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Behind The Green Doors Presents: The Metro Sodomy, A Fun Way To Beat The New World Order





The Metro Sodomy: A Fun Way To Beat The New World Order

As the world's first "global" newspaper, The Metro is read by millions each day on subways in cities everywhere. A mini-newspaper with a local affiliate that gives people bite-sized bits of heavily processed cheesy information, it's likely giving people who don't normally read the news or watch it on TV, and who don't trust the media and barely want to know what's going on, their basic understanding of reality. Or, it's at least making them feel good for getting some collectively "important" information and "knowing what's going on" regardless of the quality of of that knowledge, its relation to truth or its ability to help them improve their lives.

This includes a habitual acceptance of fewer and fewer facts, details and rationales when it comes to learning about the big decisions made by the people in power that affect us, especially since we get used to only learning a little and lack the capacity to discuss them in interesting ways. Based on this, it's likely "The Metro" newspapers are controlled by think tank ideologies and intelligence agency manipulation more than most media, at least if what the diverse group of people exposing the "New World Order" world domination plans of the Anglo-American establishment are correct. Here's more info from their official website:


Metropolitans lead the way!

Every morning, in over 150 major cities across the world, millions of industrious metropolitans take to the streets, buses and trains on their way to work. They are young, well networked trend-setters, cash-rich but time-poor, with healthy media appetites and perpetually shifting tastes. With its unbiased views, engaging features and simple design, Metro has been the preferred source of morning news for metropolitans since its launch in early 1995; and it comes for free!


The Metro Sodomy is a way for people who "know what's going on" in a practical sense, or who understand the colloquially semi-mythical "system" that most people are generally upset with, to give their fellow city-zens a chance to decode what they're reading. Or, if they learn of your actions, learn they should. People who leave for work in the morning can grab a copy of their local Metro and a pen and sodomize that bad boy on the way to work, making little notes in the margins and giggling maniacally. Check email, get a coffee, then have a blog up by lunch that others in the city who also read that day's Metro can see.

You can rip key articles, the way certain ones were written, the editorial decisions that lead to the cover, photos and overall content choices, stories missing that should be in there and more. You can do a blog on Blogger, Wordpress, NowPublic or your own website. You can keep a voice-recorder handy to do a podcast or blurb. You can use a web-cam to shoot a video. You can do them at night to in more detail for the next day. You can even do them about a completely different newspaper. The bottom line is you're reacting to what people are taught to care about in real-time, giving you a better chance of reaching them.


Included here is a sample of a casual attempt at The Metro Sodomy, Toronto Weekend Edition, Jan 30th - Feb 1st, 2009. It's more of a conversation about it over Cypress Hill's "Black Sunday" album, then KenLo Craqnuques "Bleu", though one would preferably use music without lyrics if any at all. While a few journalists are trying their best as individuals, it's clear the media as a whole isn't telling enough of us the truth at the same time, or editorial and management are promoting something else, often crap. That's why, as we devolve into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, if you're going to try sodomy: try The Metro Sodomy.


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