Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chickreativity: Relaxed, Bored and Mischievous... The Perfect Flirty Storm is Back.



I normally don't do drafts of blogs, but when I am inspired to write something I often do, but then other considerations like time or quasi-commercial viability often interfere, as happened here.

I also recommend only reading the first blog below since the other one was setting it up; plus it is more practical and less crusty and navel-gazelly. Or, read the second listed blog first to go in order.

I also found my mojo again after losing it for a bit, terribly sorry about that. "Physician heal thy self" is a good motto, except I found myself rejecting all my great advice since sharing it had isolated me.

I was happy with how things were turning out for everyone but me, or most people were recovering their senses and relaxing and getting along better while I was going broke. That part really sucked.

I am now more financially stable and optimistic and understand what happened to some degree, so I am trying to work on what to do next and how with this non-verbal public secret society vibe going on.

I guess this is now part of the game in the info war when the big picture can be too much for too many, or how to share ideas that help empower people to defend themselves and each other. (Wink-wink, etc.)

I had a completely different blog planned to write about what happened today and have been listening to "Shook Ones Pt. II" (by Mobb Deep) for a few hours straight to stay in the mood to work on this stuff.

I think it's too late to write more now, which is too bad since I had a great day in a great mood, but hopefully soon. The Feminine Mystique vs. The Man-Girl Zombie Apocalypse? Who even needs the World Series?





(unfinished mid-october 2012 draft - read alone or read the draft below first to go in order)



Chickreativity: Relaxed, Bored and Mischievous... The Perfect Flirty Storm is Back.

Just a head's up from Normalville after normal interactions between strangers seem to have returned to normal and I am doing my best to as well. Aside from trying to stop people from pointlessly pissing each other off, the basic way the latest save the world theory works is The Facebook Picture will save us from The Big Picture, or harnessing the daily power of people's ability to flatter, amuse, impress, protect and inform each other will help enough develop the character and responsibility needed to deal with everything.

Note: this is also in real-time reaction to what was happening to them and the probable causes.

People constantly placed in the position of having fun stabilizing each other and their culture will hopefully lead to more respect for options moving forward and faith in the ability of people to consider and utilize them. There are other factors that lock all of this in place that will be outlined in the following paragraphs.

Consider this like a Sexual Matrix full of potential energy to tap into that can put people in a good mood, create social contracts and safety nets between strangers, validate self-worth and more.Whether our culture should be like this or not is a separate issue, but since it is, we may as well enjoy and make use of it.

Men need to be motivated and energized by women to deal with stuff for two key reasons:

1) Personal: they don't want to deal with problem men and want some help from men if they do.

2) Political: they don't want to deal with problems in the world and want help from men if they have to.

While there may be a handful of exceptions, for most people these are the simple rules. Women would absolutely love it if men were keeping an eye out for them and men would absolutely love the validation of doing so. This would lead to happier and more empowered people who can handle more than before.

Women can be exceptionally creative when they want to be just by using their body language but were getting the chick-kicked out of them around here by all the stalking going on. Fortunately most of the stalking and related man-girling are over so things are returning to normal. I stopped a few half-hearted stalkers today just be keeping a casual eye on the girls involved upon request, but there was never any joy in it for anyone and less of a robotic inclination to do that or act like women that men had before.

Under previous conditions tons of boys and men would be jumping at the chance to compete with women for the attention they are seeking, but most of the males in our culture are realizing how stupid that is. Finally. This means that women are now free to act normal, which is frequently relaxed, bored and mischievous, or the perfect flirty storm is back.

Instead of being pissed off because they're harassed, many women are now pissed off because they're bored and looking for ways to amuse themselves on their long walks sideways and forward at the same time because they have those hips, like a belle. Many can certainly fulfill their civic service as hot, moving scenery when they want to as long as the cultural conditions are right. This would maximize the "heaven on earth" potential on a regular basis as everyone gets what they want: men get women who get to feel beautiful.




(previous unfinished ides of october 2012 draft)



Chickreativity, Concertos, Cashoes, Co-Jones, The Big Picture and The Facebook Picture

As I type this, I continue to wrestle over the fate of the perpetual paradox machine that I am trapped in along with everyone else who needs something done about everything else besides what they do.

I can talk about it easily and most people can understand and casually respond, but since this is the case I have to figure out whether I should stop or not. This ranges from the "big picture" of "big banks" running and raping the world to the smaller fractals of how they are doing it, from loading us up with debt to scaring us to turning us into animals and more with the institutions they control.

As long as this is happening, then instead of focusing on "them" which needs to be done and which many people do very well, I am focusing on "us" and figuring out how most people can handle our business before we lose it. Fortunately I have a ton of good ideas and have for years. Unfortunately this is a topic area that can make most people uncomfortable since for whatever reason people prefer to thin

Of course, in this sea of iniquity there are tons of shiny things to distract and amuse and inspire us, or it's hard to believe we're being screwed as long as the possibility of being rich and famous is dangled in front of us. As the late-great comedian George Carlin said, "You know why they call it the American dream? Because you've got to be asleep to believe it!"


George Carlin - The American Dream



While this perpetual and public navel-gazing is arguably the worst approach that I could possibly take and something I often counsel against, it is also one that people can relate to since they encounter it a lot and may be the only one able to generate enough understanding and sympathy to garner a stay of cultural execution and support for my critical elocution.

If you can't be critical then you can't do any critical thinking.



The good news is the vibe on the streets (and stores and subways and so on) appears to be one filled with satiated solitude and frustrated curiosity. This is something I have been tapping into for some time now absent much formal communication about how too many supposedly normal people are acting batty like bath-salts.

People want to communicate with me about the issues that I address, except they don't want to do it formally or verbally, . I get a mix of looks and signals and other stuff that I only half-way understand and that I can't see any explanations of anywhere. I don't know who's looking at the footage being collected by a bajillion surveillance cameras worldwide or why, but I am sure they must be fascinated by what is happening. And of course, that they are probably concerned about what is happening to them too.





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