Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Police Would “Absolutely” Use Force On Wisconsin Protesters


Just a head's up, I heard Webster Tarpley's excellent radio show about what's going on with the people's rebellion in Wisconsin. While he applauds like everyone should, he lets them know they also need to offer alternatives or the whole thing will fizzle out soon. These options involve protesters getting more informed and making sure they carefully explain to everyone else how they not only represent their interests, but also the interests, rights, freedoms and prosperity of everyone where they live.

After virtually ignoring them for decades, the mass media is now suddenly being relentless in their promotion of protests. It's to the point where shadow government propaganda programmers coordinating all this behind the scenes are now almost completely obvious -- unless we get really, really, really into it -- in which case it's happy news we like. Either way, (sigh) it looks like people are going to protest. So, they should add the "info war" educational component Tarpley mentioned above.

Otherwise... we'll just get to enjoy all the violence and none of the policy-changing results we never aimed for. We've seen years of movies and TV shows that show cops and other law enforcement beating the hell out of people and declaring martial law to train both the police and public to accept it. Here we are in a worsening global recession and right on cue people are being encouraged to protest so the cops can do what they're trained to do, often with public support. Let's review ALL our options.


Police Would “Absolutely” Use Force On Wisconsin Protesters

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com | February 22, 2011

Police would don riot gear and “absolutely” use force on protesters in Wisconsin, according to a state law enforcement representative, further stoking fears that the ongoing union demonstrations against a plan by Governor Scott Walker to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees could end in violence.



Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio" Podcast

February 19, 2011



Wisconsin GOP Governor in Neofascist Union-Busting Drive; Mass Strike Dynamic Returns to US After Four Decades of Labor Rout; Koch Strikebreakers of "Tea Party" can be Defeated by Wall Street Sales Tax plus Expanding Strike Front; Turn any GOP Government Shutdown or Default into a Nationwide General Strike

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. | TARPLEY.net | February 20, 2011

Washington DC, Feb. 20, 2011 – After four decades of disillusionment, and demoralization, disorientation and rout of the labor movement, the mass strike is once again abroad in the land. In dozens of state capitals, reactionary Republican governors and runaway legislatures, trading on the primitive slogans of the astroturf “Tea Party” movement, and controlled by sinister billionaires like the Koch brothers, are attempting to implement their lunatic agenda of tax cuts and deregulation for the super-rich, while attempting to shift the costs for Wall Street’s world economic depression onto the backs of working people. The reactionary attack is now so ferocious that it is goading increasing numbers of American working people into actions of self-defense, leading US workers to put aside the apathy and passivity which have prevailed in the labor movement since the Nixon administration.



P.S. Bad news on the vaccine front... make sure nobody gets shot.


Parents lose high court appeal in vaccine case

Associated Press | February 22, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court closed the courthouse door Tuesday to parents who want to sue drug makers over claims that their children developed autism and other serious health problems from vaccines. The ruling was a stinging defeat for families dissatisfied with how they fared before a special no-fault vaccine court.

The court voted 6-2 against the parents of a child who sued the drug maker Wyeth in Pennsylvania state court for the health problems they say their daughter, now 19, suffered from a vaccine she received in infancy.



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