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Conversations on Friday the 13th Part Deux, Part 2: Just One More in November 2009! :-P


5 Facts About Friday the 13th – Thu Mar 12, 12:30 pm ET

If Friday the 13th is unlucky, then 2009 is an unusually unlucky year. This week's Friday the 13th is one of three to endure this year.

The first came last month. The next is in November. Such a rare triple-threat occurs only once every 11 years.


Preramble: US Military Personnel Pledge To Disobey Government

courtesy of mr. douglas schapira, owen sound free press.

we should roustabout a few canuck ex-law enforcers to co-sign our own version, especially since the same thing will (is) happen(ing) here under NORTHCOM. we know the NWO will probably use foreign troops just like empires always have since there's usually resistance when it comes to policing or murdering one's own people. china even used mongolian troops to put down the tianenmen square demonstrations because they had no problem doing so.

but: if we do this, at least ours might stay home and defend us instead of wandering off to screw someone else.

US Military Personnel pledge to refuse to carry out orders that violate the Constitutional rights of the American people. This includes high ranking officers committed to resisting the New World Order. Please pass this info on to your friends, particularly those who are in the military, police and government here in Canada. We can support our men and women in uniform by passing on this important info and encouraging them to do the same. A militarized police state is being implemented across North America - this can be stopped! Information is Empowerment for all!

Peace & Justice - Through Peace,
Doug Schapira

incidentally, back to the new guns'n'roses "chinese democracy" album for a second, as a friend and i discussed, because there's little promotion and no videos, the songs take on a very personal quality for the individual to appreciate in their own ways. you don't see axl running around in too-tight white bicycle shorts in your head (etc.) because you've never seen the video to any songs, plus outside of a few deliberately conspiratorial songs like "IRS" and others, the lyrics are abstract anti-establishmentarian enough for us to plug in our own fears, hopes and dreams. i'll admit i'm a huge g'n'r fan and played it non-stop for a couple of weeks, but like anything else, if i or anyone else could do that with anything, then it's entirely possibly that someone else will at least like it.


Source -


Sujet: order out of chaos (the chinese bus beheader)

i agree with a lot of what was said and feel bad for everyone involved, but as soon as it happened and i saw it on the news, i mentioned to the people i was with that it was probably faked by the government to increase security on greyhound buses, demonize china in preparation for eventual war like lots of stuff is (search your memory), scare the hell out of us and more. the establishment formula is "order out of chaos", or creating chaos and then imposing their orders on us. it works.

there's more than "one" reason for doing anything, including putting on a pair of pants, so the fact that this happened and was widely promoted is a clue that it's supposed to have an impact on us, including the "not guilty" by reason of insanity stuff. the bad guys at the top know how "people" will react to the news and factor that in to how they promote it. we're supposed to get mad and have torture-fantasies about getting revenge on this guy, so they'll use that against us soon too.

check out "dr. ewan cameron" who worked on CIA mind control experiments in the 70's at McGill University, there's an ABC News special on it floating around as well. it was only exposed because a couple of connected and semi-famous canadians broke their conditioning and blew the whistle. this crap was exposed on the congressional "Church Committee" hearings in 1976 on illegal CIA activities as well.

there's no way a complete stranger with no priors just cuts another guys head off and starts eating him, or stabs him 50 - 60 times...

...especially when that stranger was asleep.

i know the all-purpose "he's crazy!" explanation.

all it does is stop us from thinking of anything else.

that lets people who want to do crazy things get away with it.

i've also heard that authorities stood down for hours while letting a lot of it happen, including the RCMP, or the same punk-snitches who framed The Toronto 18 terror suspects, taking control of the scene and jerking off as usual, allowing it to get worse and worse and worse.

(see CTV News below.)

anyway, the formula for figuring this out is looking at early mainstream news articles before the story gets "standardized" later when it's told again, just like the media forgot the CIA created "Al-Qaeda" and "The Taliban" in the early 80's to fight the russians in afghanistan, something they refuse to bring up today. journalists stumble on details early that are ignored later, that's what a lot of 9/11 Truth is based on. nobody refutes the facts reported, they just conveniently forget to mention them ever again.

a little googling turned this up, why the best trained officers in the country would wait for hours to leave a guy to eat a guy is beyond me...

CTV News

...Cody Olmstead, a Nova Scotia man who was on the bus, said that the killer taunted the men who were blocking the door from the outside.

"He cut (the victim's) head off and then walked up to the door holding it and just looked at them crazy-like and then dropped the head and walked back to the body and started cutting it some more," Olmstead told CTV News from outside a hotel in Brandon, Man., where he and other passengers were taken.

The man was left alone with the body and witnesses say that he performed further indignities to the victim...


...RCMP eventually arrested the man after a standoff lasting several hours, said Oliver.

