Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I just checked in and saw I was banned from the PrisonPlanet forums...


Googling for a place to post my surprise, I found...


After I posted the below I found this, I'm still not sure what to think, but it's a devious plan to divide us if it's still true 2 weeks later...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prison Planet Forum Hacked!

There is some other stuff I am working on, but I wanted to get this info out asap. Earlier today when I tried to log into the Prison Planet Forum, I received a message that I was banned. I was a little shocked but I came to find out the site was hacked. It's actually a devilishly ingenious plan. Isolate each member and make them think they are banned for some trivial offense. A false flag operation in a smaller sense.

So, if you are a Prison Planet Forum member, and you are a reader of this blog, don't worry, you weren't' banned.

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Despite the fact I hadn't posted for months, I just checked in and saw I was banned from the PrisonPlanet forums. It was even by IP address since I couldn't get back to the main page and just got this message page again and again:

An Error Has Occurred!

Sorry Black Krishna, you are banned from using this forum!

This is wack and probably because I disagreed with the "HIV/AIDS" conspiracy theories, especially Boyd "AIDS" Graves shilling his "cure" that he won't release to stop a "genocide" because he's full of it. I even hosted a debate with him and David Crowe that he left early after getting his butt kicked. The authorities haven't identified the virus and only test for "AIDS-related symptoms" when they test you, plus people like Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa, have figured out people diagnosed do better on lemon water and herbs than the toxic AIDS drugs like AZT which was used in the 80's decades after it was banned in the 60's because it just killed all the animals it was used on. People think the government created it, but if they did we could find it, so they're just putting out fake conspiracy theories that unwittingly serve to give Big Pharmacide billions of dollars to kill Africans and others, or weaken their immune systems until something else does. For an analysis of it that delves into how AIDS patients themselves do, see a couple of interviews I did on it at:

Anyway, hopefully we get some answers on this, I still listen to and love Alex Jones and the Infowars team, but this censorship crap is hypocritical based on what they say. Based on this they would've locked up Galileo instead of hearing his theory on how the earth revolves around the sun, showing a dogmatic and willful ignorance and lack of confidence in their beliefs to hear others or allow them to be shared in the marketplace of ideas. Sometimes I wonder about these guys, but in our business that's healthy. So far they jury's out and it's all good except for a few issues, but will keep an eye out since the "eye" is working overtime to saturate our consciousness with crap, including as Alan Watt from suggests, giving us our leaders.



P.S. This is some conspiranalysis for ya...


BGD vs. NWO: A Conversation Between Conspiracy Theorists About How To Beat The New World Order

BK and Andrew | Toronto | 133 mins | January 31, 2009

Full Conversation Plus Others:


We have an age of "crisis" with an uncertain present and scary future, something that shouldn't be happening in the 21st Century if we've truly been making "progress" all these years like we've been saying. A handful of people have figured out that most governments, corporations, media, feducation, foundations, activists, charities and others with a lot of power over our communities are lying to us. A lot. And that this, objectively, is too dangerous to ignore or accept. Yet, it's rarely explained in detail or publicly opposed, especially by the people who shape our information and opinions. This means we don't speak on it well enough to help figure out how to change it. The people who refused to accept the lies anymore often came to certain conclusions about how the world works by looking deeper into things we accept that make no sense and looking for answers, confident in their abilities as intelligent human beings to understand them. Most people accept things that make no sense with no explanation, save for the one that saves them face if it's ever brought up. The idea of aiming for what one is supposed to say at any time is dangerous, especially when we don't know why we're supposed to say it. The term "politically correct" came from Communism; we use it fashionably to achive the same effect. The reason we don't come up with solutions to our problems is our reactions, like the series of events or decisions that lead to them, are controlled by something we vaguely know but ignore.

The New World Order.

A term for the "Anglo-American Establishment" (Professor Carroll Quigley) world domination plans to permanently enslave humanity, likely after killing most of us off since they're big fans of Malthusian rubbish about "over-population" when the whole world could live comfortably in Australia, popularizing that theory among unwitting academics who never volunteer to be the first to go. The old-moneyed families of Europe and the British Empire never gave up on their hundreds of years of conquest, they just laundered it by giving it a fresh start with a new country it gave freedom to so it could generate wealth; a large tax-base so it could fund and populate a massive army; a mission to colonize the world with 700 military bases in 130 countries and multi-national banks, corporations and media while proudly proclaiming it's selling "freedom" and "democracy"; years of being the muscle behind global decisions to strengthen the power of global institutions that govern our lives that we know almost nothing about, like the World Bank, IMF and 100,000-plus un-elected and un-removeable bureaucrats at the hugely corrupt United Nations drafting policy for every country in the world; and finally the exhaustion we're currently feeling as it reels under the weight of it's debts, wars, social and moral decay and a culture obsessed with ignoring it while the people in power do everything wrong to get out of it. They're taking the world down and may end up universally hated and consigned to the dustbin of history.

The United States of America.

Since the U.S. was the first "free" country in the world in this little gamble by the powers-that-be evil to ironically use it to create the first permanent global revolution and empire, its historic importance and the political rights that human beings were finally allowed to have that people dream of worldwide need to be preserved, as well as the Republic if possible. With no end to the wars in sight, increased military recruiting globally, trillions in banker bailouts that aren't helping the economy improve but that are making some trillions of dollars richer... it appears that the New World Order is making their final move to take the world down hard. Riots have started worldwide over food shortages and high prices. General strikes, like the one just held by 2.5 million people in France thanks to 8 organizations working together (UK Telegraph 30/Jan/09) aren't discussed in the North American media, probably because they don't want a Western democracy giving us good ideas. Since people need to how to deal with a collapse or how to prevent it, Behind The Green Doors Presents: Have You Ever Been Conspirienced? Shindiggery Inc. Anti-New World Order Conspira-Planning Parties in Toronto, work sessions and after-parties to build a conspira-core of leaders to reach out. 4 pm - 8 pm: Stop 90% of population from being murdered. 8 pm - 4 am: Punch and cookies. Saturdays until the end of February, come to 1512-C Dundas Street West at Dufferin, one-driveway north-west, behind the green doors, downstairs in the bunker.

The Block Is Ours.


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