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What You Want To Believe In... Is People


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Update: As of May 12, 2013, or Mother's Day, my previous work on the project summarized below is finished. With your help, we can make sure it works for you and people you care for. This website is here to share advice and so you can help me you feel happier with more people soon.

I've been working on these issues by myself while casually supported by many, but I'm also happy to collaborate with others to help push ideas we agree on to a wider audience. Please get in touch as a fellow hard-working and compassionate person to discuss our options for everyone. 

It should be nice to meet you, which is better than not. Or, it should be nice to see people because you make each other happy even in passing. After spending two years interacting with millions in Toronto and Ottawa, I know it's possible because I've seen it and been it. Many of you too.

Hundreds of people a day say hello because they appreciate my stance and independent efforts to help us relax, get along, respect each other and have more fun. This happens because everyone has similar issues and most liked what I was doing about them. So: I'm a certified expert.

A fraction of the advice is on the following pages, including how men and women can consistently empower each other. People crowded into cities and hopped-up on fashion, fitness and fun can interact better, give and get more credit and feel happier seeing people in 3D than on TV.

Strong women need strong men to help them feel special. I know this for a fact. This can happen if men and women understand what they want to believe in, or people and our ability to make each other happy. I want you to pay me to explain how and if you help me, I'll help you feel happy.

Most people are smart, but many are having trouble confidently expressing themselves. Men and women need to consistently complement and compliment each other to feel good. Children need good role models. While there's obviously some confusion, my role is to help clarify things.  

The reason many ideas work is I'm reacting to new versions of the same issues that our favorite artists, writers, intellectuals and others worked on. Besides my own updates, I shared their ideas, sometimes literally, to make a big impact on our multicultural culture. It's been a lot of fun.  

People want to communicate better, especially non-verbally which is 90% of our interactions, in this singularity of sorts where we all feel silently connected and want to express ourselves and get credit for it. People saying less shouldn't screw up looking at others or trying to get looked at. 

Nobody should quickly try to trick others into seeing them scratch, wipe, pick, cough, sneeze, stalk, spazz, zombie, speed-up and freak others out. Women screw up femininity. Men screw up respect. Children copy them. It's not relaxed, relaxing or respectful. It's hard to get credit for it.

We may be at a point in history where we lose our normal masculinity and femininity forever and get depressed, or strengthen and use it to make more of us feel happy. My goal is to help people keep this option while encouraging tolerance of different and well-planned lifestyle choices too.

My strength is I kept an accepted alpha male archetype alive in public who reacted to what's happening and who found ways to deal with the root cause of our latest issues. I can re-set relationships between men and women so they can walk and talk with each other like men and women. 

While I've made mistakes, I've also re-written this website a few times, so I hope it's good enough to help me help you. We all know allegorical indications shouldn't dominate how we communicate, so if you can talk to me privately and compensate me fairly, then you'll feel better faster.

This means I'll listen to individuals, couples and groups of men and/or women. As the most positive guy I know and a quick thinker, I'll quickly help you feel better about who you are, who you know, who you meet, what you have and what you can get. This is what I specialized in for you.


If you want to anonymously support my efforts, that's fine. I'll operate as a not-for-profit and share ideas to help you enjoy people where you live. 

You can donate cash, goods or services directly to me, or transfer money, or walk to a TD Canada Trust Bank and deposit cash in my account.

Any amount will do. If I get enough small donations (eg. $5, $10, etc.) from many people who say hello and others, I can work on this full-time. 

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898 

As long as I'm not thinking about myself, which I find boring, I'm happy to think about everyone else and use your resources to get you results.

While this may seem unusual to some, the point is at least you'll have someone working on it, which means many good things might get done. 

Please read on for the rest of the story, it's been a fascinating, wild and fun ride. After two years of work, I'm happy to finish this with your help.

Talk to you soon, 


(aka Vijay, Vij, Jay or BK)



Helping you figure out...



Note: The following 750 words quickly summarizes the two years of self-financed work I did because I felt it was important to you, people you and I care about and the world we all live in. Lots of people can do other stuff I can do like sell, write, sing and more, but nobody else could do what I did as described below, which is why I had to do it. Since my ideas resonate with people in a multicultural culture, people worldwide are welcome to get in touch. Sometimes if you don't say enough people don't believe you, but if you say too much they don't want to, so get over it to get what you want instead. My plan is to get rich by making you happy. This sounds great as long as it works. So, get in touch and we'll feel happy it did.




Mission Impossible For (?): Ghost Protocol

“Don’t ever leave me, say you’ll always be there, all I ever wanted, was for you, to know that I care.” – Rocket Queen

Relax, “Mission Impossible For (?): Ghost Protocol” was completed over two years with about a million people in Ottawa and about two million in Toronto. Hundreds a day say friendly hellos and if we use this fact we’ll master the singularity.

