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May 29th: Planning For The Bush/Clinton Toronto Visit

Clinton, Bush booked for joint Toronto appearance

Event next month billed as a 'conversation' between the two most recent U.S. presidents

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
April 20, 2009 at 5:15 PM EDT

WASHINGTON — Former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will appear together in Toronto next month on a public stage for the first time since Mr. Bush ended his presidency, in a remarkable twist on the cultural cold war that Barack Obama and others are trying to lay to rest.

The two will be appearing at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 29 for a moderated "conversation" that is expected to last about two hours.


Hi Everybody,

I concur with everything for the most part and would love to help out and use this Bush/Clinton event to help destroy the left-right paradigm, we can also discuss this in person at Fran's where we usually eat after a good Saturday of truthin' at Dundas Square in Toronto. I also want to add another approach to piggyback the media-marketing in the next month that people will see.

For the last couple of years my (now) roommate and I have pioneered simple techniques to approach local businesses with truth information in many neighbourhoods both at night and during the day. Others in our group have also tried it with a similar 99% success-rate (positive or neutral responses) last summer too. One person looks crazy and three is too many, so no more than two people completely avoid customers and make sure customers don't know what they' up to, then politely say they're doing an outreach to local businesses on behalf of (Group X) and want to leave some information just for the owners and staff, if they'd like they can be in touch. That's it. If anybody wants to chat we're polite and reserved in our answers both for time and possible reality-shattering's sake. Our leaving quickly is appreciated and makes us look like we're neither desperate nor crazy, two stigma's the media's attached to truthers that we can easily disprove in person. If we all do this consistently then businesses may start leaving truth-info near their counters or putting signs in their windows ("Stop the SPP!", websites, etc.) which will attract lots of attention.

Over the next month we can design flyers that specifically explain the significance (or joke) of the Bush/Clinton event and even put up posters advertising a formal event if we have one. While some may disagree, few are disagreeable, as lots of businesses know exactly what we're up to and are supportive. They're getting hammered with taxes and regulations and like the fact that they're not explicitly endorsing anything except for the free speech of their fellow citizens. My roommate and I in long black trench-coats even did half the Eaton Centre walking from store-to-store handing out flyers before deciding not to press our luck with security or the store-owners, who were obviously being nice in not kicking us out. We've done Yonge Street south of Bloor, St. Lawrence Market, College Street, The Annex, Clubland on Friday Night and more places with lots of success, so we can do this before May 29th.

Finally, I hope we can provide people with information and analysis they may not have heard instead of the usual "Bush is a war criminal!" cliched stuff that makes it look like we have nothing new to say. Outside of infiltrators who we have to keep an eye on, part of CIActivism and damnable tom-spookery is retarding our ability to think of anything more than what we're "supposed to do" as defined by the natural successful activist hierarchy we look to, something that was defined in the 60's mainly as a bunch of like-minded people getting together to say or hear what they already know, blow off some steam, then go home and do nothing else to reach out to the community on a regular basis. Unfortunately there many variations on this theme to retard our efforts.

Since it's been controlled this way for 40 years and we're up against the "Endgame" of the establishment, we can finally break free of our conditioned patterns, especially since the new breed of accurate-activists, or "truthers", should be easily capable of it. This is one concern I have in working with local anti-war (etc.) groups, I've interacted with them for years in various ways and they're clearly run by spooks. You've never seen such supposedly passionate people more paranoid and less friendly and interested in discussing issues even as the wars drag on, unlike most truthers who are dying to, which is a clear sign their community and leadership has been compromised. I still go to some of their events just to beef up Toronto's public anti-war numbers, but frankly if you've seen one you've seen them all, which is the point. This is another CIActivism technique for shrinking their size since - after a while - people don't bother attending them anymore by-design. There's lots more on this issue, like the 200 local affiliated groups working on ending poverty and homelessness that we never see except for a couple of hours a year, but the bottom line is we can clearly see what works and what doesn't and make sure we only choose to build on what does and discard the rest.

I know most people want to love everyone doing anything when most people don't, but we have to win and we know spooks provide fake activism to retard progress. My apologies to anyone who takes issue with my characterizations, I'll gladly explain and defend them in a formal dialectic for public consumption so others can hear the rest of the arguments and analysis, that way they can make up their own minds or take a third stance better than the two presented. I'm game and I'd love to be proven wrong, that way I know I'm wrong and can correct myself before I accidentally say the wrong thing again, which sucks, so I'd rather not.

Regardless, on behalf of Toronto I'd like to welcome everyone who wants to send delegates to wake up the biggest city in Canada to the biggest Hegelian dialectic fraud in modern history, or to help attack the political system that's attacking us. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring local right and left supporters together for our own political ends by exposing both their leaders as frauds and providing a third way out of this mess... so let's do it! :-)




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