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Street Knowledge + How Bin Laden put the word out: get Russell Crowe

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I hope all are well, the title refers to a throwback BBC article brought up in conspirienced conversation the other day, the Guardian version is below. Basically the FBI said after 9/11 that Bin Laden might want to blow up Russell Crowe's ego, it's bigger than the Twin Towers and would require more explosives, so they kept an eye on him! ;-)

How Bin Laden put the word out: get Russell Crowe

Meanwhile, last Saturday's street-action in Dundas Square went well thanks to Mark's "9/11 Truth Buggy" providing visibility and a great place for truth-schwag. We're in great shape as lots of people checked it and us out and saw us chatting with curious or supportive people. A few even hung around behind us to overhear conversations, flattering stuff.

People are asleep, a-scared, a-screwed or whatever, but...

...what are the people who can actually save the country to do?

Thanks to Obama giving trillions to banks and amnesty to torturers, plus all the other hell breaking lose while play-time is still ramped up, we're lucky most Canadians know we're not "wrong" for asking the questions we are, or for being on the streets doing it. Many actively sought out flyers or DVD's, including those who knew little but suspected much.

"You can't sell the truth unless you look happy you bought it."

Seeing this also reminds us of our professional responsibilities in very safe conditions (unlike avoiding bombs dropping in IraqAfghanistan) to warn our fellow Canadians of what's happening and ensure they have a chance at protecting their health and wealth and our country's sovereignty. The more Canadians we meet the more chance we have of finding them.

"Never settle on a powerless conclusion."

Once again I'm hoping every official and unofficial leader in the truth movement across Canada (meaning everybody) calls for weekly street-actions on Saturday afternoons at 1 pm in the nice weather for the next while, especially before people decide to take to the streets in "summer of rage" (UK papers) anger. Seeing and being seen by thousands of people can work.

A few things have become clear after years of doing this:

1. Being nice and polite ensures that people who don't see us the first time may take a chance at another opportunity if they see us in the same place. It also gives us a better reputation internationally since we're all on the same team. Each positive interaction with a truther makes it much easier for the next truther to finally crack open that curious mind.

2. Instead of taking our frustration or anger out, which new truthers and disruptive spooks sometimes do, or instead of advertising the "Truth!" which implies we have a monopoly and everyone else is a liar, we should just calmy and politely share what we have or accept when others don't want to take it, especially since nobody takes every flyer they're offered.

3. Most people know that nearly 8 years ago "9/11 Was An Inside Job!", or something like it, but they've already made compartmentalized peace with that. Therefore, we have to update our approach to include current questions on peoples minds in our truther-schwag. We can invite questions on most topics to learn what they want - or - share what we know.

4. One person standing there looks crazy, but two people looks like they're not too-crazy to make a friend, so it works fine. Based on the time spent it's important to move a lot of product to make it worth it, so a minimum of two people ensures that. Buddy was nervous at first, but since we won't be thrown to lions like olde school Christians, he chilled out.

5. Truthers often crawl out of the woodwork to say hello and re-connect with rare like-minds. Many seem energized by the interaction and may join next time; energize the actioners; and give passerby some serious gawkery. Seeing people on the street in the middle of the day intelligently trumping each other ranting about the powers-that-be-evil can be interesting.

6. Christians are out in full-force defending their religion under attack. I know, I've been converting them. Once they know how their faith has been messed with like everything else, and to follow Jesus "works" to fix our society and save G-d's children instead of just selling metaphysical afterlife salvation for their own, about half get it right away, the rest get close.

7. Megaphones work in sporadic bursts - and - if we use our time to appeal to what people can do instead of trying to shame them with what they don't (or don't want to) know. Customers double once they hear us clearly saying we're here to help and taking our own time, money, energy and goodwill to share what we've learned with our fellow Canadians.

Good talking-points include:

"Let us help our media by sharing the truth until we all know it so they can finally talk about it!"

"Why are they constantly spying on our phonecalls and emails? We need to know the truth!"

"Let us help our good law-enforcement officers serve and protect us by exposing the truth!"

"We all know that governments and corporations are corrupt and we need to stop them!"

"Let's work with the millions of people around the world who know what's going on!"

"The bad guys get power by keeping secrets, we get power by exposing them!"

"If it's stupid then laugh at it... if it makes sense then enjoy it!"

Seriously, that last killer-line works fantastically and should be shared internationally. It makes sense across all ages and races and logics and makes sure nobody is afraid of a DVD they can stop watching or piece of paper or what's on it. Frankly the whole "convincing" people thing is silly: if it made sense to us it can make sense to someone else, we just have to work on it.

Truthers often say "Nobody wants to listen!" when it's not exactly true. Singers who never practice and then attempt to warble out a song will often get the same response. Practice makes perfect, so being on the streets in real-world (not exercise) scenarios will help us practice listening - which empowers others - and speaking - which empowers us.

Anyway, there's more but this is a humble email and we're busy fighting the New World Order, or helping people, the latter is a better bet. A truther recognized and approached me recently and said a non-truther friend told him how to get people to listen: "Instead of fighting the dark, why don't you be the light?" The customer is always right.

Good luck, God speed, Go get 'em, Get ready to win! :-P




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