off the $2 bln or more in U.S. aid they receive per year.

While Israel's role should be acknowledged when it's found, blaming them for everything or using the term "Zionists" a whole bunch of times - even with half-hearted caveats - seems like another gift from a government operative to 9/11 Truth detractors to fuel anti-semitic claims, and keep us from looking "up" at the real sources of power in London and on Wall Street.

I'm not saying it is, but I'm saying it might as well be...

Peace, (NOW!!!)

Truth Videos Surge Into Google Top 100; Terror Storm at Number 11

Prison Planet
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Google: Black Krishna


|||+> STEWART AND COLBERT... show us our leaders are lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the websites below and pass it on!


|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII

::: 8 mins :::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

::: 11 mins :::


Google Search: "odigo 911"

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