Thursday, October 01, 2009

Joining "The National" Conversation: Sat, Oct 3rd, 1 - 9 pm, Dundas Square




Joining "The National" Conversation: Sat, Oct 3rd, 1 - 9 pm, Dundas Square


Hey TTS,

We had our first 15 minutes of fame with more sure to come. Many thanks again to the good people at CBC's "The National" who pushed to cover us, including those inside, and especially the nice camera-man and reporter-woman who braved the cold with us for 1.5 hours on Wednesday (Sep 30th) at Dundas Square.

Big conspira-kudos also go out to the 15 or so Toronto Truth Seekers who showed up on short notice to brave the cold and hold a successful mini-street action. The CBC, our national broadcaster, said they needed us immediately at noon on a Wednesday for that nights broadcast instead of just filming us on a Saturday.

We came through nicely.

Unfortunately, a small (recorded! :) clip only aired around 5 pm. The rest likely never will, even with 4 hours of "The National" broadcast each night. But: we obviously prove that we deserve to be on TV. That means something good. In fact: it's likely because we're good that people at the top of the CBC killed the story.

No worries.

Joining "The National" conversation was something we could have done on Wednesday night. Or: it's something that we can do anyway. We've already started. We've been at Dundas Square for 8 weeks handing out thousands of pieces of paper and DVD's with info. Nobody's ever come back and said we're wrong.

We're good.

Therefore, the Canadian mind and conscience is clearly open to considering the info we provide if downtown Toronto (and those who visit) is any indication. Many Canadians are doing it right now. We'll talk to anybody who wants to talk to us, but to join "The National" conversation, we may have to speak on the streets.

Please RSVP - ASAP. Bring flyers, dvd's, posters, ideas, warm clothes, and so on. The more we do this the more we know what to do. We can make sure to be polite and friendly, to help each other out, to avoid smoking at the table (thanks Jenny! :) and so on. Yes it's getting cold. But we're getting bold. We're good.



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