Monday, July 31, 2006

Black Krishna on CKLN (Listen)

whassup y'all,

i was on CKLN Radio after The Bilderberg Group had their meeting in Ottawa from June 8 - 11 this year.

for those who don't know, that's the secret group of 130 of the most powerful people in the world, including ancient families who don't "run" banks - they "OWN" them.

the heads of major media, big oil, big arms, and big, evil fascist governments get together once a year to set the "agenda" for the upcoming year. they freely admit they want to discuss "policy" in private and away from public scrutiny, and that they "predict" what they expect will happen over the next year.

we're taught to reflexively defend power (i.e. "aw c'mon - leave those poor billionaires alone - they're probably up to nuthin anyway!") despite the fact that we know money is the root of all evil.

so: don't do that.

understand this meeting is simply a massive insider trading scam, where they make sure they are the only ones who mutually profit and gain power from the big decisions they all make - all while screwing everyone else in the world.

oh yeah, and they've been doing this since 1954.

after years of media silence, this year since it was held in Canada and because journalists had the courage to push the story, it was covered in: The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The CBC, The Ottawa Sun, The Ottawa Citizen, and a handful of other mainstream publications.

the group hadn't been mentioned here before, and may never be since.

on CKLN we discussed what the public wants to know, what the government and media's response was, what sources were trusted to verify information about them, and what role The Bilderberg Group plays in the decay of societies around the world - which by all acounts is an extremely significant one.

think about it... if super-rich and all-powerful people weren't benefiting from the current destruction of the world, and if in fact if they were harmed by it or at least showed some small pangs of conscience: don't you think they'd try to stop it?

check it out if you'd like, it's 8 minutes long and available as the first selection to stream or download off my music site.

hey now, i'm sayin' you can work on whatever you wanna work on - and getcha hustle on too. but, if they change the rules by the time we need them, and if they completely corrupt our intelligence, police, military and other security forces, our various courts and our houses of parliament... soon it won't matter anyway.

if we want to demonstrate, we've got to stop the "free speech zones" from being legalized and normalized - or no one will see us anyway. if hip hop wants to show it's still got balls as well as bling, it's got to come out and help stand up to the endless wars and torture overseas leading to a ramping up of the police state at home.

we gotta chill-out and clique-up and we'll be fine, we'll give each other cover-fire to fend against overly aggressive cops and criticism, and we'll share enough knowledge and build enough connections to stop us from chanting "Heil Harper!" in a couple of years.

he was photographed at The Bilderberg Group meeting in 2003, and make no mistake - if he hadn't impressed them then he wouldn't be Prime Minister now.

hey now, i guess issallgood until it ain't, and i'm just saying...


Peace by patiently persisting with proof...



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P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

Democracy NOW!

Enemy Combatant: Moazzam Begg on his Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar

In February 2002, the British-born Moazzam Begg was seized by the CIA in Islamabad. No reasons were given for his arrest. He was hooded, shackled and cuffed and flown to the U.S. detention facility at Kandahar, then to Bagram airbase where he was held for approximately a year before being transferred to Guantanamo.
The U.S. government labeled him an "enemy combatant." He was never charged with a crime. In all, Moazzam spent three years in prison, much of it in solitary confinement. He was subjected to over three hundred interrogations as well as death threats and torture. At Bagram, he witnessed the killing of two fellow detainees.
In January 2005, he was released from Guantanamo along with three other British citizens. He received no apology or compensation for his imprisonment.

[includes rush transcript]


NPR: National Public Radio

Remembering Tuskegee

Syphilis Study Still Provokes Disbelief, Sadness

Essay by Vanessa Gamble

Read a commentary by Tuskegee Legacy Committee Chair Dr. Vanessa Gamble.

Listen to Alex Chadwick's report.

July 25, 2002 --Thirty years ago today, the Washington Evening Star newspaper ran this headline on its front page: "Syphilis Patients Died Untreated." With those words, one of America's most notorious medical studies, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, became public.

"For 40 years, the U.S. Public Health Service has conducted a study in which human guinea pigs, not given proper treatment, have died of syphilis and its side effects," Associated Press reporter Jean Heller wrote on July 25, 1972. "The study was conducted to determine from autopsies what the disease does to the human body."

The next morning, every major U.S. newspaper was running Heller's story. For Morning Edition, NPR's Alex Chadwick reports on how the Tuskegee experiment was discovered after 40 years of silence.

The Public Health Service, working with the Tuskegee Institute, began the study in 1932. Nearly 400 poor black men with syphilis from Macon County, Ala., were enrolled in the study. They were never told they had syphilis, nor were they ever treated for it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the men were told they were being treated for "bad blood," a local term used to describe several illnesses, including syphilis, anemia and fatigue.

For participating in the study, the men were given free medical exams, free meals and free burial insurance.




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