Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feminimism and the CIA? + AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism - Aaron Russo Interview (37 mins)

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if she doesn't know, i thought yer missus might like to see this, or she might not, it's your call.

personally, i find this stuff can help us "win" by transcending ideas people are familiar with and have chosen to ignore, and with new info on the threat all women (and the rest of us) face in being manipulated by the elite, maybe she can expand the cause of feminiminism to include even more women stressed out and confused by the pressure of modern expectations by providing a big reason why.

(feminimism? am i getting slapped for this? are you? ;-)

either way, us "conspiracy theorists" or "deep researchers" maintain the problem is not "feminism" or "activism" or "journalism", or any ideas that advocate for the betterment of humanity, but rather the provable perversion of those ideas by those (rich people) who control whether a message gets out or not, and how, and from whom, and in many ways it's impact on the rest of us...


Nick Rockefeller told Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women's lib:

1) Before women's lib the bankers couldn't tax half the population;

2) Because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model.

This revelation dovetails previous admissions on behalf of feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem (pictured) that the CIA bankrolled Ms. Magazine as part of the same agenda of breaking up traditional family models.

SOURCE FOR SOURCES - http://www.infowars.com/articles/nwo/rockefeller_admitted_elite_goal_microchipped_population.htm

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism - Aaron Russo Interview.

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SOURCE FOR FREEDOM FROM FASCISM - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3254488777215293198&q=aaron+russo

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