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French Government (and others) Force Swine Flu Vaccinations


Parents, health workers hesitant to get vaccine shots, study finds


Legal Exemption Forms


Shoot Back / Flyer Away



Hey TTS Fam & Affiliates,

Can you believe it's 2009? The SPP is almost completed, 9/11 is nearly 9 years ago, and...

Here comes the big one, so we should help our neighbours know how to deal with the announcement.

Once people understand just how crazy all this vaccrap is, they'll be able to mock the hell out of it for fun.

The reason to step it up is better than most, or the usual well-sourced quality article from the good folks at Infowars.com. This one's about France's mandatory vaccination plans featuring new public and leaked policies legalizing the forcible vaccination of their entire population, a harbinger of things to come in Canada.


These policies are bad in principle.

But in the hands of eugenicists, they could be really bad in practice.

Since the WHO (World Health Organization) began -- with no global discussion, people's mandate or accountability -- to suggest 5 billion swine flu shots is a good idea, drug companies have been massively over-selling vaccines to governments and profiteering enormously off the corporate media fear-mongering campaign.

Seriously. Again.

A few examples forming a basic narrative is below.

They're going for the total medical enslavement of the world right now.

Even by their own factually barren logic, and even allowing for a few extra on hand in case a few fail, it's hard to believe that countries fighting a global recession should use their taxpayers dollars to order 50 - 100% more swine flu vaccines than the size of their entire populations. Or decide to skip on vaccinating anybody if they do.

Seriously. They may have double-doses for everyone.

And if they get away with this, then what (the hell) comes next?

G-d only knows, though if it matters, you gotta wonder what He wants us to be up to.

You can Google for stuff too, but since I did, here's a simple corporate (media) timeline to see vaccine-makers setting up shop before official pandemic preparations were announced and so on. There are some interesting quotes from articles and links below. Please innovate as you'd like, and if they try to shoot, shoot back.

Peace not pricks...



* Sanofi-aventis builds a New Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in France with an investment of 350 million euros (Pharma News EU, 13/May/09)

"This new vaccine production center is the largest investment ever made by sanofi-aventis. It illustrates our commitment to providing solutions to unmet medical needs such as dengue, a disease that potentially puts almost half of the world's population at risk," said Christopher A. Viehbacher, Chief Executive Officer of sanofi-aventis. "With this new plant, sanofi-aventis will have invested in France over 1 billion euros since 2005 in vaccine production, sustaining French industrial capacities and reinforcing Sanofi Pasteur as the world leader in vaccines."


* UPDATE 3-Glaxo gets H1N1 vaccine orders from several gov'ts (Reuters, 15/May/09)

"The company would begin production after receiving the seed virus, or starting material, needed to produce a pandemic vaccine and the first doses would be available four to six months later, pending regulatory approval, Glaxo said.

The latest H1N1 virus, known as swine flu, has killed an estimated 65 people, including 60 in Mexico, and infected nearly 6,500 people in 33 countries, according to the World Health Organisation. [ID:nnN14522606]

Common seasonal flu kills up to 500,000 people a year worldwide."


* Swine flu: Government signs up for 90 million doses of vaccine (UK Times article headline, 15/May/09)

Alan Johnson, UK Health Secretary: “Scientists tell us that as yet we don’t know enough about this novel strain, or whether it’s likely to mutate, but that this virus has the potential to become a pandemic and we can’t predict how serious that would be.”


* CDC: U.S. may need 600 million swine flu vaccine doses (CNN article headline, 1/Jul/09)

"Although there has been no official decision to undertake a major vaccination campaign, senior officials are hinting strongly that they would recommend such an effort.

Congress passed a supplemental appropriation for $7.5 billion, which President Obama recently signed, to cover the costs of preparing for the virus, which includes a vaccination campaign, CDC spokesman Thomas Skinner said.

Small studies in ferrets at the CDC suggest that when compared with seasonal flu, the virus appears to cause more severe disease but also seems to spread less easily.

Ferrets are often used in flu research because the animal's respiratory tract responds to flu viruses in much the same way as a human's. Still, it's too soon to draw any conclusions, said Nancy Cox, director of the CDC's influenza division."


