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Heya Truerious George's! :-P

I hope all are well and sorry for the delayed mail, our internet has been acting squirrely but it appears to be back. I'm assuming people on this list are leaders in their regions, so please don't take anything I say personally, it's meant to be thought of and shared with your respective flocks if you feel it can help your efforts.

So: Saturday, April 18th at 1 pm in Dundas Square? Hopefully here and elsewhere, once people see us on a regular basis they'll trust us and ask us questions, which should be exactly what we want to help our fellow Canadians while we have the time, money, energy and will to do so. We're in excellent shape at this point.

Frankly, we're hella lucky in this part of the world since 90% of their "control" is psychological, at least for now, though that 10% "physical" is starting to creep up really fast. However, because of this we can honestly get the whole damn "Beat the NWO!" thing done in 6 months, at least in Canada, especially with the numbers we have, at least according to a conversation me, B and D had the other night. We still have to "do" stuff, and the "right" stuff, instead of just worrying about what "they" are doing.

Exhibit A+:

The only thing holding us back is psychological, or people who think it's "too late" well before the "summer of rage" predicted in England and elsewhere as the recession hits, which is insane. So is expecting to head to the woods and wait it out, as if we know anything about the woods or can expect to be "safe" if we let things go to hell. Another issue is people prefer their "questions" to someone else's "answers", something I tried to tackle in the "Planifesto", you can get a copy in the Obamacide album.

Ironically, this is also a problem I've had with girlfriends where I begged them to let me solve their problems during the commercial break instead of taking obscene amounts of wasted time validating their venting. But alas, one's vent is near and dear to them, a mistake we make which helps trap the human spirit in frailer and frailer constructs that we bitterly cling to, until we are so confidently obsessed with our problems that there's no way out of them. It's classical stuff that leads to depression, but it's easy to fix.

Personally, I think it's a craptastic crock courtesy of New World Order social engineering and have stolen brilliant answers from brilliant people like Alex Jones, Alan Watt, Webster Tarpley and everyone else on earth I could find to avoid having any big or small problems that ever bother me, from the New World Order plans to kill us all to my perpetual inability to boil toast, let alone cook anything complicated. Thank goodness for cans, openers, pots and stoves. Once the mind is free it can function properly.

Anyway, I'm just putting it out there because we often forget how incredibly lucky we are, from Alex Jones creating a "market" for "truth" we can tap into that may have never existed if he didn't; to having the absolute freedom to spray-paint "9/11 Was An Inside Job +!" on a sandwich board and wander around singing Bob Marley songs (one of my back-up plans); to simply being able to walk and talk and think freely enough to figure out the stupid little puzzle they gave us that keeps us from rising up.

They're toast.

They over-played their hand and we're all suspicious. The only question is will it happen sooner and with less bloodshed, or later when things get really messy and those of us who survive half to spend half our lives cleaning up the mess. Ugh. No thanks. With unprecedented freedom we should act like we have it to reach others with answers to their questions from our vast knowledge-bases instead of trying to sell them something they don't want. We've got all the market-research we need from just living our lives.

9/11 Truth is key since if we let it die then we'll get slapped with a false flag attack seconds later, but outside of the "10 Things We Need To Know" lists which are stale, we can reverse-engineer more concerns and produce different flyers each week for weekly street actions that also reflect "current" topics people are taught to care about. Our culture gives us plenty to work with and work on, including minds primed for answers. Without a McDonald's Marketing Machine we may need to piggyback what's out there.

We have access to thousands of years of getting it wrong and right.


By now we can definitely get it right.

Good luck... :-)





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