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The Toronto kNWO's Meet-Up + The PFT ClimateGate Assault


Press For Truth Assaulted By Security Thug While Covering Al Gore Event

I recently attended an Al Gore event here in Toronto Canada to cover the latest information regarding climate change. We were there no longer than one hour when security guards kicked us off the grounds. We left their private property and proceeded to the public sidewalk outside their property line. Thats when one security guard assaulted my camera man/ PFT member Mark and almost broke my camera. I could see the red and white in his hands as he squeezed my camera in an effort to break it. This goes to show the unprecedented lengths authorities will go to in order to silence alternative media. Truth is on the rise. We are clearly having an effect in this information war and the time to stand up against the new world order is upon us now more than ever.

Fight the good fight,
Press for Truth.
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The Toronto kNWO's Meet-Up: Sat, Nov 28th, 12 - 6 pm, Dundas Square


Hello TTS Family & Friends,

Our first Street Action of our 2009 series was on June 13th. That means this Saturday will be our 25th in a row. That means we've been on the streets of Toronto consistently every Saturday for nearly 6 months.

We have evidence that we're making a big difference in this city. As we expand our efforts and show people what they can do worldwide to defend their rights and freedoms, we should see more articles like these:

Two H1N1 clinics to close

CBC News | Nov 26, 2009

Toronto Public Health is planning to close two of its 10 swine flu vaccination clinics by the end of Sunday. The two clinics slated to close are those at the Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreation Centre in Parkdale and the Melody Public School near Wilson and Weston roads.

Both clinics have seen a drop in attendance, said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, director of communicable disease control for Toronto Public Health.

We're fortunate to have conflicting "official" numbers of people who've taken the H1N1 shot, one of our recent concerns. In a heavily propagandized downtown core of 3 million, this isn't as bad as it could've been:

All H1N1 clinics in GTA open to general public

Toronto Star | Nov 17, 2009

"We have already provided more than 150,000 H1N1 shots to people in the high-priority groups through a combination of our own public clinics and our strong network of family physicians," said Dr. David Mowat, Medical Officer of Health for the Region of Peel. "It's time to move on."

Unfortunately, our public health officials aren't satisfied with shooting-up just 0.05% of Torontonians full of dangerous chemicals. So, as they expand the program, those of us who kNWO better should shut it down.

But, since they know that many people will go along to get along, they'll probably inflate numbers like this, which in no way reflect our personal experiences with respect to those we know who've taken the H1N1 shot:

One quarter of Canadians immunized for H1N1: Top doc

Toronto Star | Nov 16, 2009

Dr. David Butler-Jones says Canada is leading the world when it comes to the percentage of the population vaccinated.

They're also planning on co-opting the "resistance" to the H1N1 shot with a ridiculous new ad campaign aimed at students. Sorry for including so many links, but this crazy story has to be seen to be (diss-)believed:

Ontario tells students to 'Join the Resistance' and get an H1N1 flu shot

Canadian Press | Nov 27, 2009

TORONTO — Ontario has launched a $650,000 ad campaign to encourage college and university students to roll up their sleeves for the H1N1 flu shot. Ontario's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, is encouraging students aged 17 to 24 to "Join the Resistance" against the flu.

We're also a massively "greenwashed" city, with state propaganda everywhere and the UN - ICLEI head office at Richmond and Spadina micro-managing municipal "sustainable development" policies worldwide.

Fortunately the "ClimateGate" scandal recently broke, with 62 mbs of hacked emails from East Anglia University revealing how top UN climate scientists threatened others questioning man-made global warming:

ClimateGate For Dummies | Nov 27, 2009

On Thursday 19th November 2009 news began to circulate that hacked documents and communications from the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climate Research Unit (aka CRU) had been published to the internet. The information revealed how top scientists conspired to falsify data in the face of declining global temperatures in order to prop up the premise that man-made factors are driving climate change.

Between this scandal and how authorities are handling it, including our good friends at being manhandled at Exhibition Place, we can see that we have to take advantage of this huge leak now:

Press For Truth Assaulted By Security Thug While Covering Al Gore Event

Infowars | Nov 26, 2009

... Thats when one security guard assaulted my camera man/ PFT member Mark and almost broke my camera. I could see the red and white in his hands as he squeezed my camera in an effort to break it.

So: as we can see we still have a number of issues to work on. Please RSVP, bring flyers, dvd's, etc., dress warmly, be polite and courteous as usual, and things should go well and continue to get better.



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