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CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: FordWatch, Talking 2 My Cellph, Dead Famous, CommUNification Tricknology - November 1, 2010


November 1, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening

FordWatch, Talking 2 My Cellph, Dead Famous, CommUNification Tricknology

Featuring: Rob Ford, Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid

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This episode: Can we trust politicians who say trust me? Did Jon Stewart expose Obama's promise as lies? Can we avoid just being "news junkies" (Fritz Springmeier) and make politicians keep their promises? Since "they" always do what they do, can we do something besides re-explain and complain? Can we re-learn how to focus on "serious" stuff? Is it better for the govt. to help poor people buy stuff or to buy it for them? Is it cheaper? Are Hollywood stars getting "whacked" by the new world order?

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Ford team uses fake Twitter account in campaign

CTV News | October 30, 2010

Rob Ford's campaign team created a fake Twitter account and wrote more than 150 messages under the guise of being a George Smitherman supporter during the Toronto mayoral campaign. ...

According to her Twitter profile, which included a Smitherman banner, Philby was a "Downtown gal who likes politics, my cat Mittens, and a good book."

Fritz Springmeier Released From Prison

Henry Makow | October 28, 2010

... Fritz was imprisoned in Feb. 2003 due to his research on the Illuminati and his work deprogramming victims of Illuminati mind control. His books "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" and "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" helped thousands learn about Illuminati control. ...

He writes that many people opposed to the New World Order need to put their own lives in order. "Many are just news junkies," he writes.

He foresees bad times and wonders if we are prepared spiritually. For example, if we are hungry, will we steal?

Toronto Council & Committees: weekly meeting schedule

Scribbled on a piece of paper was: "Yes, we are requesting asylum from Hollywood star-whackers."

... Their first appearance before the Immigration and Refugee Board turned into a bizarre spectacle, complete with outrageous claims, solemn promises, and their eventual release from custody.

Evi Quaid said friends such as actors David Carradine and Heath Ledger have been "murdered" under mysterious circumstances and she and her husband fear they're next on the hit list. (Yahoo News 22/Oct/10)

Principles Of Good Governance

Toronto City Council is the main governing and legislative body of the City of Toronto. Council is composed of the Mayor and 44 Councillors who make decisions on behalf of their constituents. Issues are identified by the public, through research, as follow-up to existing programs, services or policies or as part of the everyday work of running a city and achieving Council's priorities.

Note: I had to find an excuse to re-post the Yahoo News mainstream news article below about actor Randy Quaid and his wife getting arrested in Vancouver, it was published late on a Friday (22/Oct/10) like many stories are, likely so it would be ignored or forgotten. They basically say people in Hollywood are trying to kill them and have killed a bunch of other actors, so they want refugee status in Canada. It sounds crazy, but not if you learn about the corrupt history of the music (etc.) industry from Adorno to Laurel Canyon to today. or are good places to start on this, or get to Googling key terms of interest.

There's also a neat clip of Latoya Jackson in red on a Euro talk show saying "it always happens in threes" (0.58 secs), so she wondered who was next after she heard Michael died, it was actress Farah Fawcett and someone else on the same day. Anyway, have fun on YouTube if you'd like, I'll be the first to admit that it's become a "trend" to make these videos and there's a lot of B.S. where people exaggerate what things mean and take lyrics out of context, but there's a lot of truth out there as well, we just have to use our heads. I even put up posters this summer saying "Can We Save Our Celebrities?" based on this stuff and more control - pEACe, bk

Caveat Emperor:

Lots of people say we have to like or hate someone based on their association with different groups, but that's a mistake. I still like artists who sold out, I just understand the deals they make and adjust my affections accordingly. Even if they've sold out, it doesn't mean they're always selling for them. Individual artists might still make music for fans or loved ones that we can enjoy while fulfilling other obligations. Frankly, all trade unions are corrupt, so you can trust your doctor or lawyer, but you should know the bar and medical associations are corrupt as hell, so you'd better think for yourself about what's said too.



La Toya Jackson: 'They murdered my brother'

La Toya Jackson talks about Jacko's death on GMTV




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