Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's Connect on LinkedIn -- and -- Coldly Dissecting the Warmth and Ballsth of Coldplay


FYI, you can now connect with me, Black Krishna, aka BK, on LinkedIn if you'd like. After getting tickets to sell to an upcoming artist showcase I'm a part of that I will promote more formally soon, I feel fantastic and like new life has been breathed into the BK brand, which I'll keep doing as long as it's still breathing.

Plus, if I don't get out my real in-depth feelings and meanings to beat my own forced social constipation then I'll go crazier too. So, I'm happy to feel rejuvenated as an artist and as a man. Carefully calculating what and what not to say for politeness sakes is fine at times, but it's getting way out of hand and we should handle it.

My buddy and I were talking about the band "Coldplay" the other day, one of my favourites and people who I look to for guidance since they say a lot of what I say only better. I was making the point that as humble as they are off-stage, all sheepishly mumbling and stumbling and singer Chris Martin saying stuff like "Oh, we just get together and try to write good songs really, I mean we don't even know if they're any good, but we hope some people like our parents maybe like them" and then screaming "Let's Talk!!!" onstage to millions of people is a clear and calculated disconnect between the man and the artist that's almost necessary, especially today in our ridiculously ironic "Don't judge!" - and - "But judge quicker than ever based on less than ever!" paradoxical paradigm we live in. Or, how the sayingly most tolerant are seemingly least tolerant and so on. 

While being humble is cool and they still are incredibly witty and charming, even letting their balls slip out once in a while, to me sometimes going to these extremes seems probably in-part the product of intense media training we could probably all use since we're so trained by them to avoid anybody screwing up and saying anything that might be savaged by the press, which also makes it easier for any writers and editors who want to promote them as well. These days most music reviews and interviews virtually ignore the largely anti-establishment "content" of the work and focus more on the process, lifestyle, upcoming tour, producers, guests and so on. Yes: people know what they can and cannot say. But: also know what they still can sing.

To wit: if I say "I will try to fix you" to a girl, I might get slapped. But: if I sing it to a girl, I might get laid. 

On that note, and this is a great conversation to be had for free or for a fee, I'd like to invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, help grow my network and your own, check out some of the stuff I have there and be in touch as you'd like. While I've got a straight-up side squirming and squirrely on the inside just like the rest of us, this is a chance to check with the opportunistic opposite. Use my email to confirm you want to be my new social media friend and get social whenever you'd like. I don't bite. I just bark. And know I can. You too.



Black Krishna



P.S. Here's a great example of their great interview style. While Chris Martin's quick-wit accidentally saw his balls poke out for a great joke, he quickly puts them away and sticks to the script. This is exceptional and charming, but it's also a bit of endearing rubbish and if they went all Muhammad Ali on us I'd still be down.

Or: maybe not. Frankly: I don't know. But: I'd like to have the option. 

I think Coldplay are doing things very well and right and making it much easier for everyone to like, love or at least respect them which is something we can all learn from. To compare and contrast, below that is their "Talk" video and the first thing that popped up when I did a Google Image search of "i am the greatest ali".

You decide. After all: you still can. Maybe you can feel both ways too.   


Coldplay Interview about the writing of Yellow  


Coldplay - Talk