Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Blueprint - Volume 1: Seeds - PART ONE: Paradigmathematicalivingsyner-G-G-G-G-Unit!!!

The Blueprint - Volume 1: Seeds


PART ONE: Paradigmathematicalivingsyner-G-G-G-G-Unit!!!


It ain't easy...


It ain't easy...


But it's easy...


To make it easier...




Well first...


1. Paradigmathematicalivingsyner-G-G-G-G-Unit!!!

The best party wins.

The biggest party's the best.

(Raging keggers rawk.)

One World. One Love.

Bob said it.

God said it.

(We'll double-check that last one after Xzibit gets the new Pope ready to Pope His Ride, for some Big Popin', spending cheese...)

The point is: in an increasingly alienating world, the most inclusive paradigms win. The more people you can invite on principle, the more will come in practice, and the more peace you make with the world, the more peace you make in the world, and the more ways you can make peace, the more ways you can make peace with...



Check Da Nouveau Rich (I'm gonna auction that rap-name on eBay!) with hip hop moguls having way more fun doing the exact opposite of old money:

Instead of saying: "My heavens! How dare YOU wear an ascot!!!"

They say: "Hey! Yo! Shalom! Como esta? Salam Malakim! Namaste! Konichiwa! Top'O Da M---------n' Mornin' To Ya! Now go buy my new G-Unit Bulletproof Ascot! Y'heard meh? It's hot! Protect Yo' Neck B---h!!! Bling-bling!!!"

And thus, as Commander Spock circa 2005 might say:

"The greeds... of the many... outweigh the greeds... of the few...




So, the po' finally gettin' rich are flaunting it, and saying everyone's invited - or at least that's the optics we can interpret as we wish. No one can ascribe undue nobility to their flossin', but at least we get to emulate them - and that's more than the Duke and Duchess of Greedyshire allowed for centuries of craptastically classic classism.

(And yet - they make mad-Merchant-Ivory-movies about the plight of these pinheads...)


Of course it's not an entirely selfless act (heck - ain't saving the world gonna at least feel good?), but really - how many are? How do you want them to celebrate? Hiding in mansions and fancy restaurants and hiding money in Bermuda?

Hell - the "Diirrrty Souf'" has so much pride in their newfound pride that the whole world gettin' "Crunk! Yeaaah!!!" (Lil' Jon), and the music with it's focus on harmony vs. lyrical density is becoming more accessable worldwide.

(NOTE: If you don't think styles can co-exist than you have no faith in the value of the styles you like. I've got some books to burn too if you want, they're taking up shelf-space where my Shakespeare should be.)

They're not even trying to "sell" it while selling it, they're just keepin' it real ghetto-countryfied comin' out of some of the worst racism in America, and I guess "Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top..." (50 Cent and The Game), but y'all can see record-sales and crates of 808's tell us the answer...



So, it's not utopian in an old-school way - but who do you cut slack too: the rags-to-riches or the riches-to-riches? Okay, they made it out the 'hood alive, and if they cheddah-bettah, hey - at least we can hear and see what they're doing to get it, and they're more honest with their million-dollar smiles. (Literally - I swear the next damned rapper is gonna get rows of platinum teeth like a shark.) You wanna see where the money goes?

They show you, just check the videos...

I mean...

I wish Ken Lay's "Drop Down and Getcha Illegal-On, Girrrl..." was 106 and SUV Park'd on BET - maybe we'd have screaming teens finding out something suspicious (Jay-Z and Ken Lay's "Best of Both Hustles" Tour cancelled? Umm... The largest bankruptcy in history? Holy crap!), and we would look at Enron and the other secretive old-money morons who make $200 million a year for golfing while plunging thousands of families into poverty...


Either way, it's clear that fellow artists are a far lesser-enemy - if one at all, and if you're on the Save The World-tip it's a waste of time to go hard at hip hop's excesses without expecting to lose the 11 million people who bought 50 Cent's last album...

... or to not at least have a healthy respect for "the enemy". They obviously make for a better party by breaking rules - even the sacred ones of hip hop. (Like The Roots using live instruments instead of "two-turntables and a microphone" - shaaame!) Playing the golf ball where it's landed, it seems one needs to work with and perhaps even learn from the infectious fun they're having flipping the script on the establishment, saying ex-crack-dealers, strippers, and thuuugz can make it in Hollywood - so EVERYBODY'S welcome, jus'... everybody be cool, aiiight?

(Running screaming the away from "fun" is generally a bad idea... it could make you no fun.)

And no, you can't step to them without a "Get back! You don't know me like that!" (Ludacris), but you can't just step to any celebrity either, and he's such a friggin' prick that they had 4000 soldiers at President Bush's inauguration...

