Sunday, October 04, 2009

MARATHON TRUTHING SESSION: 13 Hours, T-Dot We Go Hard, We Go Hard




... incidentally, yesterday we had a marathon truthing session. t-dot we go hard. from 1 pm - 4:20 am. with hangage and driving, most of us didn't get to bed until nearly 7 am. we started off a dundas square, then it got too crowded there to continue, so we moved to the city of toronto's official speakers corner near nathan phillips square.

with "nuit blanche" going on, or an obvious spook-chic psyop with pagan, fascist and ugly overtones on an atypically beautiful and windless night (third year in a row), and most of the city invited with likely a million showing up, we ran a counter-psyop. we gave out so much information that we had to drive to do an emergency midnight printing run.

we had literally hundreds of people coming up to our table.

it was a great day of truthing.

special thanks to jeff and danielja from st. catherines, junior, yuri, brendan, and the big black guy from boston. i forget his name, but we're in touch and he was studying us carefully while helping us, he's all jazzed-up to do this back home. we had a few whackjobs try and step to us like we're fools or liars. but that doesn't work because we're not. if they decide to, once truthers have finished their True-FC arguing practice to keep up their skills, all you have to do to shut the doubters up, or at least calm them down, is flip on the videocameras. it works every time.

outside of that, it was all love baby.

it's good to feel love these days.

late in the evening, we chose to fall-back as people were just coming up and grabbing bunches of stuff. so much that we ran out. we had to do an emergency print run that worked perfectly. it was a perfect night. we had a perfect time giving out perfectly good stuff and going up against perfectly designed spook-crap at "nuit blanche". you can ask anyone if they liked anything at this sprawling "art" festival put on by big banks and the big city. most will say one or two things at most, this is out of hundreds of pieces of spook-crap they were conned into seeing on a saturday night.

we'll go at what we're being sold anytime.

we just dare anyone to compare.

it was a perfect storm. a million-plus from across the GTA were exposed to truthing information that they'll remember long-after they forget the bizarrely cold paganism of "nuit blanche". we were the only "real" thing there, at least as far as we could tell from what we saw the event was. people recognized that. we're in good shape to make this "invisible" swine flu virus just go away, or see peter mansbridge say "tonite, some good news for canada as health officials have downgraded the swine flu pandemic risk, it appears the virus is weakening in this part of the world..." hey, what the hell, we'll take it.


we won't take the shot! :-)




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Paganism' = bad dude? Don't forget, the Celts were probably one of the first individualist ethical systems to speak truth to the first Empire of note. Before they were wiped out and their beliefs amalgamated into an equally retarded church. Glad the truthing went well. Wish I could have been there.

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