FYI, this is pretty funny though... ;-)

BBC News

Meanwhile, Reuters reports, the Greyhound bus company has been scrambling to remove all traces of an advertising campaign which used the slogan: "There's a reason you've never heard of bus rage."

The campaign was supposed to have ended but a spokeswoman said some billboards had been found still in place.


Sujet: economics 101 = economic collapse (medianalyshit)

you mean the same "economics classes" that created economic experts who created mass poverty and a coming worldwide depression?

no thanks. ;-)

i'm afraid that's not how it works.

here's a much better economics expert's website.

i've also included the video from the main page below.


the media could make money by telling the truth. in fact, when they do we enjoy and discuss it, like finding a really good cbc "witness" episode that really exposes corruption. i know, a few friends send me stuff they like that really nails the system. it's a few years late, but it's good stuff.

in reality...

the media controls our perception of reality so that their owners can make a lot more money than their shitty little papers and tv shows selling "advertising" or anything else. they can blow up iraq, rape africa and screw us by taxing us 60% of what we make and giving us jack-shit for it.

yes, we have stuff, but not nearly as much as we pay in taxes.

plus, you know the government is wasting our money.

plus, you know the media has lied to us before.

so, you shouldn't automatically trust them.

the media makes a big deal out of certain stories because they're propaganda, that's what's pushed everywhere all at once to get us talking about it in specific ways. once we understand and start repeating it, they build on what they've taught us to screw us even more than before.


you can stick with the "i'd love to torture that guy like in a saw movie!" stuff if you want, you probably forgot the government and media are trying to promote torture and get us to like it, which can't be good for us. if you want to believe in liars and repeat what they say, then you'll be a liar too.

no thanks.

when it comes to the media...

aw hell, here's an old chinese proverb that'll do:

"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me..." :-)


Gerald Celente - Predicts Panic '08


Sujet: uh, hey dood... (less keep it shimple)

no worries dood, you can't read every second sentence or every third word to make sense of anything, but if you read it as it was written it will make sense, it always does to everybody, at least everybody i've explained it to.

the toronto star doesn't bomb countries.

the toronto star helps us cheer for the war in afghanistan.

the corporations that own weapons then get to bomb countries.

the people that own these corporations sit on the boards of each other.

the media is their propaganda arm making sure they can steal shit.

there, now ya dun know.

peace by peace...



Sujet: lockheed martin (and others choose to bomb countries)

you're joking again, right?

i honestly can't tell, so forgive me if i find it funny... ;-)

lockheed martin, the rand corporation, blackwater (now "xe")... the list goes on and on and on and on...

here, don't believe me, let president dwight d. eisenhower warn you 40 years ago, it'll sink in soon...

Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex


Sujet: oh yeah... (sometimes it's obviouser and obviouser)

incidentally, if you think the corporations that spend billions of dollars a year on lobbying and buying politicians don't do that to control countries, their decisions and all the people and resources in them, or if you think the countries that are screwed into becoming slave-labour want it that way, or if you think the people in those democracies "voted" for any of this crap...

...then i just can't help you man.



Sujet: pro gun + antiwar ( = only thing that makes sense)

yeah dude, i'm pro-gun and anti-war, so i've used "peace by piece" or "piece by piece" before, take it if you want, all my stuff is public domain and open source so anybody in the world can use it for whatever.


it's weird in a "get money" and "go for mine" world, but that's why i'm doing it: to get to the truth behind all this crap so we can share and stop it, we can feel in our bones that times are supposed to get "tougher" soon.

or hell: just listen to the media.

they're now scarier than conspiracy theorists.

incidentally, the problem with gun-bans is that criminals were already prepared to do heavy jail-time for a gun-crime before. once they know we're disarmed they'll go wild and rob the shit out of us totally carefree.

new york, chicago, washington d.c. and others have all experience a massive spike in crime after gun-bans, toronto will feel it too, plus of course with the economic collapse it will be far worse everywhere.

meanwhile, towns where people are allowed to carry guns everywhere don't have much crime because criminals know they'll get shot. if i don't shoot you my neighbour might. if you try and shoot up a school you get shot.

switzerland doesn't even keep gun-crime or violent crime statistics because they're so rare. the whole "neutral" country with a small army demands that every citizen keep a gun in their home in case they're invaded too.

that's how it's supposed to work:

de-centralized power and honest money.

people owning the power to defend themselves.

keep in mind that the police don't stop crimes either.

they just show up later and say "i heard you got robbed!"

(i'm jackin' chris rocks voice for that one.)

the media makes us fear normal, law-abiding citizens with guns, but if you just look at what you already know, you'll see that the state with it's monopoly on force is a million times more violent than any individuals.


if the natives had guns there would've been some pedophile priests with holes in them instead of fucked up kids. if we all have guns then we'll keep each other in check. anyone who fucks up gets shot or goes to jail.

peace by piece....



