Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I'd better connect using social media to reach the real world, plus share some peer-reviewed music to help.


FYI, just in case you want to know how I feel about things more than only by interpreting what I write, I also have music to share that's currently ranked #2 in Toronto Hip Hop/Rock/Alternative on ReverbNation, for whatever that's worth to whomever. Another thing is the friendly discussion I'm having on Facebook about it which may also give people a reason to at least give it a shot. So, go ahead if you want to, it's pretty good.

First, here's my copied Facebook response to a response to my posting with a bit of a songs roadmap...


Thanks again dawg, I'm really glad to hear you're bumpin' it and peeps used to tell me they did back in the day when I handed out promo CD's. Tracks that got people going include "My Name is Vij" which people just cracked up over, "I Wanna Play Che" which really helped a couple of friends think about life and get out of ruts,"Chokin' on Chomsky" which smart people and teachers really like except they wish I didn't swear on it so much, "What Really Happened Today?" over the "Sweet Home Alabama" riff played by my man E-Dub and recorded at my man J-Mac's, "Why Can't I Find Aishwarya Rai?" which is a fun dance'y and empowering number, "Moved Up A Weight Class" about dreaming of more, "How Do We Stop The Next Columbine?" from back when I was an anti-gun lefty convinced by the Michael Moore movie, "A Love Song For A Love Gone" about the girl who is known by many as the one I should have married, "If We Can't Do It" which is a bad title but it's really about making fighting the bad guys fun to make sure we won, "We Are Change Dot Org (Star Wars Rmx), "We On The Streets Now", "Lay You Down (Hold You Down)" which is hardcore for the chicks, "Fluoricide" and "WHO Shot Ya?" which are great ways to learn about fluoride and vaccines fast and fun and my magnum opuses (opi?) "On To The Next: No One World Government" and "Death to the New World Order" which go in and go hard, among others since most are very different. Anyway, enjoy and share as you'd like and keep me up to your latest badass jive talk too! :)


Next up, 85 tracks of this, that and the other from about 100 that I've done over the last few years ago...




Any way...

While I'm not doing this to get rich at it, though that would be fun for everyone and I haven't ruled it out, this is more related to my most recent ghost protocol project and whether or not to continue. I just want to win.

One of the main drawbacks with this situation is because people don't discuss many things that bother them but don't mind when I do, they don't give me as much feedback to work with to improve. Especially now.

Most of the intelligent looks I was used to getting from adults who had trouble talking about their biggest problems for the last two years but appreciated the fact that I didn't have now been replaced with versions of "The Croods in 3D" everywhere I go, or people spazzing and/or scratching, picking and posing to get credit instead of thinking and acknowledging in ways that I can understand. I'm not saying nobody gets this new sign and body language, I'm just saying they don't get that much from it either. It's much better to trust an intelligent look or be able to read eyes or faces quickly and clearly to help you relax and appreciate people.

Regardless of whether or not you do this sketchy stuff don't think I'm the only one who doesn't like it. I can simply shut it down wherever and then receive intelligent looks from more relaxed people in response. Yeah.

Any way, this brings me back to my obligatory promotion of my efforts to find better ways to do this than respond to people bothering me until everyone else sees it's safe to say hello and does it better than before.

The only reason this could possibly work is if people are somehow being convinced to do things they don't want to do all the time to people who don't want them done and like the fact that I can get them out of it.

So yeah, that's not such a bad thing to work with and as long as it becomes "work" then it'll be no problem.

Any way... I hope you like the music at least a bit and check it out my website on this, it's also pretty good


It's Nice To Meet You

Which Is Better Than Not

What You Want To Believe In... Is People






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