("Nyah-nyah nyah-nyah-nyah: G-Unit's jealous!!!")


I hear The Game and G-Unit rhyme "I.V." and (Jimmy) Iovine so often the connection is seeping in - (suspect: young black male) 25-yr old tattooed Compton crack-dealers and (legendary: old-white-male) music producers can easily cut the cheese-- er, I mean break-bread while cutting up dat cheddar... yeah...


(Look for "The Children of T.H.U.G.-L.I.F.E.: The Living Legacy of Tupac Shakur" in finer 'hoods and bookstores everywhere whenever the hell I feel like writing it.)


They're also demanding and receiving acceptance, and co-opting "the man" into urban trends that would've seemed absurd and distasteful in the murky world of "rap" (music?) not too long ago...


INTERMISSION - CD REVIEW: The Game - "The Documentary"

It's as good as advertised: it's really good, really catchy, and really a throwback - it "feels" like an album (which yes - does make it better than 50's, which is solid but with more obvious flaws,) and Dr. Dre signature on this project as "the next thing" was a gamble that pays off. "The Documentary" has flaws that are numerous in a nitpicky sense - there are various rappers who are "better" in different areas, especially lyrically in expectations of expanding the artform (though time will tell - I suspect Left-Coast slang is low-riding back into our Lexicompton's).

Nonetheless, he sounds like he really means what he says - a rarity these days, and like any good "fun" movie, any issues are superfluous in a real-sense of being able to choose to enjoy it. (Lord of the Rings didn't save this world neither - though "The Black Wall Street" may help.) Without the straw-man of what you want to hear, you can easily adjust expectations, nod ya head, and let him "Put You On The Game" until "you're going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali; you're going back to Cali..." (LL Cool J)

Yeah, I think so...


BONUS - Related news from a related clique:

Eminem, 50 Cent Announce 'Anger Management 3' Tour
By Remmie Fresh
Date: 4/5/2005 3:25 pm

Eminem and 50 Cent have announced a massive tour, Anger Management 3, which will also feature Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, G-Unit, D-12, Stat Quo and Obie Trice.



We now return you to our regularily scheduled ranting...


P-Diddy was on The Late Show with David Letterman recently dressed very casual, and he not only brought Dave a nice Sean John suit, he announced that he'd moved Bad Boy Enterprises across the street from Dave - who seemed unaware of just how powerful Diddy has become, and was most impressed with Diddy's name-check of designing Chris Rock's Oscar-host tuxedo. Still, when Dave said "don't be a stranger" and Diddy more sincerely returned the invitation, even if they never-ever-ever hang as busy men in a busy world, it doesn't matter: Diddy's position seems strong.

"My world has room for you, if yours doesn't have room for me, then that's too sad for you."
- Black Krishna

Matters of taste are temporal, and we live in times where there are too many fun options outside of saving the world - and too many new heroes having too much fun for us to ignore. It is far better to include them in any conscious paradigm one envisions, because to ask everyone to give them up is to ask us to give up the most crucial component we own: time.

"ALL Practical Philosophy must be based on individual happiness."
- Black Krishna

We need time to recover, rejoice, reflect, and reap the rewards of landing somewhere safe in a hell on earth that is not of our making, choosing to ignore that fact when we please - especially if forced by an arbitrarily bi-chromatic world-view. Whether you "Try" or "Get By" (Talib Kweli) it's all the same: we "just keep livin'" (Matthew McConaughy). While the problems of the 3rd World objectively dwarf those of the 1st World, people have been trained to see this endemic situation as "normal", and life provides plenty of problems for each individual stressed by the "rat-race" instead of rats in ya' face.

This is not selfishly libertarian, it's selfishly practical, and is the only way to engage in constructive dialogue since the present powerful people paradigm plainly prefers pleasure. (Three-times fast: Go!)

To make it an absolute binary choice is noble intellectual suicide: with no guarantee of winning, who's down to ride?


(The new Pope oughta let Priests marry, and the Hip Pope oughta let the bling-bling...)


Finally, the soul of evil is alienation, and the goal of good is inclusivity. Priorities play in the public eye where the least real systemic damage is done, and enemies start to accumulate rapidly if one adds up all the victims of globalization with blood on their hands...




"Poverty is slavery, we livin' off thievery, we givin' so we free to be, strapped to the economy..."
- Black Krishna, Spoken Word: "Poverty Is Slavery"


"Try to enjoy more things more often, it's simply a better use of your time."
- Black Krishna


Peace, (NOW!!!)


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