Saturday, April 18, 2009

OPINION: They Hate Him Because He’s Black


Heya Truetelligencia! ;-)

Sorry for the emergency e-blast, but there's a point I'd like to make.

A few years ago when I started at CKLN Radio, my lovely beatific blonde news director asked me what my angle was, we encouraged all kinds. I told her I was investigating some of the less-discussed issues involving the banking system and so on. Since my first freelance report was on the Bilderberg Group in Ottawa, it wasn't much of a surprise. However, I specifically mentioned it was also in-part because the people working on these issues had nobody like me, or nobody young, charismatic and coloured.

They were mostly old, white and Christian people, so I thought I could help.

Almost 3 years later, being one of the better speakers in the world on these issues may come in handy.

Racism is back on the rise as part of their usual "problem + reaction = solution" rubbish to galvanize Obama supporters into mindlessly attacking his critics. Ironically, they don't know or mention what Obama is actually doing in anything but the most generic and incorrect terms. Infowars has a YouTube clip of Janeane Garofalo launching a slanderous attack on the "tea-baggers" being purely motivated by "racism" before Olbermann even had a chance to ask a question, though he dutifully supported her insanity.

Obama’s Followers: More Reprehensible than the Neocons

Racism has worked for millenia, so it's probably going to work again if we don't stop it. Though I've criticized Obama for over a year, including on the radio mocking the fake sniping between him and Hilary during the campaign, even I was a little hesitant at times, so I understand why white "truthers" were scared out of their minds at the possibility of ostracism. And, even though I'd shut down Obamaphilia on the HipHopCanada message boards, with the continuous media push I'm now seeing stuff like this posted.

OPINION: They Hate Him Because He’s Black

Nobody steps to me there because I proved I know more about this stuff, but the relentless and rapidly changing mediascape and people's faith in their "expert" news sources means the memory-hole swallows common sense and replaces it with simpler anger. Between the propaganda attacks on the internet and anyone criticizing government, I'm asking all of you to share the "Obamacide" album package, plus the interview I did on The Isis Wisdom Show, to show people a qualified and coloured critic of Obama.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Obamacide by Black Krishna

The Isis Wisdom Show - Hip Hop Interview

Beyond the above (I just finished a new mixtape attacking the Queen and British Empire), I'd also like to volunteer my services to speak on Obama using either "BK" or "Vijay" wherever you'd like. I'm good at it, and as a "brown guy" I can get away with more than white people in this racially charged climate, including telling the truth. Please keep this in mind as we move forward. If we let the media get away with this most people will be too scared to criticize Obama to dare. The others will be rounded up to cheers.

Good luck out there, the times they are a-changin'.

Depending on the people who change them.




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