This was an organic reaction to people knowing, but not talking, about how straight men now silently copy female body language, want men to stare at, instead of look at them, don’t get enough action, act sheepish, tricky and aggressive, jealously harass, crowd and stalk women to steal real-girl looks, fail, don’t admit it, then act normal again. Women hate this, feel less safe and feminine, copy fast and pushy zombie-girl moves and lose it. Children feel confused. People feel unfulfilled by bored, nervous, gross and lazy wiping and scratching to talk. We need higher standards to relax and enjoy.

Many men silently bug me like pushy girls. If I say “What do you want?” they get scared and leave. It’s sad and funny and I wish them better. I’m fine, but when I saw women stalked become a silent epidemic, I started to get loud in Ottawa on Canada Day 2011 and think we can fix this to win the Battle of the Sexes by Canada Day 2013. To prove what’s possible, I was average height, weight, build and looking. Without “300” men to help, nobody saying anything and me never knowing what’ll happen, I used a third person alpha male persona with a deeper voice, aka “Ghost Protocol”, to speak to quiet, observant and connected people in ways they get but don’t need to respond to, clear up awkward interactions, calm, counsel, flirt with and save countless women from stalkers, trade allegorical stimuli, feel respected and casually walk, talk, joke, rap and sing everywhere to “get” the girls and learn how to give them back to their men. Fun and done.

My name is Vijay Sarma and I’m 39 going on 29 on April 28th. You may think I should be done with this silly stuff and move on. Or just anonymously donate cash at a TD Canada Bank and I’ll take care of the rest. Or get in touch. Or I’m into sales, marketing, journalism, arts and public speaking and need a job. It’s all up to you. Just don’t forget what YOU want.

People want to stop turning verbal communication issues into non-verbal ones, so I thought they’d just silently “get” it and stop. It worked in downtown Toronto by September 2012. But, I had to stop and it came back. Now, I’m out, or “Just A Gigolo” or “Rent-A-Man” with manswers. Don’t take it for granted. Call me to do whatever you want. Except with help.

Like Coldplay’s “Paradise” (not parasite) it should be nice to meet you. Non-verbally, men exchange eye contact to stay polite, busy, brief and move out of the way with no worries. When women can be and men agree they’re inherently special, they both relax. Ironically, men just need to focus on something, like figuring out how to control the future. Women are better at multi-tasking to handle food, fashion, fun, charm, grace, competing with men’s ambition for their security and vanity, feeling safe and sexy, trading validating vulnerability for power with ballsy men who help them cross streets and so on. Plus, if you say it to 300 they start dancing! Men are busy, relax with “The Real Her” (Drake) wherever and go back happy. Women feel relaxed, bored and mischievous and distract men in mysterious, brilliant and beautiful ways. People empower each other. This is what you want to believe in and you got it coming. Get in touch to get it done.

Ladies: turn up the Taylor Swift and feel your eggs. I’m just a happy hippy like Deepak Chopra with bigger balls, so “Take A Shot For Me” (Drake). We all flirt so you can be vulnerable, plus some man knows better so he’d better. We can relax, enjoy fruity drinks and grilled chicken sandwiches and joke about how to fix them. Or “I Don't Want To Wait In Vain For Your Love...”

Gentlemen: I’m a “Soldier” (Eminem) and we should “Talk” (Coldplay). All your girls can make you happy. Ask me how.

Talk to you soon,


(aka Vijay, Vij, Jay or BK)



Helping you figure out...



Note 1:

As the most positive person I know and someone who comfortably interacts with everyone everywhere and helps them relax, I'm meeting privately with individuals, couples and groups of men and women, or separately if you prefer, to discuss and deal with various issues that affect all of us.

You can arrange meetings wherever you feel comfortable, or in houses, condos, meeting rooms, coffee shops, classrooms, bars, churches, on the phone or internet, in conference calls or wherever you want. I just want to make sure I can use my voice to convey both meaning and feeling.

We can discuss how to deal with our normal cultural influences in more empowering ways so you can avoid negative impacts and stay positive.

The reason I know this will work is because I think different, am the most confident communicator I know and have tested ideas out with many.

Among other areas, guys can't get credit for acting like girls and girls can't get credit for spazzing out, so the root causes need to be addressed.

Guys who take it seriously with pride can and are relaxing, while girls with a reason to spazz out like being threatened can. But otherwise... no.

This behavior is being caused by communication and identity problems that I can help fix because I figured out what people want to do instead.

All I ask is that you compensate me fairly. Since I've done a lot for free, or using my money to fund myself, I'm easy when it comes to low fees.

For just $30 an hour I will speak to individuals, couples or any size group of men, women and children to help them appreciate each other more.

The reason is after trying to reach as many people as possible informally, I'm now trying to reach as many as possible formally to finish this up.

All you have to do is help turn me into someone who most people respect with the money and power I need to push ideas so you'll get respect.

Instead of worrying about people, relationships, divorce, sex, love, kids, health, the future and more, I can give you empowering options instead.

While some may recognize me from reacting in tough ways to people bothering me or others, they're often well-taken, so people decide to stop.

