Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If It Is Worth It To You, Then The Truth Shall Set You Free


It's all good. Anyway. Don't worry about it. Relax.

There. I hope that helped.

Now for a little update on what is and can be happening.

We had a great and productive weekend. As far as I can tell.

Outlaws can't ride forever. But they do have some good stories from the ride.

The question is always which ones to tell. But since you can't tell, you just tell them.

People can find this stuff energizing or exhausting. But it is really up to them.

I know I find speaking freely energizing and carefully calculating what I am saying exhausting.

Et tu?

This is one of my main concerns as part of a growing list that can be dealt with.


After re-writing my website over and over again to tell more and less truth, I hope I got it right enough.

After re-sharing my ideas and analysis over and over again, I hope the same thing is true as well.

After re-evaluating what might work to unify and engage people, I hope this stuff works.


Know that I am still a flawed product of my environment like everyone else, so they'll show.

My apologies. But this isn't about me. It's a funhouse mirror reflection of us.

Creating an other so people can see each other is...


"What have I become, my sweetest friend,
Everyone I know, goes away, in the end,
And you can have it all, my empire of dirt,
I will let you down, I will make you hurt,
If I could find a way, to live my life again,
I would keep myself, I would find, a way..."

- Johnny Cash / Nine Inch Nails, "Hurt", (American IV: The Man Comes Around / TheDownward Spiral)


Johnny Cash - Hurt



To appeal to everybody in the most diverse city in the world, and possibly the world, the only thing that works is the truth. However, from what I can tell the only way you can tell the truth is to everybody and the only way they can respond is if they all see each other hear it and generally acknowledge it. Otherwise you have to carefully calculate what to say to different people to make sure they are comfortable. Otherwise they will feel uncomfortable individually either hearing it or responding to it. People will default to the nervous and allegorical "It's Not Itchy But Scratchy Show!" as I call it, or scratching their nose or other body parts to show they understand what you are saying or to emphasize what they can't say but understand. This only happens when people are not comfortable communicating. This is happening a lot more than it used to.

I recently saw a 6 year old girl go from confidently communicating bits and pieces of fun movies she saw to carefully explaining things in a more linear fashion and torturously trying to rub and scratch her face the right way to figure out if she was getting that right too. While many people find this stuff normal and it's on TV, I find this stuff terrifying and a sign that we will continue to have trouble telling the truth unless we stop and figure this out. The converse is when I was at a music store a few months ago and a bunch of music nerds were nervously scratching themselves and trying to get my attention while a friend was conducting business. As soon as a topic that they all knew about came up, they stopped immediately and started confidently and excitedly talking about it. This is one of countless examples and people understand. They just can't say it.



"They say money talks, fuck money I talk more,
My girls say chill, but I want war,
My boys say let's get a beer, then more,
My balls say 'fuck you sayin' that for?
My conscience is constantly conscious,
New World Order's upon us,
Who fuckin' wants us? Dead.
Your choice, your voice, your noise to make,
'Fore they take away your toys...

... Enough dirt on you to murder you,
This is what the fuck I do,
Death to the New World Order..."

- "Death to the New World Order", Black Krishna (Single)


Mainstream News: CNBC Admits That We Are All Slaves To The Central Banks



I spent my Saturday casually soliciting donations as a philosopher and performance artist after hopping up on an 8 foot tall grey municipal utilities box a block north of Dundas on the east side of Yonge Street. I was there for about 8 hours coming and going with a small poster with my What You Want To Believe In Dot Com website name and a small Tim Hortons box suggesting that if people like the advice they should donate. While nobody did, lots of people said hello and a few took my picture or took pictures with me, so I guess that's something. I was mixing some speaking with some singing and rapping and conveying the meaning of music to me and possibly to others as not just entertaining but inspirational. I also noticed hardly any stalking or needy and creepy behaviour going on among the thousands of people passing by. I call that progress.

People were reacting well to the performance as they have for a year, or someone putting themselves out there to help people relax and get along. Coldplay works especially well in a fairly white city and country as multi-million selling recording artists; Guns'n'Roses classics pull on heartstrings; Drake and other hip hop have an effect and much more. To see someone really trying feel and explain what our favourite artists were trying to say can help others do the same, or that appears to be the case. When people asked what I was doing I explained that I was a performance artist putting out good ideas that help people relax and get along better. Most found it reasonable. Women in particular react well to what is going on and have consistently, with many acting like it is a movie and doing their part to convey the meaning of what I am saying to others.


"I knew the storm was getting closer,
And all my friends said I was high,
But everything we've ever known's here,
I never wanted it to die..."

