Sunday, November 16, 2008

NEO-NAZI OBAMASSASINATION? Probably more false flag crap...


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no worries,

if you're not used to looking for or at this stuff then you might not know, just like a newbie hip hopper might not know the difference between east and west coast (etc.) rap.

From Wikipedia (corroborate elsewhere as you'd like):

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.

the bottom line is whenever you see a conspiracy of people who are "planning to do..." a million things and nothing's actually happened, or they haven't started to do anything but "think" about it, plus it gets blown up in the media, then you can usually bet the Feds were involved with an informant who introduced the idea, got it on tape with others, then got the SWAT team to come in and arrest everyone.

the same thing happened with the "Toronto 18" terror suspects who had so-called "plans" they never mentioned themselves and were nowhere close to carrying out... until a chemical engineer RCMP informant ordered a truckload of (fake) fertilizer delivered to a warehouse 500 metres from the RCMP office, an easy day at work for the boys to go across the street and grab a bunch of random innocent brown guys -- most of whom have since been released due to a lack of evidence. (see the great film "Unfair Dealing" on youtube by david weingarten which uses mainstream news admissions to accurately break all this down.)

the truth about this obamassasination by neo-nazi skinheads crap will probably come out next year when the trial falls apart, though it won't be publicized much since that part never is, but for now it reinforces the idea that obama is working for "us" instead of the giant and evil corporations who constantly put him all over the media until no matter who we are we're forced to see him and learn to like him -- and who refuse to say anything critical about him -- or even suggest that it's possible to.

i hope this helps.

i'm trying to make complex ideas thought of by people smarter than us who cover all the angles as simple as possible, so bear with me since if it's too long nobody will read it, but if the short-hand (like lyrics breaking down a paragraph in 4 bars) skips too much stuff then you won't get it either.

keep in mind there's not "one" reason for doing anything, especially if it's important, so just farting out a random response on a thread won't work to understand the plans of rich and powerful people and their minions.

finally, be careful, we're definitely and absolutely 100% in for "change" alright, but when you can't name what it is and absolutely nobama supporter can, then you might be in for the surprise of your life.






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