Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change Worth Discussing: Do The Sleeve Sneeze?


Q: "Chill-out, it's just so we don't spread germs!"

A: "Okay [redacted], no problem. I have issues with being told to do this like we're children by millions of tax-dollars worth of signs everywhere, and I'm afraid I'll continue to, otherwise we'll see more until we finally become children. But, it's an interpretation, so to each their own.

I'd recommend other areas on this to explore. Discussing this particular decision by the City to tell us adults something we should already know, or how to deal with "sneezing", isn't really a good use of time relative to others. As for the kids, that's what parents are for, I think.

IMHO, disagreement (which you initially had) doesn't mean dislike, so hopefully all of us will continue discussing stuff like this, or big changes to our environments (living areas) until we get to the bottom of it. Anyway, I do hope you're well, please be in touch as you'd like".




"This is f--king wasteful, retarded and insulting."




"The shit is ridiculous,
I hope it's acceptable,
If I don't be respectable,
Just know I'm in grind mode,
Like a real nigga s'posed to,
Stay down, maintain,
Like a real nigga s'posed to, ayyye..."

- Young Sneezy, "The Recession"



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