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The Last Spamurai 2: How 2 Win Friendz and Influence People, Snoop-Carnegie Style


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yo [redacted],

thanks and it's cool, i'm just ahead of the game so we know how to play, the counter-PSYOP look (etc.) is all part of a big-ass plan, will explain sometime if you'd like, but i love this city and country and won't let it die.

on "crazy" stuff, everyone who finds out about corruption can't believe there's another layer, but you then discover many and it's the same thing it's always been -- a few assholes always want to control the rest of us.

the current bad guys are only better at it because they have modern technology, study history and hide it from us. we just have to figure out their recycled scames to avoid the "sacrifice" we're being asked to make.

this recession can be stopped if we decide to stop it, if not it can be dealt with, as well as other stuff. a few years ago i was thinking of leaving the plan with you guys and taking off, but now i have to stick around to help.

with the meetings and current state of the "truth" movement, i'm playing a little "problem + reaction = solution" game of my own to get it poppin'. i just explained it now to my roommate, it's messy but it's working.

you know, we get more respect for being crack-dealers than for trying to save the world. the bad guys made sure we learned that to sell us crack and will teach us worse to keep building the police state around us.

young men used to defend their country, hopefully they will again.

you can check my 20 min drop on the jeff farias show, i moderated my approach to be less aggressive and less bluntly honest for his audience.

honestly, i get my balls from hip hop so it's ironic how hip hop is scared of them. no worries, canadians were raised to be poseurs and the game is about who the better "actor" is, not better "rapper", or who can "act" like they'll shoot you more often or with bigger guns (etc.), as if fiddy, jeezy, jay or any of these guys has actually fired a gun in years.

it's pretty funny once you figure it out, but i still love the music and characters and there's some truth in what they're saying, but its' buried in tons of programming designed to put us in jail. again...

q: why do you think we rap about drugs so much?

a: to keep the fake (for black genocide) drug war going.

i understand this and have to clean rap up too, i'll do it with music in a bit if i can. i just needed to figure out a plan that anyone worldwide could use, will launch website soon. it's too bad, but as long as we're chasing "paper" not "principles" the bad guys who control paper will control us and move us along an embarrassingly obvious path towards self-destruction.

they're taking our "paper" away after they got us to love it too, that was the plan and i wrote about this ages ago. soon everyone who can't afford what their self-worth was based on will feel like crap and we'll crap on each other for being "poor". ugh. hopefully people will decide to kick the asses of the people who did this, it's the only thing that makes sense.

stay up and grindin' homie, hollatchabuoy anytime... :)


p.s. oh yeah, i think left-eye (TLC) said the same thing about 2pac, he kept it so real people thought he was being fake. since i know this and am older and wiser with less pressure, the same type of accusation doesn't bug me and there's reasons why i'm stronger than ever.


you're absolutely right dawg,

i've always wanted and hoped that truth would win even if i didn't, you'll see that i agree so damn quickly in conversations and message boards that it gets forgotten. i just don't make a big deal of it. i'll casually agree a dozen times and keep a conversation going, but if i disagree, oye...


as a university debater and public speaker, i competed for world championships. we came 5th for york u at the world championships in south africa, we came 2nd for canada at the world's masters (post-grads) in australia to australia in a close call. it was me and a different partner both times and i'm one of the best in the world at arguing with people.


i've always been scotch and i've always wanted to be bailey's.


politeness is an enemy of truth and we're lying all the time.


sometimes i consciously reject my "PR" skills and fuck-up.


scrappin' for truth may come in handy in a world full of lies.


for whatever reason, probably the same as everyone else, i come off as more of a dick on message boards than i do in person.

it's kind of like Fiddy responding to a subliminal:

sometimes all you see is the response.

i'm tougher than i look after training for this fight and can be vicious when provoked, but i don't have any bodies under my belt or enemies to fear and walk around a free man, at least as far as i know.

i'm not saying i can't get knocked, but i am saying a 5 year old with a gun is just as dangerous as a 55 year old, so that's not really "tough" to me.

to be fair i've worked on decoding this stuff and used to be more into fake-thuggin' too, it's a lot of fun so i still indulge sometimes, i just added a purpose once i figured out that all of us need one.


i don't have time to be called a fool or liar with no proof, we need to understand the stuff that i and many others know to protect ourselves.


failure is not an option. so i have to be nicer to be successful. okay.


remember to keep your eyes on the prize -- your life.

the stuff that i stole from the smartest people on earth i stole for myself to help my goals of saving the world. everyone else should do the same for whatever their goals are, at first getting their 'ish together, then...

you don't have to "agree" with me, or give me any money, or say thanks, or anything at all. i was raised-praised and don't need it anymore. i just need you to move on something that can work for you.

for example...

if you're diagnosed with "behaviour" problems it might be caused by your diet, or perhaps a friend is messed up, or perhaps their kid is. you can watch this 45 minute video by dr. russell blaylock below, take notes, research it more, etc. it won't take more than a couple hours to lock it.


you can save someone from a life of juvie and crime, or their kid from being held back because of their snacks and feel good too. the ultimate form of self-help is the opposite of what we're taught: once someone "else" says we're a valuable person we can finally stop navel gazing.

thanks for the advice, it's always welcome and we should all share. ultimately i'm trying to be nice when i share stuff too, but revolutionaries are always misunderstood, so i just take it in stride and keep moving.

what else are we going to do? :)

semper fi,



Dr. Russell Blaylock Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame MSG




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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