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Chinese Democracy vs. What You Want To Believe In... Is People




Chinese Democracy vs. What You Want To Believe In... Is People


FYI, I woke up this morning in the mood to hear "Sorry" by the new Guns'n'Roses from the album Chinese Democracy that was 17 years in the making, then heard the whole album a few times while working on yet another edit of the main page of my WYWTBI (Why What Be I?) website. It's been about three hours.

Like many other artists who learn a lot and feel a lot and deal with many of the same timeless issues often in allegorical ways, this album is great at capturing the 21st Century zeitgeist. While it may not be the same Guns'n'Roses who took the world by storm with "Appetite for Destruction" in 1987, as the Rolling Stone review of their latest album suggested, it sounds like one they might have made at this time if they had stayed together anyway, especially with Axl Rose's lyrics and jet engine wail in good shape. Seriously. While the media may make fun of him and how long it took, it's great rock and roll album with meaning and feeling.

(Hey, when a man and his band spend 17 years figuring out how to save the world today... give it a listen.)

The reason I bring this up is this album among many reveals what artists are saying about what all of us are seeing, or our fears about the future, rise of China as the new global super-power likely replacing the U.S., what that might mean for the world and many of the big and small ways we can understand and deal with it, from understanding the economic, social and political conditions and getting along well enough by restoring our humanity to help each other deal with them. It's the same old story with updated details, so all we have to do is get energy and inspiration from our favourite artists to help us handle our business, or control our future.

On that note, I've copied the latest edit of the front page below and invite you to check it out. But first, I've also included videos for "Sorry" and "Better" plus a great and rare and recent interview with Axl Rose on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. As you can see he's not "crazy" and the guy who wrote "Patience", "November Rain", "Sweet Child of Mine" and more is actually a nice guy with balls, so don't get it twisted. As another nice guy with balls I'm also asking you not to get who I am twisted. Just try to support me so that I can use what I learned by bouncing many ideas off people for the last two years to help save them from falling apart.

That's all. I can do what many people can normally do but I don't know anybody who can do what I can do about our biggest problems. So, I did what I did, made mistakes along the way, but somehow survived and still have a smile on my face while keeping my ability to snarl when I have to. Check it out and get in touch.



P.S. Don't get my fears of China's supposed takeover of the world being a bad thing confused. If people controlled the governments wherever they lived then it wouldn't matter who was in charge of the world. Or, no country would be. Strong nations would just trade and visit each other and appreciate their differences. China's growth was funded by western corporations at the expense of the west, so it's a bigger issue than just making it about fearing a country's people. It's more about figuring out what people in power really want.


Sorry - Guns'n'Roses - Music Video


Better - Guns'n'Roses - Music Video


Axl Rose - 1st TV Interview in 20 yrs! - ABC TV - via Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Please visit this website for more details on the following...



Update: As of May 12, 2013 on Mother's Day, as good a day as any for men and women to start taking this, themselves, their children and their future seriously, my work on this project is finished unless I receive significant financial and other support to continue in a different fashion.

While millions of men, women and children have been very casually supportive of my attempts to help them communicate better, including the couple of thousand who I interacted well with today, people are getting less respectful and respected for many reasons that I can help deal with.

After seeing the hopeful eyes of many, especially women and children who are the most affected and yet who still manage to keep me and other men in a great mood, I want to stop exhausting my resources and be professionally rewarded for my efforts to make sure they are successful. 

That's the best way to push this through fast, or me being a paid, successful and respected professional as a consultant or self-help guru like Deepak Chopra. Or, allegorically promoting ideas with t-shirts, music and stand up comedy, or other means since I've done this acapella well.

People want to communicate better and more respectfully both verbally and non-verbally in this singularity of sorts where we all feel connected. Men feel respected when women feel protected. Men get respect by trying not to lose any. Women get reassurance and flattery by being nice.

Men and women should also find ways to speak confidently, freely, differently and supportively or they can't complement and compliment each other well enough to empower and respect each other or raise young men and women. This is my area of expertise and I'd like to share solutions.

My goal in this is to help adults and children communicate better by providing options to think about when it comes to how they think, what they do and ultimately how they feel about life. People aren't as happy as they should be and I know how to change this anywhere I go. It happens.

The reason this works is because I'm reacting to new versions of many of the same issues that our favourite artists, writers, intellectuals and others have worked on for centuries and sharing many of their ideas, sometimes literally, to make a major impact on our multicultural culture.   

