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bird-flu vaccines scare me more than bird-flu, so be wary of them and ALL vaccines, they're just horrible for you. (see:,, etc.) after pimping this crap a few years ago it's in the back of our minds, or "predictive programming" so they can pull it off in the future after making us vaguely familiar with it. if they order us all report to local centers and roll up our sleeves they can pump us full of crap that makes us very sick. donald rumsfeld owns shares in gilead, makers of the "tamiflu" vaccine, more evil deadly crap that makes him rich.

be wary of ALL this type of stuff, we're in the masonic "revelation of the method" phase where they pretty much reveal all their plans in the hopes that they'll scare us into submission, or confuse and stampede us into cages. it's been done before and we have to resist repeating whatever they give us to repeat in the same ways. it's just like the damned "recession", the economy is a bunch of bullshit scams, but if we take the media's narrative seriously, we'll follow it and keep repeating "smart" excuses for why we're broke until we are. which is their plan.

buncha bastards.

if you want to stop this, download my mixtape package, it has all the answers in the special features "planifesto" and more solutions elsewhere, it's also public domain so anyone can share it or steal shit from it. at this point nobody can say they had no idea what was happening, but if all we do is scare the shit out of each other our NEW WORLD OWNERS will just laugh their asses off. it's just like a fat person talking about how fat they are all the time: that doesn't help them lose weight. we have to talk about how to beat these bastards more to figure it out.

the interview on the isis wisdom show chopped-up lovely over hip hop is another great option, you have the stream on the main community page, but just in case you want to listen to the mp3 independently i've uploaded a copy on that you can podcast, the familiar beats and energy help give us the balls to handle wha'g'wan easier, so we should all try to experiment with creativity and different styles to give others the cojones to handle the info, or do more than just randomly argue with people, but rather create something that 'ayebody gotta respect.



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