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Pot activist Marc Emery on his way to U.S. jail vs. 75 THINGS TO FREE MARC EMERY


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no worries meng, i interviewed marc emery twice in '07 and '08 for CKLN radio and met him again at freedom fest, he's a great guy, so i'm only trying to pass on one point that he gave me to stress: he was doing everything LEGALLY in canada, until they decided it was illegal, then legal, then illegal, and so on. that's how it goes for a lot of marijuana activists, or they keep bouncing around different courts, etc.

my only point was that our government knew exactly what he was doing, and so did the u.s. government, for several years as a public figure. so for them to go after him and retro-actively charge him with "trafficking" is insane. yeah, sure he "moved dat greeeen!" to paraphrase jeezy, who'd probably say "whiiiiiite!", but he did it with our governments permission. hell -- he even gave da queen her damn TAX money! ;-P

agreed on charging the yanks who shouldn't have been buying it if the feds have any beef, though of course that would suck too. the whole thing is shady: how did the u.s. let magazines clearly sell "seeds" and have them openly cross their border if they didn't want it done? on the "legalization" vs. "de-criminalization", i'm not talking about theory, or what could happen, i'm talking populist about practice that has happened here.

we've had and still have situations where -- in practice -- de-criminalization is accepted, or if the cops see it, they don't see a "crime" for whatever reason. there were canadian cops guarding the u.s. consulate against a few dozen pothead activists yesterday who were smoking pot openly on university avenue. as i get it, "legalization" involves the defining and application of "laws", like with cigarettes, but you might be technically right.

on the banks and drug companies working together, just see the "CIBC Run 4 The Cure!" and almost all the rest of that crap. hell, the banks are taking over and sponsoring everything. they're the only ones with the money left to since they print most of it out of thin-air when created by the money we decide to borrow and pay back at-interest. meanwhile, with fractional reserve banking, they lend out 100x as money much as they created out of thin air.

fyi, that's how dese f--kers bought the world. there's a great film by the producer of "trading places" (with eddie murphy) on this that i've included below, it's essential viewing at this time.

anyway, if you want to see how homeboy's doing, just shekkit, and you've gotta hand it to them, these "potheads" really got their friggin' sh-t together way, way more than most people...

Pot activist Marc Emery on his way to U.S. jail

VANCOUVER—Canada's so-called “Prince of Pot” is on his way to the United States to serve a five-year prison sentence for shipping marijuana seeds to Americans.


Submitted by Mandy Potter on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 10:51pm

Want to help get Marc Emery out of a prison sentence and end cannabis prohibition, but don't know what to do? Here is a list of 75 things you can do to help Marc get out of jail – ideas that can also be used to end the war on drugs!

The chart below includes 75 ways to help, with ratings on effectiveness, risk, and cost.



America: Freedom to Fascism



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FYI, if you're interested, these two interviews can help us understand the world.



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