Friday, May 21, 2010

That's why I keep trying to end this pointless religious masturbation: it is easily the most dangerous thing in the entire world.


Hi [redacted],

Thanks for your email, Bill C-6 is the type of thing that we can act on together. If most TTS members decide to contact key people at the same time in a coordinated effort, then we can probably get some answers. We should also be in touch with Senator Elaine McCoy, she helped push it back last time.


On the religious stuff, I hate seeing good Christians being fooled by the NWO into destroying their own religion when it could help us beat them. The utter hypocrisy of just preaching "I have the answer!" without proving it by doing anything is exactly why most people don't respect it. Otherwise everyone would.

TTS Christians should look to the best "Christian Truthers" for inspiration. They've beaten their programming and don't try to justify acting like lazy hypocrites. I have a relationship with G-d too. I talked about it with D after Spooky Dave's email arrived right on time. The difference is I don't just say it. I try to prove it.


Canadians are "soft" because we've had it so good. Canadian truthers act just like all Canadians by making excuses to avoid doing anything. When it comes to religion, that's a powerful excuse in peoples minds, but many will end up bitter raving lunatics, destroyed by their own hypocrisy of preaching without doing.

That's the NWO's plan, so we should beat it no matter what we believe. This is not a battle of wills with ANYBODY who suggests we do anything. They just provide options. This is a battle of wills with ourselves. If we see we can do something and make ANY excuses for not, we're just justifying our own laziness.


People often suggest that I quit TTS, or the listserve. They can see that after all the work I've put in, it just takes a random stranger to say stupid stuff for people to forget all of it. However: that's the reason I don't. I can see how sad it is that people would rather attack me than use my ideas to work together.

See, I see TTS just like I see the rest of Canada, or we're good but scared people who don't know what to do. Many will escape into "new age" fantasies of "We're all just spiritual energy beings" or mainstream religions "G-d will save me for sitting on my ass". It's the same crap. You can SEE the mind control.


That's why I keep trying to end this pointless religious masturbation: it is easily the most dangerous thing in the entire world. You can see by our recent complete lack of activism being vigourously justified. The worse things get: the more we'll just furiously masturbate over how special we must be. It's crazy.


Unless anyone can say otherwise: then we all know that Toronto deserves far better from Toronto Truth Seekers.

The NWO has a plan to make our group of 368 compassionate people act completely selfish and useless.

However: we know that TTS members know better, have options, know what to do, and can do it.







Blogger Doug Plumb said...

Toronto was lucky to have TTS. We stood out there and handed out thousands of DVD's in the heat and the cold and took all kinds of ridicule with absolutely no thanks whatsoever.

Tell me who has done more in Toronto for less in return.

You are angry, we are all angry. I was talking to someone in a hair salon today who was complaining about a five year old girl she heard about wired with explosives trying to get into a military base we have over there. She was talking about how "they don't deserve our help". It never dawned on her the desperation those people felt to try this in the face of unimaginable evil - the kind of evil that burns people alive (with white phosphorus) instead of using bullets because its more economical.

Most people are getting it, hopefully, someone will figure out what to do.

For some encouragement check out this blog - people in high places are waking up.

People in this military town I live in are waking up.

From what I know asking people how they woke up - most people say its because someone gave them a DVD - someone doing the thankless job that we did.

People don't know why this is happening, the next step for them to learn is that this is happening because we don't have sovereign governments. Our governments are beholding to the banks - they are owned by the banks because the corporation of Canada is in debt to the banks. The corporation of Canada is not our just government. We don't have a just government.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Doug Plumb said...

Try doing what I do, grab yourself a copy of Aristotle, Rousseau, Neitzsche, Ellul, Leonard Woolf, Mills, Strauss or someone else. I've read those this year and it isn't easy. Try it sometime.

I'm starting to see a grander truth and fundamentally what is happening. Maybe one day I'll have the words to penetrate this more deeply and in a more profound way. Maybe someone else will.

Its a war of words and rehtoric, and not an easy one.

Just do something that no one else is doing. Or hand out DVD's.

8:20 PM  

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