Monday, May 24, 2010

TTS Press Release -- G20 + TTS History?





Heya TTSsential,

I wanted to float the idea of writing a TTS press release that details our history and our thoughts on the upcoming G20 summit. I'll have to get permission from Mark and Junior of course, but I'm also wondering if people generally think it's a good idea and have anything to contribute as well. We've done a lot of great work (check YouTube) and tons of people know and like and support TTS in the City of Toronto, so I'll be G-ddamned if I let some recent bullsh-t mess us up. If there's interest and feedback then I'll spend a few hours carefully pounding out a sword with a pen, we can all vet it after before the final version is sent out. Please let share any thoughts.


(BTW, excuse my language, I know people don't like profanity, but it's currently being used wrong. Ahh, the kids. Even the grown ones. So, I hope to help change that too so we aim more of those words more often at the bad guys instead of each other. That would be more fun. Anyway, side issue.)




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