Saturday, April 23, 2005

Remember, we got Nixon... Of course that was "Watergate"... Dem "gate's" sho' help I tellya... how come 30 years later that's the last real "gate" we've seen?



"Who gives out the "gate's" anyway?"
- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show


Democrats block Bush nominees

By Sheryl Stolberg and Michael Janofsky
The New York Times
Saturday, April 9, 2005


But some fear tactics may backfire if Republicans shift rules


WASHINGTON When Senator Bill Nelson of Florida stepped before the microphones to announce that he would use "every parliamentary procedure that is available to me" to block the nomination of Stephen Johnson to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, he became the latest Democrat this week to stand in the way of President George W. Bush's nominees.
Even before Nelson's announcement on Thursday, Senator Barbara Boxer of California declared Wednesday that she would put a hold on Johnson's nomination, a move that could block a Senate vote indefinitely.
Also Wednesday, two other Democrats - Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York - announced that they would hold up the confirmation of Lester Crawford, the White House nominee for commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.
The procedural tactics, coupled with stiff Democratic opposition to the nomination of John Bolton for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, amount to a mini-war against some of Bush's nominees.


Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, warned that if the Democrats continued to hold up White House nominees, Bush might simply evade the confirmation process altogether by putting his nominees in place while Congress was in recess, as he did with two judges during the last Congress.
"If the Democrats want to change the rule to require 60 votes," Norquist said, "the Republicans will change the rule to require no votes."

aw crap...




As we break away--
From, our prisons,

Visions of religions,
Labours of love,
Fears faced, and replaced,
By looking above...

- Black Krishna, Song: "2008"


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