Sujet: and back on topic... (a guy killed and ate a guy, duh!)

if the people on that greyhound bus had guns, the dude who tried to eat a dude would be dead and the dude that got eaten would be alive.

don't be scared of normal people with guns, they're still "normal" people who don't want to hurt anybody or go to jail. they just want protection.

2Pac, Malcolm X and hundreds of other leaders have all made the same point because it's been the same point for thousands of years.

a government only disarms it's people to enslave or kill them.

hell, even gandhi said it was the worst thing the brits did.

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."

- Mahatma Gandhi, "The Story of My Experiments in Truth", pg 444

i've read it and it's in there.

100,000 Brits enslaved 700 million indians.

that's why we need guns.

piece by piece...



Sujet: thanks dawg (a different dawg in the fight)

i'm not sure if i'm "wrong" about anything unless someone can explain it to me, but i will say that taking people on a trip far away from their normal reality can be a bit much, so they'll choose to believe what they want and call the rest crap, until they look into it and find it's not crap.

(btw, if i'm wrong about something, i learn the right answer.)

we've definitely been programmed to discredit people who attack the system. that's why you'll see people quickly defend "banks" and "corporations" while the poor get shafted. that's the way we've learned to communicate and smarter people than i figured this out centuries ago.

the thing is...

we live in conspiracyland.

only most of us don't know it.

nothing else makes sense of the world.

until we make sense of it "we" can't "change" it.

and the people who want to "change" it will do whatever.

the term "conspiracy" has been discredited by spooks to keep us from looking for "conspiracies", or two or more people working in secret to do something illegal or immoral to others.

incredibly, "conspiracy" is also the most common charge in any court of law in the world, or conspiracy commit fraud, theft, murder, etc. as long as we don't look for them we won't find them.

as long as we don't find them the banks can steal $10 trillion right in front of us and we won't see a problem with it, even while we're told our governments are too broke to help us

gotta bounce, maybe we'll record a convo or interview and i can try and break it all down for hip hop canada. young men have always defended their country from evil, at least until now.

check out these articles on the "montreal massacre" from dr. henry makow and maclean's magazine pointing out how men have been emasculated, we have to have the balls to reverse that.

to quote mistah ballzy jeezy: let's get it.


p.s. oh yeah, and this is one more reason why we need to carry guns...


The Men Who Ran Away

March 10, 2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A recent film about the massacre of 14 young women at L'Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 has reignited debate about a little-known aspect of this tragedy: the passive behavior of the 50 young men in the engineering class.

They meekly obeyed the gunman, Marc Lepine, 25, (left) when he ordered them to leave. Lepine proceeded to fire about 30 shots at the women, from left to right, leaving behind 9 victims, 6 of whom died. Before killing himself, he killed another eight women and wounded ten women & four men in the hallways, cafeteria and other classrooms. He reloaded a number of times but no one tackled him.


Excusing the men who ran away

The new film ‘Polytechnique’ sidesteps the old norm of ‘women and children first’

Mark Steyn
March 5, 2009
Maclean's Magazine

On the annual commemoration of the “Montreal Massacre,” the Quebec broadcaster Marie-France Bazzo remarked how strange it was that, after all these years, nobody had made a work of art about what happened that day at the École Polytechnique.

I wonder, in the two decades since Dec. 6, 1989, how many novelists, playwrights, film directors have tried, and found themselves stumped at the first question: what is this story about?

To those who succeeded in imposing the official narrative, Marc Lépine embodies the murderous misogynist rage that is inherent in all men, and which all must acknowledge.

For a smaller number of us, the story has quite the opposite meaning: M Lépine was born Gamil Gharbi, the son of an Algerian Muslim wife-beater. And, as I always say, no, I’m not suggesting he’s typical of Muslim men or North African men: my point is that he’s not typical of anything, least of all, his pure laine moniker notwithstanding, what we might call (if you’ll forgive the expression) Canadian manhood. As I wrote in this space three years ago:

“The defining image of contemporary Canadian maleness is not M Lépine/Gharbi but the professors and the men in that classroom, who, ordered to leave by the lone gunman, meekly did so, and abandoned their female classmates to their fate—an act of abdication that would have been unthinkable in almost any other culture throughout human history. The ‘men’ stood outside in the corridor and, even as they heard the first shots, they did nothing. And, when it was over and Gharbi walked out of the room and past them, they still did nothing. Whatever its other defects, Canadian manhood does not suffer from an excess of testosterone.”

That’s what my film would be about. But don’t worry, the grant from Cinedole Canada seems to have got lost in the mail.



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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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