Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Listen to radio host John B. Wells saying: "Women, you have lots of power and you need to take charge of your men."


FYI, just a head's up on a brilliant interview I heard on The Alex Jones Show with John B. Wells, the Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, who I'd never heard of before, though hearing his made for radio voice was a pleasure. If you want to listen, you can check out this link and other AJ podcasts there as well:


The interview starts about 30 minutes into the show or so (I forget), but it's a crystal clear analysis of what's happening including the bad guys binding ties of evil vs. the good guys and dolls losing their humanity which is what can combat it. As long as we're too weak to fight and think getting whacked is a joke, we're screwed.

However, one point he kept stressing was how historically women have had a tremendous amount of power and often made the decisions for the household, which is also why 80% of marketing is targeted at them today. They may have included "Honey, I need you to kill something so we can eat it", but that's on the list.

Since women are more empowered than men today, it may be on them to do something and to push their men to do something about their biggest problems which they intuitively may be more in tune with. Or, the global instability and concerns about the future we all share. Everybody feels it whether they talk it or not.

Women love stability. That's the reason why I'm single. But, most are still curious. See, at this point I'm horrible for short-term stability, but I'm wonderful for long-term stability. This can be confusing. But safe.

While my point has been for years that men need to man-up and deal with this stuff to get their respect back and it hasn't changed, most men's utter inability to is causing major problems with their women and children as they get softer and softer and look to each other to validate themselves for acting soft when they don't really want to. Even if they act like women, men are simply not a good replacement for women with each other. (Yet? Ever?) No man, woman or child respects a needy man, just a man that quickly and clearly articulates what he needs and then gets back to something else. Needy men are just creepy and scary. Ugh.

However, needy women and children make men feel strong, useful and valuable. It's true dammit. I know.

See, I know that even as I sit here broke and isolated once again because of this damn two year odyssey I've been on to stop men and women from being turned into confused, frightened, mute and gender-neutral zombies who wordlessly bother each other until nobody can stand it; while also looking for gainful employ and ways to stop myself from dealing with this if possible; I'm still benefiting from all the love I got from most people and especially women and children for manning-up regardless of whether I get anything else or not.

This was always one significant point I was trying to prove and it still stands even if I can't take a stand to help people anymore if they don't help me, as usual. Or at least anything that will work, so I won't bother unless I get it financially or otherwise. We can all sort of feel how the future is going to be unpleasant unless we manage to turn it around. That starts with women wanting it and as long as men do stuff for them and children they'll be fine with it and more respectful. As John B. Wells said "women, you need to go to your PTA or school board meeting and make changes..." and so on. However, men can lift heavier than that.

(Note: most of these quotes are paraphrased to save time, but basically true, hear the interview for more.)

While some people may bristle at those comments, unless men stay hard enough to push back against what women over-demand they won't be worth those same women being with, so it's a non-issue. Some women and girls might snap if you say that, but once they understand it they usually snap back. Or else: who is worth respecting enough to respect them? Who will they flirt with if they don't think most of their men are worth it?

Besides me of course. And what I was trying to engineer locally and then globally for everyone else as well.

Now the social conditions to do this consistently and naturally are almost gone. I know I can't stand to look at women and girls much anymore because of how awful their attempts to get attention have become, even in the few times I left my house today while spending most of my time on Workopolis, Craig's List, LinkedIn and other job search sites looking for full-time, part-time, temporary or contract work, or anything really for now. Women are nervously moving faster and sketchier, or scratching and wiping in bizarre and confusing ways. While some get upset when I won't look at them, I can't because it's too upsetting to me. Of course, people will probably get used to this, but it'll be a shame because they won't remember what they're missing.

This destroying of gender roles and relations that's leaving many people more weak and confused is what I was trying to stop and hopefully I still can with your help. Seriously. I won't give up unless you do. That's all.

I know it's not over because this is what I pay attention to. Even if the bad guys have a lot of power, as long as we can stay in a good mood and fight for what we like then we can win. However: this is where it's tricky.

See, even in our age of mass media murder, mayhem, porn-streaming and more dehumanization that's turning women into sex objects, including many men routinely referring to them that way and in no other, my goal was to simply say fine -- you really want to feel sexy? -- almost all the time? -- you want some help with that? -- you don't want to lose any respect for shaking your ass either? -- fine. No seriously. That's fiiiiiiiiine.

Most men can help you do that and we can consistently find each other attractive and useful and exchange respect to empower each other instead of having all the "sex" and "sexy" sold frustrate both of us. It's true.

Not only did I say it, I went out and showed it to people for a couple of years and it worked great as an individual experiment that was casually validated by millions. Formally however, I'm back to square one.

This means worrying about changing my one squirrely meal a day back into four square ones if that's still possible after I put myself out there specifically to be able to run point and finish this. Or else just forget it.

