Saturday, October 06, 2007

...we don't have "people" we really like or admire...

Are We Being Turned Into Bug-Eyed Faceless Robots?


good for shmoo [redacted]! :-)

you sound and look good, i'm happy to see that, and as long as you find some stuff you really like you'll be fine.

that's another problem today - we don't have "people" we really like or admire, i have a bunch, and i can't wait to listen to, watch or read their stuff every chance i get.

our heroes are zeroes, or "anti-heroes" like "dexter the murderer!" and paris/britney/shillton, and this is part of a bigger plan to depress and dumb us down. i've been putting the solutions out but they don't seem to be taking in e-blast form, still that 100,000+ words serves as my insurance policy as i get louder and prouder with it, and that's the plan.

i'm a broke-ass open-book and you won't catch me shook, and this is part of proving that what i'm saying works.


if you can prove it doesn't then i'll change, if not then you do.

i'll get more active on facebook at some point, but honestly, i don't see it making people happier so i won't get obsessed with it, and i know it's part of making us into machines. there are plenty of good "people" around if we have the balls to be ourselves and look for their humanity in their own eyes instead of online.

i'm glad we ran into your friend [and you guys goofed around] - so the taboos are broken and you can relax and be yourselves.

that's the point:

you can be yourself and be appreciated or you need to find people who appreciate you, and half-steppin' only makes us actors in someone else's play.

if you sell it like it's worth it you'll get 'nuff buyers, that's been my experience, and win or lose i'm having fun with having fun with it... :-)

love, bk


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