Thursday, August 30, 2012

"I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone..."


"I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone..."


Hello Normalville,

Just a quick head's up, while everyone everywhere I go still says hello in casual ways, even places I have never been before like today, I am still sorry to report that I haven't received any donations yet from the million or so people that I have helped relax and get along, which is unfortunate but understandable.

Sorry to make this about me, but if I don't then I won't exist, or at least the public persona that explains things to nearly everyone that nearly everyone nearly everywhere I go knows, or the persona I created who handles things that nearly everyone can't but that nearly everyone wishes were handled anyway.

After all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from an overwhelming number of people who had trouble saying or doing anything about their biggest problem, or men and women falling apart and harassing each other verbally and physically on a regular basis, and after trying and failing to solicit formal conversations to explain things, I was counting on this anonymous donation approach working and people saying thank you and keep it up so I that could stay in business and I still think it can happen.

If it does, then I can use the large amount of money I receive from large and small donations to find much better ways to promote better ways for men and women to feel better and empower each other more consistently since that is what I have been doing on my own dime and it has been working.

If it doesn't, then I will be unable to continue, or maybe I will in a different form, and to quote Drake:


"Yeah girl it’s on,
You know what it is when I finally make it home,
I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone,
Yeah I hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone,

And you just tell me what you down for,
Anything you down for,
I know things have changed,
Know I used to be around more,

But you should miss a little when I’m gone,
I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone, gone, gone..."

- Drake feat. Lil' Wayne, "Miss Me", (Thank Me Later)


If I had the resources then I would smash all of this emasculating and de-feminizing B.S. to bits, or at least give people some options to deal with and to reject it if they want to and many seem to.

Heck, even without them and just blowing through my own I am doing a great job based on the evidence I see and point out that people casually and consistently respond to as I am explaining it.

I also know thanks to the media coverage that a poor beautiful blond girl who went on vacation in Europe and hit her head and wound up in a coma without travel insurance raised $130,000 for her treatment and flight back to Canada. This is a great sign of humanity in people and a good thing to happen and I am glad it did and that she may be alright.

All I need is for people to donate that kind of money to me for their own self-interest so that I can continue to feed back to the the ideas that are working to help them relax and get along better.

Frankly, I don't care about anything else unless I have to since it's 2012 and I am on point and rocking this funky joint, so whatever, it is what it is. I know what to do about this with what I have and get.

Just today at a cafe after running into a friend and being joined by others, I was explaining things while tons of people were casually saying hello by looking over and politely and briefly acknowledging me while I politely and briefly acknowledged them back, or flirting a bit like many of the girls do.

People are surprised at how simple and easy I make obvious solutions to common problems it has been working, or men are acting less and less like women and consequently bothering women less and less; while women are relaxing and acting more feminine and respecting their relationships more, among other improving situations. People are reacting to me explaining this in sheepish ways like they know it was happening and in many cases want to forget, so hopefully they can as long as the vestigial remnants are brought under control and not allowed to flare up again.

Therefore, before I fade away into non-existence after leaving the downtown core and not returning on a regular basis for a while, I am still requesting that people make it cool to financially support me in my efforts.

Nobody has to do anything except react to my efforts if they want to, which is what has been happening.

If I have to act normal then I can't do this like normal people can't and nothing will get done about it, or hopefully people can simply build on what has been accomplished so far on their own and with others.

Of course, I can act normal, but that simply means I can't help lots of people since most normal people don't want to and I won't be able to if I have to act normal and ignore horrible stuff becoming normal again.

Most normal people probably don't really want to just suffer, ignore and complain instead of explain when it comes to the issues I am dealing with, but they're stuck doing that anyway absent other options.

If things flare up again and they are unable to deal with them like most normal people are, then so be it. I tried my best, or I tried something that worked anyway, which is good enough isn't it? 

I guess we'll find out.

Finally, to avoid the time it takes to write these blogs and hopefully have a better impact and either share these ideas or keep them for posterity, I am doing a series of audioblogs to explain what I have seen, learned and done and how it works to share with a bigger audience.

I have seen people falling apart and bothering each other in similar ways in Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga and other parts of Ontario, Atlanta, Detroit and Florida, so I assume that similar solutions will work. All I have to do is explain the techniques and anyone can do them.

Or, maybe not, who knows?

Either way, if it doesn't happen and I can't do it, then I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone...


Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne



Public Speaker

Helping people out as a public speaker who shares good relationship advice with lots of people at once so they see each other and feel empowered enough to use it works. Hundreds a day say hello, which is why I continue. With no hat to take donations, people can simply donate anonymously to say thanks.

TD Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Patrons of the arts have always existed and today people often donate to support independent artists finishing albums and more. As someone who positively influences our culture by sharing ideas that help men and women relax and get along, I appreciate your help so that I can continue to evolve this approach.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.



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