So, you should take me almost as seriously as I take you, or whoever worldwide with these issues. I'm not mad, I'm exhausted and thinking of doing something else unless enough people show me in ways they'll respect that they want me to continue. Or, you win some and lose some.

The reason I continue to work on this is because I think our future depends on people re-discovering their masculinity and femininity, empowering each other and figuring out how to control it. If you have a 20 year mortgage or children and want to feel good about the future, I can help you.  

I've also re-written this website a dozen times, so I hope it's good enough for you to decide to help. We all know allegorical indications shouldn't dominate how we communicate, so if you can literally "talk" to me about these issues and compensate me fairly then everything will be fine.

While this sounds mysterious, you'll understand the details below. This should be something that adults can handle, so get in touch to discuss.

Know that at least some adults have to handle this on behalf of others who can't, including children growing up who deserve better role models. 

Or, anonymously say I'm someone you want to support and follow these instructions. If I get enough donations, I will find new ways to finish this.

You can donate cash, goods or services directly to me; or transfer money; or walk to a TD Canada Trust Bank and deposit cash in my account.

If I get just $5 each from everyone who said and says hello, I'd easily have $5 million and all your problems that I'm working on would be solved.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898 

Don't worry about the size of your donation and what I'll do with your money. Why? You can simply see what I did for you with my money below.

What I'll do if I get donations is operate as a not-for-profit and put ideas out that worked to help people relax and have more fun everywhere I go.

I honestly don't mind working on this as long as it's actually "work" that's supported by the people I'm working for. So, let me know that you do.

Once I'm not worried about myself I can go back to worrying about everyone else. I'm perfectly happy to do this as long as it gets good results. 

What can I say? If you don't say enough then people don't believe you. But if you say too much they don't want to. Figure out what's best for you.

Thanks, best wishes and keep in touch with me and each other, 

Warm regards, 





Mission Impossible For (?): Ghost Protocol

“Don’t ever leave me, say you’ll always be there, all I ever wanted, was for you, to know that I care.” – Rocket Queen

Relax, “Mission Impossible For (?): Ghost Protocol” was completed over two years with about a million people in Ottawa and about two million in Toronto. Hundreds a day say friendly hellos and if we use this fact we’ll master the singularity.

This was an organic reaction to people knowing, but not talking, about how straight men now silently copy female body language, want men to stare at, instead of look at them, don’t get enough action, act sheepish, tricky and aggressive, jealously harass, crowd and stalk women to steal real-girl looks, fail, don’t admit it, then act normal again. Women hate this, feel less safe and feminine, copy fast and pushy zombie-girl moves and lose it. Children feel confused. People feel unfulfilled by bored, nervous, gross and lazy wiping and scratching to talk. We need higher standards to relax and enjoy.

Many men silently bug me like pushy girls. If I say “What do you want?” they get scared and leave. It’s sad and funny and I wish them better. I’m fine, but when I saw women stalked become a silent epidemic, I started to get loud in Ottawa on Canada Day 2011 and think we can fix this to win the Battle of the Sexes by Canada Day 2013. To prove what’s possible, I was average height, weight, build and looking. Without “300” men to help, nobody saying anything and me never knowing what’ll happen, I used a third person alpha male persona with a deeper voice, aka “Ghost Protocol”, to speak to quiet, observant and connected people in ways they get but don’t need to respond to, clear up awkward interactions, calm, counsel, flirt with and save countless women from stalkers, trade allegorical stimuli, feel respected and casually walk, talk, joke, rap and sing everywhere to “get” the girls and learn how to give them back to their men. Fun and done.

My name is Vijay Sarma and I’m 39 going on 29 on April 28th. You may think I should be done with this silly stuff and move on. Or just anonymously donate cash at a TD Canada Bank and I’ll take care of the rest. Or get in touch. Or I’m into sales, marketing, journalism, arts and public speaking and need a job. It’s all up to you. Just don’t forget what YOU want.

People want to stop turning verbal communication issues into non-verbal ones, so I thought they’d just silently “get” it and stop. It worked in downtown Toronto by September 2012. But, I had to stop and it came back. Now, I’m out, or “Just A Gigolo” or “Rent-A-Man” with manswers. Don’t take it for granted. Call me to do whatever you want. Except with help.

