Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Once we realize that everyone does what we already think they do...


Hey [redacted],

Thanks and I hear ya, it's good to hear you're listening too. Ford still said some good things that normal people like you can relate to, including revealing a ton of corruption, now the only question is will we hold him to them and ask for more, or will we let him and other Councillors fall victim to the system that's been stealing from us so far. The Harris friendship is a bad sign, but there are bad people on the right and left, so it's no surprise they're buddies since Ford's dad was a top poltician too. He's definitely an insider, but I don't hold that against him, I just look at what he did for Etobicoke and how the corporate media treats him, so he might be for real(ish).

Once we realize that everyone does what we already think they do, or if they work for a big governments or corporations they do what they're told unless people ask for something different, then we can figure it out. It's not like we don't know and say it, we just don't act on it much. We're being conditioned to impotently complain and even feel smart for how well we do it, but unless we do more, we'll probably get what we ask for, which would be nothing. Still, I'm an optimist when it comes to this stuff, or I believe the hundreds or thousands of people who got active during the election or who voted can get active at other times as well, so we'll see what happens.

No worries, keep any questions, answer or suggestions coming, and keep ya head up! :-)



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