I only feel sorry for myself when I don't see others, but when I go for a walk and see guys zombieing at me on the sidewalk while I ignore them, or running like girls across the street and trying to get looked at, or bugging me to stare at them walk funny and more, plus women confused as heck about what they should do and what they're worth, I start to focus again. I'm used to figuring out how to fight. But, I just want to win.

Anyway, I just wanted to say check out the interview and if you want my help with these issues then support me in the ways I suggest on my website. I'm also working on t-shirt designs and integrating a few things, but the first thing I need to do is get my money situation right. There's nothing people respect more. Including me.

Keep in mind that I retired from my "ghost protocol" activities a bunch of times over the last couple of years and there's a record of it here on this blog. Most recently it was on December 31st, 2012 at Toronto City Hall, then on February 14th, 2013 on Valentine's day, on March 15th and 31st, on April 28th on my birthday and finally out of sheer fiscal necessity last week. Now I can't even move and need to get money fast.

While I'd been warning people I'd have to stop trying to stop them from routinely harassing each other with needy, creepy and non-verbal zombie-ways without anyone saying anything about what's happening, as I also mentioned the women and girls were in such especially bad shape that I took a final crack at it and tried to "take it to the end of the line" to get to "paradise city" (Guns'n'Roses). I even explained everything in real time using real people in front of real people, many of whom heard, saw and often acknowledged all this.

My fear was that women and girls would be irreparably damaged and lose their ability to be graceful enough to write lines like "she moves in mysterious ways" (U2) and others, or their feminine mystique. It's happening.

This is also what will finally send men over the deep end as most will simply see most women like any other products to be purchased and consumed just like watching prostitutes having sex on the internet. And more.

While this is fine (since who can say anything but that anymore?), but this is far worse for their egos than if women genuinely liked them for liking them, whether it's the ones they know or most of the others in general.

Of course you can buy sex. But not respect. This in my opinion is the key to us winning the future. Respect.

Women only really respect two things: money and how you treat them. I've had both and I've done just fine with the latter, at least in the general sense of getting back positive affirmation. However, I'm going to need some financial backing to push the ideas I have through and finally formally engage people in some fashion.

People know that I can beat the crap out of them verbally, so many are afraid to engage me just in case I do.

While this has been true for a while, it's even more so now that I've dealt with hundreds of men a day and hundreds of thousands non-verbally and somewhat sexually harassing me like needy and creepy weirdos.

Once this happens over and over again for years, you just take whatever tough guy you have and toughen it.

However, once people pay me to control me in conversations they can get what they want just like everyone else who does. Plus, they can sic me on bad guys, bad ideas, bad feelings and more and I can destroy them.

Now, as I've said to many, I don't like being paranoid around guys, but as long as many of them keep trying to switch between being friendly and f--king with me, then it's hard not to be concerned about what their true intentions are unless I say something to stop this which concerns them back. But, this often ends up isolating me further in this sketchy paradigm, so I often just try to ignore any strange requests from strange men to get me to look at them do strange things they won't admit, plus the women who copy them for that matter, which just leaves many people mad at me for not wanting to see them do something stupid that clearly few want to see, otherwise they wouldn't be so damn pushy and tricky about it. Unless I explain it. Here we go again.

Anyway, check out the interview and my options to help me out below. While some people may argue, I am always torn about taking this seriously when most don't want to and I can only decide to be more impressive if people decide they want me to be. Otherwise many people will just think "See? I told you it's not worth doing anything." and I'll go out like the "Occupy" movement and others risen by and then destroyed by the mass media, but on a different sub-conscious level. My rep has already taken a hit because I over-extended myself over the last few weeks, or I was less financially impressive as a semi-public figure than I need to be.

However, as Bob Marley said "my life, my life don't mean nothing if it can't be to help people..." and he had it much easier by trying to figure out how to talk to Jamaicans who talked a lot and talked back but who didn't know what was going on; as opposed to me with Canadians who don't talk a lot and don't talk back but who do know what's going on. Seriously. I'd love to take tons of girls and records sold over allegoryville.

But, hey now, I guess it's been 30 years of "Babylon System", so I'm not surprised, just making do before it becomes can't. Now, to take care of this I'd love to be financially set up to hit these problems a million ways with the smart stuff I say in much, much better ways. With 118,000 millionaires in Toronto that shouldn't be hard; or with 5 million people giving me $5 each, or anything like that. Seriously. It's that or you're screwed.

As long as I have to worry about what this will cost me instead of what it will get you then it's going to be an issue both in terms of the credibility I have to push these ideas and the very literal fact that I can't afford to financially or socially without being too different to fit in a normal work environment for a long period of time.

This is what I'm currently working on: getting work taking care of making sure that you men and women can remain so; or getting work at a regular 9 to 5 of some sort where I have to ignore the total destruction of the species happening at an alarming rate. I know you believe me. Just believe in me to give us all a shot. Now.


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