Like Coldplay’s “Paradise” (not parasite) it should be nice to meet you. Non-verbally, men exchange eye contact to stay polite, busy, brief and move out of the way with no worries. When women can be and men agree they’re inherently special, they both relax. Ironically, men just need to focus on something, like figuring out how to control the future. Women are better at multi-tasking to handle food, fashion, fun, charm, grace, competing with men’s ambition for their security and vanity, feeling safe and sexy, trading validating vulnerability for power with ballsy men who help them cross streets and so on. Plus, if you say it to 300 they start dancing! Men are busy, relax with “The Real Her” (Drake) wherever and go back happy. Women feel relaxed, bored and mischievous and distract men in mysterious, brilliant and beautiful ways. People empower each other. This is what you want to believe in and you got it coming. Get in touch to get it done.

Ladies: turn up the Taylor Swift and feel your eggs, I’m just a happy hippy like Deepak Chopra with bigger balls, so “Take A Shot For Me” (Drake). We all flirt so you can be vulnerable, plus some man knows better so he’d better. We can relax, enjoy fruity drinks and grilled chicken sandwiches and joke about how to fix them. Or “I Don't Want To Wait In Vain For...”

Gentlemen: I’m a “Soldier” (Eminem) and we should “Talk” (Coldplay). All your girls can make you happy. Ask me how.

Talk to you soon,



Helping you figure out...


Note 1:

As the most positive guy I know and someone who comfortably interacts with everyone everywhere and helps them relax, I'd like to meet privately with individuals, couples and groups of men and women, preferably separately, to discuss and deal with a variety of issues that affect all of them.

You can set up meetings wherever you feel comfortable, whether it's in houses, condos, condo meeting rooms, classrooms, bars, churches, on the phone in conference calls or wherever you feel most comfortable. I just want to make sure I can use my voice to convey meaning and feeling.

All I ask is that you compensate me fairly. Since I've done a lot for free, or using my money to fund myself, I'm easy when it comes to low fees.

The reason is after trying to reach as many people as possible informally, I'm now trying to reach as many as possible formally to finish this up.

Instead of worrying about relationships, divorce, bullying, sex, love, health and more, I can give you empowering options to think about instead.

While some may recognize me from reacting in harsh ways to people bothering me or others, they're often well-taken, so people decide to stop.

Since nothing else was happening on this and I had to protect myself and others, I made myself bigger than I am. But really, I'm just a big softy.

Please keep in mind that anyone in the world is welcome to get in touch to discuss these issues with me if they're happening wherever you live.

The reason I know many of these ideas can work worldwide is because Toronto has a multicultural population and everyone reacts to them well.

So, instead of being unhappy or unfulfilled with what you have, as a quick thinker who can answer your questions well, I can help you be happier with your lot in life so you use that positive mindset to achieve more happiness and success with the people around you. This happens every day with nearly everyone I speak with. The only issue is since people are mostly the same with mostly the same problems, sometimes many are not as confident as they should be when it comes to handling how simple many of the answers are and get a bit embarrassed that they didn't think of them on their own. However, people find advice everywhere, use what works for them and it's better to have answers than not, so get in touch to get yours. Once you get yours privately, you'll relax and have more confidence. Then you can decide who you want to share them with and how.

Sometimes people have been given ways to automatically reject ideas that can help them because they're tied to others. So, I can untie many.

My role is I went from being a well-liked people-person, to understanding how the world works when it isn't popular to, to going back to being a people person who can help people deal with a world they're worried about by dealing with each other better. Since I'm used to coming up with solutions to our biggest problems because I think we need them, solving our smaller, similar and personal ones is not a problem for me or you.

Perhaps my ideas will work for you, or perhaps they won't. But, if you're looking for more options to feel happier with yourself and others, then I am one. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book an appointment. All you have to do is ask, listen and think for yourself.

Vij   +   647.781.1580   +


Note 2:

People are obviously feeling more connected in this singularity of sorts. They just need to be able to communicate in more empowering ways.

While people may experiment with different approaches, I've proven I know how people can quickly exchange respect with everyone all the time.

Nobody is perfect, including myself, but I'm the only person I know who's been working on a solution to this, so you might as well give it a shot.

People can do whatever they want, but need options to compare and think about or will just do the only thing they know. This is where I come in.

We can discuss anything, including root causes of resentment, depression, confusion, social constipation, loss of identity, verbal and non-verbal communication problems and more to help people deal with normal cultural influences better. The good news is the answers work. You like them.

You might be scared to hear or discuss them, but that's a terrible way to live. So, don't worry: laugh at the stupid, enjoy the smart and that's that.