Since nobody else was doing anything about this and I had to protect myself and others, I had to be strong enough to, but I'm really a big softy.

I stay strong because even when I choose to avoid interacting with people bothering me, instead of thinking I'm rude, others just say hello better.

This includes people scratching, wiping, picking, coughing and sneezing to talk, which I ignore because I find it unpleasant, so people just stop.

What this probably means is people want to stop and switch to behavior that gets them more credit consistently which is what I make happen.

Please keep in mind that anyone in the world is welcome to get in touch to discuss these issues with me if they're happening wherever you live.

The reason I know many of these ideas will work worldwide is because Toronto has a multicultural population and everyone reacts to them well.

Sometimes people are not as confident as they should be when it comes to how simple many of the solutions to their problems are and get a bit embarrassed that they didn't think of them on their own. However, people find advice everywhere and use what works, so it's better to consider it than not. One key is being able to speak freely and respect the answers you receive. This will happen when you pay for the advice you receive.

All it takes is for you as an adult to decide to speak with another adult who learned a lot by interacting with many others, so it's perfectly normal. Just treat me like you would any other expert, or someone who you respect and listen to while still thinking for yourself and doing what you want.

My background is I went from being a well-liked people-person, to working on understanding how the world works, to going back to being a people person who can help people deal with a world that many worry about by improving how we feel about each other. Since I'm used to coming up with solutions to our big problems because I think we need them, solving our smaller, similar and personal ones is not a problem for me or you.

Other options include dealing with this allegorically using t-shirts, music, stand up comedy, a run for political office (eg. City Councilor or Mayor of Toronto) and more. I'm perfectly happy to put myself out there as long as I get help and it gets positive results for people as I've shown you.

Finally, perhaps my advice will work for you or perhaps it won't. But, if you're looking for options to help you get along with more people more often, then I have some. You can do whatever you want with the advice you receive, including adapting it to share it with others who you know.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book an appointment. All you have to do is ask. I'll listen to you, you listen to me, then do whatever you want. Once people are free from being unable to discuss their biggest problems then more of us will relax and feel much better.


Note 2: 
If you don't want to talk about this but want me to fix it, no problem at all. Just visit a TD Canada branch, use the info below and donate cash.

Then I can do things like put up ads around the city that say "Men and Women Should Walk With and Not Against Each Other" and so on.

This is just one example of many things I've said that work to calm people down wherever they are. Now I just need money to promote them.

Once I can operate as a not-for-profit this way, I can have more formal influence on people's behaviour and approach them as a professional.

No matter what you do, if you get paid then people respect you, or a "clown" is just a "clown" unless they're in Cirque Du Soleil and so on.

Of course, people know what they respect, or being able to make money doing what you do, so if they financially support me this will work.

While I'm cocky and carefree early into depleting my savings and changing things, once I start to run out, I lose it and people lose respect.

This keeps on happening, yet I know I stopped most stalking and more in downtown Toronto in September 2012, so I know I can fix this.

Just anonymously say I'm a performance artist or whatever you want to. If I get enough donations, I'll find new ways to finish this myself.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898


Note 3: 

Another option is what two nice and friendly blond women in their late 20's did at approximately 4:30 pm on May 7th, 2013 at the corner of Bay and Front while I was chilling and pontificating on a box. They simply walked up to me smiling and said "This is for you!" and handed me a bag of delicious, salty and sweet whole grain and low fat cracker chips. So, I said thanks and we all said have a great day as they left. That was nice.

This may mean they want their defacto lawyer and bodyguard to get in better than average shape and I can do that easily. While people have been nice for the last couple of years and I've had things like extra chicken in my shawarma, I also assume I was singled out specifically for the only thing they'd know me for. Or, after being self-financed, this is the first formal payment that I've received for my efforts over the last two years.

Because this might keep happening I feel great, like a musician or stand up comic who's been pouring out his heart and soul and working open mic's for two years who know he was on to something because everyone said hello and who finally, finally, finally got his first paid gig with more to come. Being paid gives me credibility and effectively makes me a professional, or a relationship repairman who can help in many ways. I've said this to some people and they instantly react to me in better ways once they know that I'm getting paid for my efforts which helps them too.

People say if you work hard at your hobby and you're good at it you can make a good living, while if you're great at it you can make a great living.

Since nobody else I know of is doing anything about this stuff it's hard to judge, but I assume I'm doing a good job based on all the casual and positive responses I get. As long people give me more resources like this, or walking up to me and handing me bags or envelopes with enough money or stuff, or any other way (see above), then I can smash this nonsense myself fast so Toronto has a great summer, then use the samples of the different cultures here to export the solutions worldwide. Or, formally consult and work with others to answer questions and solve problems as a smart guy with different things to say who can give people options to consider. I can do whatever it takes so I'm pretty easygoing about it.

Please relax and consider your options. It's good to have them and to change any ego-destroying problems into a great time being had by all.


Please visit this website for more info: 




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