- Guns'n'Roses, "Estranged", (Use Your Illusion II)


Guns'n'Roses - Estranged



While being confident and brash enough to inspire others to, I try to remain polite, especially during formal communications. When a cop car came by and a big white cop asked what I was doing, I explained that I was okay and he sternly warned me to be careful but let me stay. When a black male and asian female cop came by on foot to consider getting me down from my perch, she was leaning towards it, but he accepted that I could handle it and said "Alright, but if you fall, don't call!" which I agreed to. When two other white male cops came by on foot I explained that I had spoken with other cops and described them and they let me stay. Finally, just before 11 pm, a frazzled young, black and female security guard came by and angrily demanded I come down. While I explained that I had spoken to the cops and been fine all day, she insisted.

This really irritated me since I knew it was a gender issue and that she, like other ladies, was simply seeing things from her perspective without respecting mine. Some old ladies had walked by and upon seeing me up there had said "You can't do that!" to which I sometimes responded "No - you can't do that, I am a man and I can" because I am more physically capable of climbing a big box, fence, tree or anything else. Maybe the women thought it was too dangerous for me to be up there, but I think many men figured that if I could do it they could do it, so it really wasn't. Another thing I brought up is since the men locally began feeling more empowered, more have stopped acting like girls and jealously stalking girls like ugly chicks who stalk hotter ones to catch a tan off their sunshine. This is important and helps make much of what I say more acceptable.

At the core of this general empowerment strategy is having both sexes win the "Battle of the Sexes" which is a stupid thing to have in the first place. I also mentioned that once men recognize their physical superiority over women they would relax and take a more protective attitude so women can relax more. Men will be less likely to push and shove and ignore them in the streets and subways and recognize that women naturally walk slower and sexier so as not to rush them off the road; unless they are really going too self-indulgently slow and screwing around. Unless men are part of the show and directed to admire women going slow they can be annoying; but for the most part their cute and clumsy traffic jams are avoidable and if men do a good job they will be invited to appreciate them. This sounds simple and possibly sexist; but it's effective and sexy.

Social physics principles are generally reflective of historical ones that have worked for thousands of years, including religious and secular ones. Most of the best relate how to live a good life and get along better with others and the ones I have been publicly espousing over the last year are working based on the response. Municipalities often do traffic studies and so do I, or I notice how people are generally treating each other better. When I briefly went back to the area and Eaton Centre on Sunday dressed down and bummy instead of my Saturday spiff, I didn't say anything at all. I just casually acknowledged all of the people saying hello to me while turning my big turtle-shell backpack towards anybody that ran at me all nervous like it is a football game. Most people can see how annoying it is to have that happen and it seems to be slowing down too.


"No more stupid, pointless, gender-struggle,
'Cause I don't want my people to be, in so much trouble,
Soon we'll find out who is, the real revolutionary,
'Cause I don't want my people to be, contrary,

And brother you're right, you're right, you're right, you're right,
You're, so right,
We gon' fight, (we gon' fight!), we gotta fight, (we gon' fight!), we gotta fight,
Fighting for our rights,
Mash it up, in a big loud way (big loud way!)
Canada a-liberate, big loud way..."

- Paraphrasing Bob Marley, "Zimbabwe", (Survival)


Anyway. As the all-purpose calm-down and forget about it entreaty goes. Relax.

I really think we can do this. I just need to be able to get enough money to continue.

This is why I am soliciting anonymous donations. Then nobody has to commit to get it.

Hence, my customary refrain. If this happens, then great. Otherwise I will have to give up.

What choice do I have? In this system the more truth you tell the less money you can make.

So, I gambled and hopefully will receive enough donations to say what the people need to hear.

Of course I can act normal. I just don't want crazy stuff to be normal. That's why I act up too. Seen?


"Complain about the gloom but, when’d you pick a broom up?
Just listening to Pac, ain't gone make it stop,
A rebel in your thoughts, ain't gon make it out,
If you don’t become an actor, you’ll never be a factor...

... I think that all the silence, is worse than all the violence,
Fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it,
We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth,
So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you,
Sometimes I’m like the only person I feel safe to tell it to,
I’m locked inside a cell in me, I know that there’s a jail in you,
Consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few,
My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally getting through...

It’s so loud Inside my head
With words that I should have said!
As I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said..."

- Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey, "Words I Never Said", (Lasers)


Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey



Donation Option

Helping people out as a performance artist who shares good relationship advice with lots of people at once so they all see each other and feel empowered enough to use it is working and hundreds a day casually say hello. With no hat to receive money, people can simply donate anonymously to say thanks.

Patrons of the arts have been around for centuries and today people donate to support independent artists finishing albums and more. As someone who has positively influenced our culture by putting ideas out that clearly help lots of men and women relax and get along better, I truly appreciate your support.

Please feel free to visit any TD Bank to deposit any amount of money to help me continue to help people this way. Besides this option, see others below.

TD Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898





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