I can simply focus on giving people the answers they need in the ways they need them like I've been doing for two years in Canada. You can even have a few drinks or whatever to help you relax, feel confident and have fun. I'm very intelligent, charming, funny and more as many people know.

Canadians are smart and most know what's going on, they just don't talk about it but don't mind if I do, so we can use this to work on solutions

The proof is I can walk anywhere in Toronto, react to people saying hello and casually pontificate about issues they nearly all worry about, don't discuss and often quickly, nervously and obsessively scratch, wipe, pick, cough and sneeze about instead. Plus, also avoid getting thrown out of places even when I'm constantly walking, talking, yelling, rapping and singing for hours. So, people are fine with it and have been for two years.

While my efforts on this may seem a bit much in relation to yours, my goal is to have you say they were enough with no one else working on it.

Frankly, from the first time I saw it in May of 2011 at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa, I just couldn't stand to see women stalked when I could help.

The reason that all this happened is after initially quietly talking to guys who usually laughed and stopped when I asked them to, I just kept on seeing it happen over and over again, or women and girls randomly stalked by strange men everywhere. So, I felt I needed to do what I could to stop it. While many people can do other things I do like sell stuff, sing and more, I'm the only person I know who can do what I did for two years.

Believe me, I tried using social media and other means to start conversations about this stuff but it didn't work. I was also trying to be careful not to over-commit myself online in possibly permanent ways in case I couldn't succeed and would be socially ostracized and unable to get a job and so on. It's a fine line to walk when I know I get credit for both doing this stuff and proving that I don't have to from people who want me to both act normal and to also get something done about their biggest problems. That's why I'm asking you for financial help so I don't have to worry about it.

Frankly, I also feel bad for guys saying less, likely copying female body language to compensate, not giving each other enough credit, jealously bugging girls better at it, then feeling mad because they're jealous and because women and girls are scared of them and won't make them happy.

So, I kept one man "alive" so to speak when many were getting confused and feminized who talked to everyone to figure out how to fix this mess.

Men shouldn't turn into bitchy or ugly girls who jealously stalk others like older women sometimes do with younger women. While this used to be rare, because it's become so normal it's now happening everywhere with men stalking women and girls, them stalking each other and children copying them and harassing each other. Now I see most women and girls are scared to walk in feminine ways for fear of being targeted by other women or men acting like them. People are now turning to gender neutral mush which doesn't help them compliment or complement each other.

FYI: This has nothing to do with gays or others with "Pride" and I've been to lots of their parties. This has to do with people not bothering others.

Since Canadians are the same and just need to insist on a better one, what works is people seeing others acting more confident and relaxed and copying them. So, I just need to create more one way or another either by talking to them about this stuff or by being closely identified with these issues and figuring out how to communicate allegorically. Think of Coldplay's "Mylo Xyloto" album for example, one of many albums where artists envisioned doing stuff like this. If you wonder where I get my energy and inspiration from, it's the same place you do. I just applied it differently.

The reason I know this will work is because this is what happens whenever I share options with people anywhere I go. They use them and relax.

All this tortured, nervous and socially constipated sketchy behaviour seems to represent what most people are scared to talk about. The more they see and do, the more they see and do. This only makes them more worried about their worries and about what anyone will do at any time.

Even if some people on TV do it, that doesn't mean most people should any more than lots of other stupid stuff people on TV do. It's annoying.

Besides, from what I've seen even people on TV discourage each other from doing it, or the camera cuts away, so the less you do it the better.

Of course, scratching and so on will happen, but it shouldn't be the purpose of getting attention to make a point since it's unpleasant to look at which means it's hard to give people credit for it. That's why I even see lots of women and girls stalking each other doing this trying to steal it.

Sometimes I practically cover my head with a newspaper to avoid people pestering me and have to ignore women and girls who need attention, especially when I'm sitting somewhere like on the bus or subway. I will not look at someone wipe their nose every 10 seconds when they can clearly see I don't want to even if they get mad at me because it's a waste of their time and mine. I'm politely busy and respect others are too.

The only caveat is men exchanging intelligent looks to say hello or if something happens and women and children getting casual reassurance or flattery from a man when they think it's safe to in reasonable ways. This is also a significant source of my power, or helping them feel special.

Keep in mind that while most men, women and children around could assume I'm rude and ignore me, instead most try harder to say hello or communicate in more relaxed, relaxing and respectful ways. People can see how stupid this is since they often try to quickly trick others into looking at it, but feel sheepish, act like they got caught and stop when I say "Sorry, I'm just not a fan of that type of communication" and more.

