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H1N1 @ A Time: Saving Private Hovito


Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Russell Blaylock part 1 of 4



Anatomy of a Scare

By Sharon Begley | NEWSWEEK
Published Feb 21, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Mar 2, 2009

When one study linked childhood vaccines to autism, it set off a panic. The research didn't hold up, but some wounded families can't move on.



okay dood, done, this is me giving a f--k, hope you do too.



yo dood,

i'm glad to hear you're open to it. we can act like kids, play all day and destroy our brains like we're supposed to, but once we have a kid, we should do some homework too. it's amazing how many parents won't. that's gotta change.

sorry i flipped in the voicemail, but i'm serious. i woke up pissed-off at having researched stuff for 5 years that many of my friends won't look at -- even to help themselves. so, i'm expecting a lot of casualties of crap they could avoid.

on the article, newsweek lies too-often to just guess whether or not to trust them. so, you can read their stuff to get confused, and then read someone who's more consistently honest for clarity. ("fool me once, shame on you... but twice?")

incidentally, unless you have to, don't send me any more stuff to debunk. i've done it for years, so i'm done beating the hell out of every piece of mainstream crap people try to test me with. i've got way better stuff. people can check it out.

on the specifics, the first thing they say is rubbish. they said: "we'll guess measles is related to it, then we'll look for evidence of it, and if we don't find it, then the shot is fine." they clearly said they chose to apply just ONE hypothesis.

and: they do this a lot.

if they were serious, they would study ANY potential effects of ALL the vaccine ingredients, not just settle on it being one thing or nothing. the whole article is full of this crap. it pimps "in over 10 years of research" they haven't found anything.

so: take your damn shot.

it's to fool you. the problem is they don't look for any real clues on purpose, including the magical science-y stuff suggested by hundreds of medical doctors asking questions from a peer-perspective. yes, it's 100% true: they won't listen to "doctors" questions.

i (mp) campaign managed for one last october.

there are hundreds of others blackballed.

or hell, here, even jim carrey knows.

The Judgment on Vaccines Is In???

but: since "we" can listen, we should

i've attached a 47 second clip of dr. mayer eisenstein explaining how tough it is for parents of autistic kids, dr. russell blaylock's article on how [redacted] can detox from the H1N1 shot right now, a video about the same thing, and some more stuff.

so: take a few hours and shekkit... :-)


p.s. we give out hundreds, so i'll also drop off "The Vaccine Agenda" DVD with a great film called "Vaccine Nation" that shows tons of parents bitching about this to congress in the 90's, etc. the whole DVD is 6 hours, but after about 2 you get the idea.


(thx! ;-)


Canadian H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects Collection


Russell Blaylock, MD – What To Do If Force Vaccinated


Urgent: What to Do If You Cannot Avoid Flu Shots or are Exposed to Virus Shedding


Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Russell Blaylock part 1 of 4

How can you detox from the shot?


Vaccines: A Bullet to the Head

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
November 22, 2009

It seems people often need to experience a bullet to the head before they will believe bullets can be deadly…and then they rue the day they ignored warnings about playing with loaded guns.

Vaccination seems to hold a similar place. People ignore words of caution and roll up their sleeves to get a flu shot. It seems they think getting a vaccine is the same as taking a multivitamin, and equally as benign. But when serious adverse events occur, such as Guillain-Barre paralysis, a seizure disorder or even a death, a jolt of reality lays bare just how damaging a “simple vaccine” can be.



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