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Plan BK: The Solutions Presents... A Minifesto + An Email Response to a Right-Hook! :P

hey beb,

good to hear from you, but i'm afraid the "details" are actually "people", and the gang you've joined has convinced you that they're not very important to the "big picture". it's a neat trick - convincing the wealthy they're threatened by the poor, but unless we find a way to act more compassionately it'll come back to screw even the most ardent acolytes, those happily playing along thinking they're doing the right thing. any logic can be used to convince anyone of anything - see the state of the world today, and to justify a continuation of these policies is to institutionalize genocide and repression in the form of dictatorships - or what right-wing advocates at the behest of old-money and the military-industrial complex have done for centuries...

the problem isn't that they're winning, it's that they're winning at any cost, including lying as often as they can to their own followers to make them even more paranoid. this demonization of everyone but yourselves and your perception of the world forces you to cling to fascist policies more tightly, and deny the validity of any other options in a fealty to "realpolitik". it's intellectually weak to suggest that there is "no other point", and that no matter how well-read, well-spoken or well-intentioned they are - and no matter how long they've proven it, anyone who has one is an idiot. but it works, especially on those who are trained against being independent thinkers, and so you don't bother looking at any ideas but your own in any real detail. even then, your own filters work to whittle your chosen analysis down to a few "talking points" that you all share, and much like any gang you have to go along to get along - or you could be mistaken for one of "them".

since any world-view but yours is "wrong" and beneath contempt, that logic can easily be extended to narrowing and constraining opinion even further, and squeezing any contrarian logic out of it that isn't dictated from a central authority. today we can see old-school "conservatives" absolutely furious at the neo-con "big government + big spending + big interventionist" conservatives in power today, and yet, in being loyal to power over principles, new-school conservatives are still supportive of the fascist gravy-train...

it's amazing how they can actually force you to abandon your own foundational bedrock principles by demanding you believe in your new "experts" over your own ability to think freely and dissent against awful prevailing logic. amazing. not unprecedented, but amazing. unfortunately, the precedents weren't pretty.

this is a key difference in "left" vs. "right" thinking today:

we tend to see your raw information widely disseminated through the mass-media and come up with a variety of analysis; or we consume a variety of analysis through the variety of analysis we have available - rarely settling on "group-think" conclusions, which makes marketing our ideas as repetitive and focused "propaganda" much tougher.

you tend to listen to pundits who cripple opposition arguments before they arrive in the mass-media - and focus on demonizing those who deliver them as "naive" or "liars", eventually settling on the same repeatable "group-think" that makes compassionate opinions utterly worthless when up against the needs of "power" to maintain dominance, control and "order". the classic right-wing "you just don't understand how the world works" argument is, well, a "classic", and speaks to how easy it is to convince paranoid people to utterly scorn their intelligent and compassionate peers.

this is among the biggest dangers of right-wing thought, and as we've seen over the last 5 years of neo-con (nee: neo-nazi) ideology playing out in the U.S., they're followers take this approach and morph into impenetrable shields against common sense. maybe your neighbor has a point, maybe it's worth listening to, and maybe if your point is any good you won't be afraid of others that challenge it - and "facts".

the problem?

they're afraid of "others". period.

so... we have crazy people thinking that anyone that doesn't think like them must be crazy.

now that's crazy.

the fascist masters of the universe may win, but the world they'll create isn't one anyone in their right minds would want. so unfortunately they have to drive you all insane first, and get you to support whatever they decide with whatever creative logic they can to convince you that any other logic is useless and not worth taking seriously. the "big picture" was easy for Nostradamus to prophesize pain and freak people out with, all you have to do is believe in the unknown, unknowable and unproveable, and you can be scared incredibly easily. here your ignoring of the "details" in favor of a world-view facilitating the hierarchical ambitions of power by any means necessary over anyone else, means it's absolutely no different. you won't realize that you've been a pawn against your own and everyone else's best interests until you see who's training you to think the way you think, see who's benefiting from it, and are truly open to those who question it.

don't worry, i don't think you're there yet, you're really just loyal to the club you joined, so i guess that's cool for now. however, thanks to people on our side exposing the truth below the surface of the mass-media you see 60% of Yanks disapprove of Bush, and with Harper already drunk on power and hopping about in military flack-jackets like the little wanna-Nazi dictator he is, hopefully Canucks'll be able to see through his scare tactics and kick his pompous ass out soon too...


