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C.R.E.A.M.: Rappers Respond To The Economy

Published Tuesday, October 14, 2008 12:00 PM

Quotes & Audio Clips

Busta Rhymes

"I think it's horrible. I think it was done intentionally so that they can start introducing and implementing new things like the AMERO and the national ID card and things like that. They doing things right now and I hope people pay closer attention to what's going on. A long time ago, Mexico, Canada, and the United States became one. So they trying to one world government this side of the planet and all that.

I don't want to get into the conspiracy talk but you know I'm good for that. I'm good for that, you know what I'm saying. Ever since The Coming album in '96, when I told people it was only 5 years left. 2001 you saw what happened downtown, that was 5 years later. In 1998 the cover of Extinction Level Event was what happened downtown, so it's like the information is out there, it's just people don't pay attention to it because at the time, if you pay attention too early, they try to make you look like you bugged out ;you crazy or something's wrong with you. You're just a conspiracy theorist.

I just feel like you know, it's time the people see that things come to pass. Don't ignore anything. Even if they may not come to pass, pay attention to it because at the end of the day, it's better to be safe than sorry. So you can look at these things and be like "What If?" Pay attention to the 'What Ifs?'"


"I hate a liar,
More than I hate thief,
A thief is only after my salary,
A liar is after my reality..."

- 50 Cent


The Conspira-Q'uran: Building North American Communities

- Council on Fearin' Relations, Roc-a-fella Center, An'Why



Brilliant stuff brother,

We need to get the attention of people everywhere and move out of our circles, people are concerned and looking for answers so they'll hear ours if they do. Or will if they get to. We should add solutions so they decide to help and encourage more contact so they don't just have to wake up on their own too.

The sticker-laws are great

"In Quickfall v. R. (supra), our Court had to decide whether the gluing of posters to display political messages on public property constituted mischief, regardless of the insignificance of the inconvenience or damage caused. In that case, the appeal was allowed and the conviction under Sec. 430(1)(a) of the Criminal Code was quashed. The Court decided that the putting of a poster on a lamp-post did not impair the use or value of the property and could not amount to the offence. Mr. Justice Proulx wrote for the majority of the Court:" - No: 500-10-000030-930, PROVINCE OF QUÉBEC

we should definitely use them before they're changed.

You're politickin' with Big Politricks, a crucial ally if possible. We can move away from conspira-chattin' and isolated eventin' and start heading into the community to wake people up with solutions. We can appeal to all groups in different ways, like groups or individuals drafting a letter to businesses in their neighbourhood letting them know that at this time in history sharing certain information in their windows and (flyers, dvds, etc.) in stores can help them save their customers, city and country.

People often don't know their neighbours these days, but they do know where they shop, so there's a trust factor. If it works and businesses do fine, others will follow in promoting free speech and the community will support them actively or tacitly.

Like the "Hot Box Cafe" in Kensington Market in Toronto where you can legally smoke (but not deal) marijuana, community standards common-law will kick in as people accept this important activism is going on in their community and are fine with it.

Meanwhile, more truthers can keep in touch with and patronize certain friendly businesses, helping to grow that network while receiving material and financial support in turn for their events and actions.

The business approach to having a goal and a plan will keep us from floating while we're up against the most organized and sophisticated global tyranny for eternal control, like, ever.

The recent 37 day elections timeframe with specific objective and how to appeal to people to get them to do something fast seems to work for figuring it out, or at least getting our minds working on it for a minute.

We should spend more time discussing and strategizing about how to achieve our most important goals, something we usually just dance around, like getting more people and more minds and bodies working on this stuff.

If it's not just fatalistically karmic, or if we're serious about what we're saying (if not let's go' titty bar), then we should focus more constructive conversations on specific ways to grow our movement

This includes who to reach out to and how, which makes our audience more 3D for empathy.

If they are what we say they are, then we need to respect the New World Order since they've damaged people psychologically, so we need to think more about how to reach people instead of getting frustrated and limited when we don't.

Michael Jordan made it look easy which is why we liked him. All the greats do.

However, even though there's only one way to play basketball, Michael Jordan still needed a coach.

We can all take and give educated advice on the many ways to understand and beat the New World Order, especially since according to the great William Pepper (you have to see his stuff at - who worked with MLK, saw COINTELPRO and has some brilliant advice for us, our 9/11 Truth and related movements have definitely been infiltrated and likely seeded with bad ideas.

While it's been a good start, as long as it's only a dozen people a month on the streets we'll lose. We need to see why we're stalling, which includes finding better ways of doing it just like owning a Tim Horton's and wanting to double your customers from 1000 to 2000 a month.

