Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FYE, "Film fan deletes Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden from Fight Club" (Neat-o-keen!)


FYI, I was looking for an inspirational desktop photo to replace my pretty ocean scenery for work and Googled "Brad Pitt fight club desktop" to look for images. While there are many cool ones, I stumbled upon the photo above and this article below with a neat-o-keen 1 minute video. Enjoy! :)


Film fan deletes Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden from Fight Club

Monday 20 Jan 2014 12:23 pm

A film fan has digitally edited a scene from Fight Club deleting Tyler Durden.

David Fincher’s cult movie stars Edward Norton as the unnamed protagonist, who forms a fight club with new pal Tyler (Brad Pitt).

The film’s shock twist ending revealed that Norton’s character was suffering from multiple personality disorder and was actually also Tyler.

Reddit user tramdog decided to edit a scene from 1999 film and digitally removed all signs of Tyler with Norton looking as if he’s speaking to himself.

The clip has gone down a storm on the site with fellow users calling on them to do a whole film in the same vein.

But he wasn’t so keen saying: ‘I don’t have the time or attention span it would take to do the whole thing. I may do more scenes later, but probably from a variety of different movies…

‘Honestly, I don’t think it would really be a very good movie taken as a whole.’




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