* Britain, France step up fight against swine flu (Associated Foreign Press/Bangkok Post, 24/Jul/09)

"The new hotline is manned by about 1,500 non-medical staff who use a checklist of questions to reach a diagnosis."


* Canada to buy 50 million doses of pandemic vaccine (Globe & Mail article headline, 11/Aug/09)

"Canada has first access to vaccine produced at the Ste-Foy plant, having signed the world's first pandemic flu vaccine contract in 2001 with Shire Biologics, a previous owner of the plant. GSK inherited the contract when it bought the facility in 2005.

It is likely the vaccine Canada will purchase will contain an adjuvant, a compound that boosts the immune system's response to the vaccine. GSK has indicated it wants to sell adjuvanted vaccine and the World Health Organization has urged countries to use vaccine formulas that allow limited global supplies to be stretched as far as possible.

Canadian officials have repeatedly said they expect to start receiving supplies of the vaccine in late October or early November."


* Swine flu vaccine orders pass one billion: WHO (SingTel Media, 17/Aug/09)

"Some countries -- notably Greece, The Netherlands, Canada and Israel -- have ordered enough double doses to inoculate their entire populations."


* Pharmaceutical company expands into vaccine market (Metroland Media Group, 19/Aug/09)

A Mississauga pharmaceutical company is hoping to introduce a flu vaccine that is administered through the nose to the Canadian market.

AstraZeneca Canada announced yesterday it has filed a new drug submission for FluMist with Health Canada as a seasonal influenza prevention option.

The vaccine, developed by the drug maker's biologics subsidiary MedImmune, has been tested in 73 global clinical and U.S post-marketing studies of more than 141,000 subjects, ranging in age from seven weeks to 97 years old in 38 countries.


* France to launch flu vaccine campaign in October (Associated Press - redacted portion?, 28/Aug/09)

"94 million doses of the vaccine, more than enough to cover France’s population of 61.5 million, were purchased at a cost of €1 billion euros and the first batches have already been received."


* Canada aims to put rush on delivery of flu vaccine (Globe & Mail article headline, 1/Sep/09)

"In a bid to keep pace with other countries battling the influenza pandemic, Canada is aiming to push up the delivery of the H1N1 vaccine ahead of its scheduled mid-November rollout.

The pledge from Canada's chief public-health officer, David Butler-Jones, came as Britain and France received their first batches of the drug yesterday, with the intention of vaccinating their citizens starting in October, as the northern hemisphere braces for a resurgence of the virus this fall."


* Need For A Rapid H1N1 Vaccine Plan In Canada (Medical News Today, 1/Sep/09)

Editor's Choice

Main Category: Swine Flu

Also Included In: Public Health; Immune System / Vaccines

Article Date: 01 Sep 2009 - 0:00 PDT

An editorial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) reports that Canada must change its H1N1 vaccine policy to speed up access to the vaccine for high-risk groups such as pregnant women, children and youth and people with chronic diseases.

In the Canadian version of the vaccine, Health Canada has chosen to include an adjuvant. It is a substance that will increase the immunological response to antigens. As a result, this will slow its use but allow more people to be immunized. The use of an adjuvant requires a more careful review compared to a vaccine without an adjuvant.

Dr. Paul Hebert, Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Noni Macdonald, Senior Editor, Public Health at CMAJ recommend providing the vaccine without adjuvant to high-risk groups to facilitate quick vaccination. The US and Europe will follow this similar approach. The rest of the population can comply with the slower method with an adjuvant vaccine.

"Time is running out," they write. "Only by providing fast-track standard vaccine can high-risk groups be protected in a timely way, while the general public awaits the arrival of the adjuvant vaccine."

"The H1N1 vaccine race: Can we beat the pandemic?"
Paul C. Hébert MD MHSc, Editor-in-Chief, Noni MacDonald MD MSc, Section Editor, Public Health
CMAJ 2009 DOI:10.1503/cmaj.091560

Written by Stephanie Brunner (B.A.)

Copyright: Medical News Today

Not to be reproduced without permission of Medical News Today





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