You'd try to figure out how and in the process start coming up with small ways that lead to larger results. You'd work as a team and be focused on something instead of each other. You'd end personality conflicts with a reliable metric for measuring success in the public response to finally agree on what solutions work. You'd have more energy and validation.

Instead of just handing politicians material and hoping they'll read it and react -- they won't -- that's why higher-ups gave them their jobs as politicians -- we can involve members of our communities while asking our political system to work for us, which is something we constantly need to do at this time.

We can get 500 signatures (or pro-rated per riding) on petitions in 308 ridings independently asking our newly elected MP's to watch just one important film like "The Nation's Deathbed" and meet for one hour within one month to discuss it with a few representatives who agree to share the meeting on video with others in the riding who want it, including petitioners who agreed to be contacted by email.

This way we're all -- politicians, researchers and the public -- judging the same thing -- the same documentary information -- instead of just "doing our own research" which can be varied and lead to arguments about what actually "exists" or "is happening" instead of normally what to think or do about it.

With all of our eyes independently seeing the exact same thing we can react to it normally as smart individuals who can watch a movie and comment on what was in it, in this case information about the SPP and how people feel about it. This will inevitably create more truthers and grow our groups which would help a lot at this time.

No matter how busy they are, our freshly minted Members of Parliament (MP's) are supposed to work for the people in their riding, so them being given just 3 hours of work to do and one month to do it on behalf of 500 people who helped them get the$150,000 a year job they have -- likely to keep quiet as a backbencher -- isn't much to ask.

No matter how it plays out we can use the process and results.

Celebrities are what people care about, so pics and quotes on one side and building seven on the other of a flyer. They came out for a reason -- to help us -- so we should use their efforts consistently to counter-act the NWO celebphilia sold everywhere by showing them some real celeballs to inspire them instead of merely their style and fame.

More appeals to more influential groups and promotion of their efforts would encourage more people to come forward, but if their peers are ignored the others will think better of risking everything.

So yeah, there's a couple of things...





Yo [redacted],

Thanks for the help, I think if we all pass around our best 7 out of 10 or better ideas then others could easily carve them to a perfect 10, which means we're in business, which is good since we're running out of time. Unless we're doing it for karma, we've gotta do it better, which means accepting that there are possibly better ways of doing it (i.e. "truthing") and constantly looking for them. Hell, even if we're doing it for karma the latter is probably better anyway. (Who the hell knows?)

The EDA sounds like a great vehicle for organizing us, proving we're "political" in a serious way, fundraising and more. I'd like to discuss all possibilities and have that interview available for people to read, hear or watch, please let me know if you can explore them or recommend someone who knows more about them.

As for getting in office, if we're serious about doing that as a solution then 20 people -- or "conspiracy theorists" among others -- should be constantly running against each individual in each political position in the world. Or as many as possible. This includes enough to change the debate into a more interesting ongoing conversation between two honest people, say local versions of a "Ron Paul vs. Dennis Kucinich" presidential campaign to blow people away.

This would also focus our energies on specifically (not generally like now) analyzing and attacking our political systems, something we have to do to stop them from attacking us. This would also focus us on finding "real" solutions our neighbours can relate to similar to what is normally discussed during elections. We could even implement some like taking the fluoride out of our water-supplies by identifying the specific mechanisms for how to do it and trying to get the political power to it, which could also have valuable spin-off effects in the interim.

There's enough disagreement between us for this idea to work while keeping it clean, at least if we're honest "truthers". The only way to keep our punk snitch-o-crats honest is to stay on their ass, so break out the narcisso-glycerin and start plastering your name/face/ideas everywhere in opposition to theirs in preparation for the next election and get family, friends and others to help at least get the message out. You can even be nice about it. By the time the election happens: you'll have won.

On the conflict resolution solution, all I'm suggesting is people do what they agree to do. I parsed it a bit, but basically people should agree to do what works and agree on a reliable way of measuring that -- like the public response -- which we should have a dozen ways of collecting by now and yet mysteriously have almost none -- then most conflicts should be solved. Or, at least exposed to third parties as purely personal issues as opposed to equivocal political or tactical views, which lead to useless intellectual stalemates as people try to be "nice" by giving both sides of every argument equal weight which leads to the lot having none at all.

The media and the culture teach us to do this as part of the New Age "anything goes" and "everybody has an opinion" craptastic ego-syntonic putsch to destroy our ability to think, so we should resist this and focus on our goals instead of destroying our egos with garbage and then defending them by having to be right instead of better.

Fortunately we know this crap and have the most access to information in history, which theoretically means decent and interested human beings can sort through it and pick out the most important stuff on behalf of others who don't. This is valuable, especially when any honest analysis reveals the sole beneficiaries of the findings are us.

Stay up and holla back... :-)





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