This behaviour is also destroying the ability for especially women and children to get validation and positive attention from men in the ways they used to love to do but are now giving up on, or the reassurance or flattery they need every few seconds from some man whoever they are, which is typically me. They deserve better and then will be better. As I've said to many decidedly sexy enough: "I want your body -- to put my mind in a good mood." They are more than capable of enjoying themselves while doing this, especially in today's culture that stresses how important it is.

Women and girls are more affected by spazzing out to get attention because it messes with their inherently special, relaxed and relaxing nature.

Sometimes it seems like they'll run away from how I might respond; except I do nothing to screw up any great spontaneous moments in history.

Once women and girls especially relax, they can convey meanings and feelings in more normal, natural, mysterious, creative and graceful ways.

They're also having trouble being vulnerable because they might be attacked by someone trying to steal their attention, which is destroying them.

Children are also confused by copying this instead of acting fun, so "Tell the children the truth, tell the children the truth right now" (Bob Marley).

Instead of this mess, women can feel protected and men can feel respected. They just need to find better ways to communicate with each other.

While some people and especially women may think I'm trying to take away their ability to communicate, in fact it's the opposite: I'm fixing it.

Of course, people can do what they want, but because I can stop this stuff anywhere and most still say hello, it seems like they want options.

Please get in touch to ensure I can continue to help people deal with these issues so as many as possible relax and enjoy their 2013 summer.


Note 3:
If you don't want to talk about this but want me to fix it, no problem at all. Just visit a TD Canada branch, use the info below and donate cash.

Then I can do things like put up ads around the city that say "Men and Women Should Walk With and Not Against Each Other" and so on.

This is just one example of many things I've said that work to calm people down wherever they are. Now I just need money to promote them.

Once I can operate as a not-for-profit this way, I can have more formal influence on people's behaviour and approach them as a professional.

No matter what you do, if you get paid for it people respect you, or a "clown" is just a "clown" unless they're in Cirque Du Soleil and so on.

Of course, people know what they respect, or being able to make money doing what you do, so if they financially support me this will work.

While I'm cocky and carefree early into depleting my savings and changing things, once I start to run out I lose it and people lose respect.

Since this keeps on happening, yet I know I stopped most stalking and more in downtown Toronto in September 2012, I know I can fix this.

Just anonymously say I'm a performance artist or whatever you want to. If I get enough donations, I'll find new ways to finish this myself.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898


Note 4:

Another option is what two nice and friendly blond women in their late 20's did at approximately 4:30 pm on May 7th, 2013 at the corner of Bay and Front while I was chilling and pontificating on a box. They simply walked up to me smiling and said "This is for you!" and handed me a bag of delicious, salty and sweet whole grain and low fat cracker chips. So, I said thanks and we all said have a great day as they left. I assume this means they want their defacto lawyer to get in better than average shape to represent them and I can do that easily. While people have been quietly nice for the last couple of years and I've had things like extra chicken in my shawarma, I assume these girls singled me out specifically for the only thing they'd know me for and after being self-financed, this is the first formal payment I've received for my efforts over the last two years.

I feel great, like a musician or stand up comic who's been pouring out his heart and soul and working open mic's for two years who know he was on to something because everyone said hello and who finally, finally, finally got his first paid gig with more to come. Like other and even unusual disciplines, being paid gives me credibility and effectively makes me a professional, or a relationship repairman who can help in many ways. I have even said this to people and they instantly react to me in better ways once they know that I'm getting paid for my efforts which helps them.

People say if you work hard at your hobby and you're good you can make a good living, while if you're great you can make a great living. Since nobody else I know of is doing anything about this stuff it's hard to judge, but I assume I'm doing a good job based on all the casual and positive responses everywhere I go. As long people give me more resources like this, or walking up to me and handing me bags or envelopes with enough money or stuff, or any other way (see above), then I can smash this nonsense myself fast so Toronto has a great summer, then use the samples of the different cultures here to export the solutions worldwide. Or, formally consult and work with others to answer questions and solve problems as a smart guy with different things to say who can at least give people options to consider. I can do whatever it takes so I'm easygoing about it.

Please relax and consider your options. It's good to have them and to change this ego-destroying nightmare into a great time being had by most.


Please visit this website for more details on the above...


Bonus: For Canadians who want more allegorical inspiration, interpreting this song differently may be fun for you too...


Game - Red Nation feat. Lil' Wayne



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