Friday, November 13, 2009

The Pay It Forward Meet-Up: Sat, Nov 14th, 12 - 6 pm, Dundas Square


Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009.


Announcing a new Meetup for Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)!

What: The Pay It Forward Meet-Up: Sat, Nov 14th, 12 - 6 pm, Dundas Square

When: November 14, 2009 @ 12:00 PM

Dundas Square
Yonge & Dundas
Toronto, ON

Heya TTS Family & Friends,

After three months of passing out information at Dundas Square every Saturday for several hours, we've left the city in great shape to combat the major putsch for H1N1 vaccinations. People were and are suspicious of the shot, and our on-site truther intell at one vaccine clinic reveals no line-ups, just handful of people making their decisions based on their faith in science instead of scientific information. It's sad, but it can change.

Since our very public position on this issue (e.g. "Don't Get Shot", "The Shot is the Pandemic", etc.) is already recognized by a variety of (very) independent people, it stands to reason that virtually anyone can understand it. If they can see it, most will likely agree with the information, especially from people they trust. We can either trust the "experts" we're all given on TV; or alternative ones from people we know and trust.

While many people shy away from discussing controversial issues, many people also discuss the ones we're all given by our media to discuss. While many of our problems emanate from the same source, when they choose to shine a spotlight on one, we might as well look at what everybody is being given to look at to help them figure out what it is, plus save people's brains. In a nutshell: The Shot is the Pandemic. Don't Get Shot.

Some people may receive - and - decide not to share this information, but as long as some do, then we all have a chance to eventually reach everyone. While the "Pay It Forward" (2000) concept from the film sounds cheesy, since it works, we should probably use it. Many conspirienced researchers have said: once people know how dangerous vaccines are, many feel compelled to share it, especially with others having children.

For practical purposes and with limited time, we should not only engage in conversations about things, but also in conversations that help people figure out what to do about things. How can people "pay it forward" when they want to warn others about vaccines? How can they make better decisions about their health, wealth and relationship after learning about the New World Order control system? How do they fight back?

Please RSVP when you can. We'll be with our customized truth-buggies (with 24 cm rims! :-) at the south-west corner of Yonge and Dundas from 12 pm - 6 pm. Bring flyers and dvd's on various issues, dress warmly and clean-cut, invite whomever for whenever, etc. As long as we're polite and respectful we should have no issues. We can do many things at Dundas Square, but after three months of success, we should be there.

Warm regards,



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incidentally, sorry about this, i usually like posting the meet-ups on tuesdays to give people time to plan and RSVP, but as i've said recently, i've been having problem with my bought and paid-for onezone wireless. it worked fairly well early in the day as you could see from my posts. but, after i finished writing the latest meet-up, i spent from 4 - 7 pm trying to get online and post it with no success at all. for 3 hours. after it had worked reasonably well for the previous 5 hours. very strange.

anyway, stuff happens and it's no big deal. i'm at king and john right now and my onezone wireless is working fine, so who knows what the problem is. i called their tech support line prominently displayed on their website, but all they told me was "trying getting closer to the window" than the 15 feet away i usually am. this is ridiculous. either way, if i can't communicate for some reason all my ideas are out there, so if anyone wants ways to beat the new world order, they're not hard to find.

outside of that, we can start moving from defense to offense in our conversations.

the new world order is coming out in the open fast, so we can point at it.

check out this article, i read some of it on the radio this morning.

The Washington Post

One World Government? Globe may not be big enough.

By Dana Milbank
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New World Order came into being at 4:25 Tuesday afternoon.

It arrived at the Capitol, until that moment the seat of American government, in the form of the stooped and bespectacled figure of Ban Ki-moon, who as U.N. secretary general is the de facto leader of what conspiracy theorists call the One World Government. One floor beneath the Senate chamber, Ban, a South Korean national, took his place behind a lectern bearing the Senate seal and spelled out his demands.

"I would certainly expect the Senate to take the necessary action; that's what I have encouraged the senators," he told reporters as a trio of lawmakers stood at his side. He added an admonition for the chamber to deliver "as soon as possible."

The One World Government has specific requirements, Ban added, namely a "legally binding" commitment to "25 to 40 percent greenhouse gas reduction . . . as recommended by the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

Uh-oh. A U.N. official standing in the Capitol telling U.S. lawmakers what binding commitments intergovernmental authorities expect from them? Glenn Beck was going to burst a blood vessel.

( NOTE: I said on the radio that mentioning Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or any of the main media "right-wing" villains as believing this stuff was a way to make sure people on the "left" refuse to believe any of it It's tricky stuff to beat.).