Prime Minister Stephen Harper gives a thumbs-up before boarding a U. S. Blackhawk helicopter following his visit to a Canadian base in Kandahar. (CP PHOTO/Tom Hanson)

Yahoo! News

Harper tells troops that, despite dissent, Canada's staying in Afghanistan


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Canadian soldiers on Monday that his government will never "cut and run" from Afghanistan, saying to bail out of the dangerous mission as soon as trouble erupts is not the Canadian way.

In a speech to about 1,000 of the troops, he pursued dual objectives - not only trying to boost the morale of those on the ground, but also attempting to counter critics of the mission back home. "There could be some who want to cut and run," Harper declared. "But cutting and running is not my way. And it's not the Canadian way.

"We don't make a commitment and then run away at the first sign of trouble. We don't, and we will not, as long as I'm leading this country."

The soldiers applauded the remarks, and several expressed their appreciation for an unprecedented prime ministerial visit that saw Harper sleep for two consecutive nights on their base.

The outpost has been hit with sporadic rocket attacks in recent weeks, an illustration of the greater danger faced by soldiers in Afghanistan's violent Kandahar province.

Harper made the surprise visit - his first foreign trip as prime minister - to lend support to troops struggling against a stubborn insurgency that has claimed the lives of 12 Canadians since 2002.

He maintained that the mission will help defend all nations against terrorism, while also making a powerful statement that a middle power like Canada can have an impact in the world.

"It's also about demonstrating an international leadership role for our country - not carping from the sidelines but taking a stand on the big issues that matter," he said. "You can't lead from the bleachers. I want Canada to be a leader." Harper will complete his sojourn in the strife-torn country Tuesday, when he meets President Hamid Karzai in the capital Kabul.

Other world leaders, including U.S. President George W. Bush, have visited Afghanistan, but soldiers lauded the length of Harper's trip and his willingness to stay overnight with them as exceptional.

"It's a big deal for the boys," said Warrant Officer John MacPherson, echoing the sentiments expressed by many others. "It lets them know that people back home - especially the government - are thinking of us. He took the time to actually come and see us."

Harper spent the early part of the day on the base Monday, visiting the troops in their quarters and inspecting the armoured vehicles they use when they venture into hostile territory at the risk of being targeted by suicide bombers and roadside explosives.

He also sat down with soldiers in the mess hall for a modest military lunch that included a hot dog.

Harper then hopped on a U.S. army helicopter. The chopper carried him to a nearby base where Canadians are training Afghan police, and helping to build provincial government departments and local infrastructure.

The potential for danger was underscored as the machine-gun-armed helicopter spun around in wide circles as it swooped down toward its fortified destination.

"(It's) just to make it unpredictable," one soldier said of the unorthodox flight path.

Curious locals could be seen gazing overhead from outside their mud huts as Harper's helicopter approached the base, where gun-toting soldiers stood guard.

Insurgents sympathetic to the deposed Taliban government abound in the area, and are believed to control a number of surface-to-air rockets left over from previous wars.

Canadians have experienced first-hand the lethal challenge posed by the insurgents. And many of Harper's political opponents - the NDP, Bloc Quebecois and some Liberals - want a parliamentary debate on whether the mission is worth it.

Harper accused the former Liberal government Monday of doing a poor job communicating to Canadians and preparing them for the inevitable danger the troops would face.

Kandahar's newly appointed governor, Assidullah Khalid, said he asked for even more Canadian help Monday in a meeting with Harper. He did not specify what he requested.

But the governor said Afghanistan needs assistance from countries like Canada - and vice-versa. He said the safety of the world from terrorism demands it.

"I will tell Canadian people . . . if we don't do this (reconstruction) now, today in Afghanistan, tomorrow we will need to do this in Europe and in Canada," Khalid said.

"Ninety-nine per cent of people in Kandahar, all over Afghanistan, they are thinking about peace. They want peace, they want stability, they want reconstruction, and they are tired of war.

"All Afghan people like peace and like your soldiers here, and they respect your soldiers. . . . We need your soldiers, and I'm proud of them."

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SOURCE - http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20060313/ca_pr_on_wo/harper_afghanistan_7

Peace by peace...



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"What you want in a media system is ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity."

- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

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