Thursday, January 15, 2009

"...sometimes we forget "puppets" are also part of a play..."


absolutely dawg.


good call.

sometimes people know it takes billions of dollars in coordinated and consistent free advertising (news coverage, global celebrity endorsments, etc.) to make someone president of the u.s. (or "world" as many call obama) which is put out by corporations who want something in return, and they call our leaders "puppets", which is true and obvious if we look at mainstream evidence just looking at even recent history.


sometimes we forget "puppets" are also part of a play.

especially because we are made to forget history.


they definitely are "puppets" for a show put on for us to move us in certain directions, which they can only do if we agree.

this is why they're also "salesman" for all the people who control all of the corporations who control all of the media and foundations and all other sources of information that consistently celebrated obama worldwide.

as you suggest they appeal to different bases on the surface while other groups feel powerless to stop them, while in the background of our understanding we can vaguely see the big global agendas (UN anybody? see what canada's doing in haiti before you forget they're evil as hell) never change and in fact consistently advance mostly behind the scenes.


as you suggest, they gave us a real jerk-off rich white guy who didn't seem to give a fuck (see: chris rock in "kill the messenger") and got us pissed, now they're giving us black jesus who loves all and serves all, at least theoretically, though nobody hungry for "change" can really tell us what they're going to eat.

in fact...

with the war in iraq guaranteed for another 18 months before he'll look at it, neo-con zionist (the evil definition) rahm emanuel as his chief of staff, $8.5 trillion dollar (and growing) banker bailouts, a host of bloodthirsty neo-cons and oligarcrooks openly surrounding him in the public while we're being told to ignore all of it and more while we're taught to say "give him a chance" as if this isn't him "doing" stuff we should be able to judge on its own, obama has -- in fact -- really just told the whole left - liberal - democrat - media - activist - antiwar - hip hop - celebrity crowd who jumped into bed with the whoreporate media, plus of course the billions of other ordinary brainwashed o-bots... to eat a dick.

i mean, i feel bad for them.

just imagine how hard they're going to be hit mentally when obama's carbon taxes, new wars, deliberate banker-bailouts to worsen the recession, domestic nazi-style gestapo forces, mandatory national service, use of bush/cheney's police state powers, commitment to "free trade" meaning job-losses engineered by global corporations through international agreements they created organizations to draft... and more terrible and total "change" for the worse in their lifestyles forces them to constantly wrestle with their "belief" in "hope" instead of "information" and "faith" instead of "answers" when it comes to "government" and not "god" (dumbass) which systematically destroys their illogical and pavlovian propagandized and reflexive "talking points" defense of him and shatters their eggshell of a world leaving them intellectually defenseless and unable to understand where they are anymore or how the hell they got there.

(i thought i'd write an "adorno" sentence, hear the alan watt music interview for more.)

i swear, a few will go completely insane.


the rest can be saved.

anyway, check these youtube videos for clues on your music documentary and good luck with it, there's a 10 hour one called "they sold their soul to rock'n'roll" that's supposed to be awesome (a buddy has it, i haven't had the time to watch it yet) along with others, but this dood's a video genius so give this shit a shot.

peace by peace...





this incredible dood at with incredible videos apparently just had his account suspended. fcuk. anyway, here's a decent one, but that dood's shit was buckaroo bananzai. fcuk. oh well, i've lost 3 youtube accounts (only the first was my fault with copyright stuff), a page (they started attacking me on my own page and eventually shut it down even though i never bugged anybody), myspace won't let me post music, soundclick jacked my mixtape songs... ugh. when you're good at explaining this stuff they definitely want to make it harder for people to hear you, if they did they'd wake up and save their asses, plus of course the asses of their families and friends.

anyway, y'all shekkit nah, y'heard... :cool


Hip-Hop Hijacked by Freemasons


oh yeah, if any idiots in corporate cock-sucking land say "who cares if they're freemasons?" about their favourite hip hop artists or anyone in a position of power over lots of people without knowing what the freemasons are... well, i just said it:

they're idiots.

that's like somebody saying "don't eat that -- it's poisoned!" and somebody saying "who cares if it's poisoned?" instead of learning what "poison" means.

it's pretty fucking dangerous too.



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